All On 4 Vs All On 6 Cost: Unveiling the Price Difference

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Both dental implant dentures, all on 4 vs all on 6 cost and techniques, are similar in terms of the principle of the procedure and the method of tooth replacement; they have some differences worth noting. The main difference lies in the number of implants used. While the All-on-6 technique relies on 6 metal implants to hold the teeth, the 4-All-on technique only involves the use of 4 metal implants. The All-on-4 technique is suitable for lower bone densities because it does not require a lot of bone to support it. In contrast, the All-on-6 technique has more excellent stability and durability than the 4-All-on technique, thanks to the two additional wheels.

What are the differences between these two types of implant dentures?

The main difference between the dental implant dentures all on four vs. all on 6 is the number of dental implants used to support the complete set of artificial teeth.

Number of implants:

  • All-on-6: As the name suggests, it is supported by six dental implants. These implants are strategically placed in the jawbone to distribute the load evenly and provide stability to the fixed set of teeth.
  • All-on-4: It relies on only four dental implants, and these implants are also carefully placed to support the entire jaw for artificial teeth.

Implant location:

  • All-on-6: Its approach usually allows the load to be distributed more evenly, as this can be beneficial in cases where bone quality and quantity are appropriate.
  • All-on-4: Designed for cases with limited bone size or quality.

Stability and load distribution:

  • All-on-6: Due to additional implants, they often provide excellent stability and a more uniform distribution of chewing forces.
  • All-on-4: This may have a slightly different load distribution than “All-on-6” due to the lower number of implants.

Bone grafting:

  • All-on-6: In cases where bone volume and quality are sufficient, “All-on-6” may not require bone grafting procedures before implant placement.
  • All-on-4: The “All-on-4” technique is often chosen when there is limited bone and may include bone grafting to enhance implant stability.

Ultimately, the choice between the dental implant dentures all on four vs all on 6 depends on the patient’s oral health status, including the amount and quality of jawbone available.

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How to choose the best option for your needs?

Regarding the many differences between dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 but the one who determines the best procedure is the dentist, and in contrast to that, in many cases the All-on-6 is used, with regard to the following advantages:

  • Enhanced stability: The use of All-on-6 dental implants provides a high level of stability for the prosthesis.
  • Uniform load distribution: With All-on-6, chewing forces are evenly distributed across the jawbone.
  • Durability: The “All-on-6” prosthesis is designed to be long-lasting. Additional stability and load distribution can extend the life of the restoration, reducing the need for frequent replacements or adjustments.
  • Improved aesthetic appearance: The fixed nature of the “All-on-6” prosthesis means there is no need to remove it for cleaning or maintenance. This can result in a more natural smile, as there are no visible braces or hooks.

It is important to note that the suitability of dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 depends on the individual’s oral health status and bone structure. A comprehensive evaluation by a dentist or prosthodontist is essential to determine if this treatment option is the right choice for a particular patient.

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Benefits of All on 4

All On 4 Vs All On 6 Cost

Speaking of dental implant dentures, all are on 4 vs. all on 6. All-on-four implants are a dental implant treatment method generally applied to older adults who suffer from complete tooth loss. This treatment is a very effective and fast dental implant treatment. While using the all-on-four implant technique, first of all, 4 dental implants are applied to the patient’s mouth from certain angles.

These four dental implants, which are placed during treatment, are nest-like structures that are applied to place the prosthesis on. It is this quadrilateral application of dental implants that also gives its name to all four implant technology treatments.
All-on-four implant technology gives edentulous patients the opportunity to restore their teeth with just one surgical procedure. In this treatment, advanced surgical procedures such as bone addition or sinus lift are not required.

How can all on 4 implant dentures improve your oral health, appearance, and quality of life?

When it comes to dental implant dentures, all are on 4 vs. all on 6. Screws made of titanium and its alloys used in the classic implant application are used in the treatment of all four implants. In treatment, a total of 4 implants are attached to the thickest part of the bone in the front part, and 2 implants and two implants are connected to the back part of the jawbone. 

The front implants are placed at a 90-degree angle, and the back implants are placed at a 45-degree angle for maximum strength. After these four implants are placed, bridges or crowns are added to the implants.

All-on-implants provide a much easier and problem-free treatment than traditional dental implants with less application time and healing process. The most crucial difference between them is the way they are placed in the mouth. 

While 8-10 implants are used in the classic implant method for a jaw with complete tooth loss, only four implants are sufficient in the all-in-4 implant technique.

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Benefits of All on 6

All On 4 Vs All On 6 Cost

In addition, dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 . The advantages of All-on-6 Implant are as follows.

  • It is possible for all of our toothless patients to have fixed dentures on the same day with a single surgical procedure
  • The operation time is much shorter than traditional dental implant surgeries
  • Compared to traditional dental implant surgeries. Because fewer dental implants are used, the cost is lower
  • When compared to traditional dental implants, fixed dentures; It is an application that is easy to clean and maintain
  • It is suitable for patients who cannot use a removable denture due to nausea
  • Shows rapid improvement
  • Makes you enjoy eating and talking comfortably again
  • You have a pearly white smile
  • Removable dentures are not required

How can all on 6 implant dentures offer more stability, durability, and comfort than conventional dentures?

