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Healthy teeth play an essential role in overall health and wellness. They help us bite, chew and digest food properly, which is essential for good nutrition and maintaining a healthy body. In addition to List of dental procedures and prices. Healthy teeth also contribute to clear speech and a confident smile, and improved self-esteem and social interactions. 

In addition, healthy teeth are important for maintaining jaw bone structure and tooth alignment, which may prevent problems such as TMJ disorders and tooth loss. Therefore, it is important to practice good oral hygiene habits such as brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly to keep our teeth healthy. So in the following lines we will discuss List of dental procedures and prices.

Preventive Dentistry

Among the List of dental procedures and prices are Preventive dentistry. Preventive dentistry is the care of teeth to maintain their health, which helps avoid tooth decay, gum disease, enamel erosion, and other diseases and problems of the mouth and teeth.

There are many forms of preventive dentistry, such as brushing your teeth daily and visiting your doctor periodically, which we recommend at Mavidenta Clinics.

List of dental procedures and prices

In addition to List of dental procedures and prices. Aesthetic procedures are not suitable for all patients: therefore, the dentists at Mavidenta suggest the procedure that is best for you according to the shape of your teeth before treatment.

1-Teeth whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening helps remove yellowing from your teeth and give them an unparalleled radiance. This can be done at home, but the results achieved in the clinic are faster, more accurate, and clearer.

2-Dental veneers

Dental veneers, or so-called dental veneers, are designed precisely and individually for each patient. They are chips made of composite materials and porcelain and