Using the All-in-6 implant technique, a permanent fixed prosthesis can be placed on the lower jaw in at least 5 weeks and the upper jaw in at least 12 weeks. This method, which allows the dental prosthesis to be repaired on the same day, is an advanced technical technique. 

It is a suitable technique for our patients with bone loss, especially in the areas of the back teeth, to use fixed dentures. All-on-6 implants are a dental procedure used to reconstruct a person’s mouth when one or both jaws are missing a large number of teeth. 

This procedure gives an individual the option of replacing all of their teeth with six natural-looking and feeling dental implants. All-on-6 implants typically do not require bone grafting, so they are the ideal solution for patients with low bone density or jaw size.

All on 4 vs all on 6 cost

Deciding between All on 4 vs All on 6 cost. All-on-4 procedures typically come in at a lower price point due to using just four implants. However, this might not always be the full picture. All-on-6 implants, while requiring more implants, may sometimes avoid the need for additional bone grafting procedures upfront. Bone grafting can add a significant cost to the overall treatment. To determine the most cost-effective option for you, a consultation with a qualified dentist is key. They can assess your individual needs and jawbone health to create a personalized treatment plan that fits your budget and achieves a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

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What are the factors that affect the price? 

Patients often want to hear a precise, stable number about dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 prices. However, as expected, there can be no talk of a fixed price figure because these prices can change for many different reasons. 

Therefore, it is very typical for patients to come across different numbers in dental implant dentures, all on 4 vs all on 6 price research. The most crucial factor affecting prices is the implant used.

This material, which has a spiral-like structure, is produced by many different companies today. As a result, companies can offer these medical products at various prices. This is one of the factors that affect dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 prices.

Doctor experience 

The experience of the dentist who will perform the implant treatment is also a determining factor in the dental implant dentures all on 4 vs. all on 6 cost. In addition, the number of missing teeth or, in other words, the number of implants to be made is also on the list of factors that affect implant prices. 

How can you find affordable and reliable dental implant dentures providers?

You will find plenty of high-quality dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 farming options that suit everyone and at affordable prices in different countries. But Türkiye is considered the main destination for this type of dental implant. While it is known as one of the countries most attractive to tourists, especially those seeking any treatment, dentistry in Turkey is also exceptional. 

Because of its competitive prices and luxurious services, Türkiye attracts many Europeans and Americans.

For example, the average cost of treatment ranges from $7,000 to $20,000 per jaw in the United Kingdom and the United States. But in Turkey, All on 4 implants may cost around $2,000 to $4,500 per jaw.

Exploring options abroad will help you find unique opportunities. At Mavidenta, we also provide you with luxury private transportation with hotel accommodation as well as translation service for people receiving dental treatments in our clinic such as dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 implants.

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What are the steps involved in getting dental implant dentures?

All On 4 Vs All On 6 Cost

Dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 involve a minor surgical procedure where your dentist drills into your gums until they reach your jawbone. Then comes the placement of implants. Two dental implants will be implanted at a 30-degree angle on each side of the jaw. Two implants are placed vertically near the front of the jaw.
After all your dental implants are in place, your doctor will immediately fit your temporary dentures. After some time, when the implants have healed, your dentist will place permanent dentures.

How can you prepare for the surgery?

Before dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 surgery, the Mavidenta dentist will anesthetize you with local anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain. Before your dentist inserts your implants, you may need to have your teeth extracted. You can do this step at the same time:

  • Next, the dentist will clean your mouth to remove bacteria or damaged tissue.
  • They will then drill two or more holes in the front of the jaw to insert the anterior implants. One slot on each side – There are two slots at the back at an angle to support the back of the bridge.
  • Next, the surgeon cleans your mouth and closes the incisions.
  • On the same day, the dentist fits your new teeth. Some specialists create a temporary denture at this step, and replace it after a few months.
  • They are made of resin, which is lighter than permanent, to reduce pressure on your implants as they heal.

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what can you expect during and after the procedure?

It is worth noting that there are some facts related to dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 and among these facts are the following:

dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 are placed at an angle

Unlike traditional implants, dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 implants are placed at an angle. Since artificial teeth consist of a total of 4 implants, they cannot be implanted vertically. 

To give it more strength, the posterior implants are placed at a 25 or 30 degree angle. While the front two implants are implanted vertically. In this way, All on 4 implants can gain the required strength and stability as 4 implants are used for each jaw.

They are not always 4 implants

While the number of implants is usually 4 to support this structure, sometimes you may need 5 or 6. Especially in the upper jaw, which bears more force and therefore needs more stability. In other words, All on 4 implants are usually suitable for the lower jaw, but you may need more implants for the upper jaw.

dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 farming is not for everyone

This type of implant is not suitable for anyone suffering from tooth loss. Only if you have many missing teeth in either or both jaws, are you suitable for All on 4 implants. Otherwise, you will not be able to get this treatment to restore a few missing teeth.

You must have all your teeth extracted

To be able to secure dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 implants to either the upper or lower jaw, your dentist will have to remove your remaining teeth first. 

Partial dentures are not suitable for this treatment. For this reason, if you are missing a few teeth, your dentist will recommend a traditional dental implant instead of dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 .

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What are the tips for a smooth and fast recovery?

Although the dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 is a somewhat simple process, adherence to the instructions afterwards is undoubtedly important, especially if these instructions will lead to better results. Perhaps the most prominent and important of these instructions are the following:

  • Resorting to lotion that does not contain bacteria, as some types of lotion may carry bacteria in one form or another, but after dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 this matter will undoubtedly be prohibited due to the harm it could lead to, and this can be avoided by using known and approved types of lotion. 
  • Clean well after the operation, using a brush and floss, but it must be taken into account that this cleaning must be done regularly and gradually, so you cannot risk using the brush extensively immediately after the operation to avoid any dental relapse.
  • Try to drink plenty of water, as water is known to contribute faster to improving the results of the operation, and it is much better than food and drink at this stage, so there is no problem with too much of it.
  • Commitment to following up with the doctor, as it is recommended at this stage to follow up with your beauty center periodically to monitor the development after the operation, taking into account full compliance with all his advice.

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How can you take care of your dental implant dentures and ensure their longevity and functionality?

Here are some tips for maintaining dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 in the long term:

Maintaining oral and dental hygiene: 

Oral hygiene can be maintained by following the following instructions:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Use electric toothbrushes, if possible, to remove bacteria stuck on the teeth. 
  • Using toothbrushes is designed to clean the areas between the teeth, which is called an interdental brush. 
  • Use a toothpaste that has little abrasive or abrasion effect on the teeth.

Visit the dentist regularly:

It is recommended that a doctor be visited every 3-6 months to perform the necessary examinations, in addition to some essential cleanings, and the implanted teeth must be examined with X-rays annually.

Quit smoking and limit alcoholic beverages:

One of the essential things that must be followed when performing dental implant dentures all on four vs all on 6 is to avoid smoking or alcoholic beverages, especially during the first six months following the implant, which is the period necessary for recovery from the procedure. 

Controlling the problem of teeth grinding: 

The teeth grinding that occurs at night for most people can lead to teeth rubbing against each other, which may cause tooth erosion, which is the leading cause of teeth breaking and cracking over time, so it is best to treat and control the problem by wearing a device. Special for teeth at night

Wearing dentures for the shortest possible time: 

In cases where the denture covers the surgical area, it is preferable to wear it for the shortest possible time in the first week after the dental implant procedure. In order to protect the surgical site during the first period, the denture should be left outside the mouth at night.

What are the best practices for cleaning, brushing, and flossing your implant dentures?

Like other oral surgeries, dental implant dentures all on four vs all on 6 require maintaining oral hygiene as much as possible. This is to ensure good bone healing, and following some guidelines and advice can help you recover quickly and prevent potential complications,  as follows:

  • Drink cold drinks.
  • Brush the mouth and teeth using a soft-bristled brush; This is on the night of the surgery.
  • Rinse the mouth with saline solution 2 – 3 times a day; This is 24 hours after the transplantation procedure.
  • Use ice in cases that require its use.
  • Eat soft foods, especially during the first two weeks of the dental implant procedure, and after this period, more complex foods can be slowly introduced into the diet.
  • Avoid sneezing or sneezing with your mouth open.


At the end of the text, dental implant dentures all on 4 vs all on 6 are one of the most popular areas in cosmetic dentistry, and contrary to patients’ expectations, this procedure does not involve feeling pain, and it lasts a long time if it is taken care of.


Is it difficult to care after the six implant technique?

Care must be taken after all on 6 implants. Aside from daily routine tooth brushing; Mouth showers, toothbrushes and dental floss are recommended for oral cleaning and care. They should come to our doctors and be examined every 6 months

How much does an all-in-4 implant cost?

As with all dental services, the cost of All on 4 implants also varies from person to person and according to the treatment plan. You can find out the average cost from the treatment summary table below or from our price list page.

How long does all on 4 implant treatment take?

If the patient’s jaw structure and health fully meet the requirements, it is completed within 2 to 4 days. Therefore, it does not require a long and arduous treatment process.

How should the nutrition be after all six transplant techniques?

There are some things to consider about nutrition after the All on 6 procedure. Our doctors provide a diet to our patients after applying the All on 6 implant technique. 

This diet must be applied for the required 3 months for the implant and bone to fuse. It is recommended not to eat solid foods and comply with hygiene rules. 

Will there be pain after applying the six implant techniques?

It is possible to feel pain after the All-on-Six implant procedure. However, this pain is very mild. You may also have swelling. Our doctors give painkillers after the operation to use when feeling these pains.

Since it is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, no pain is felt during the procedure.

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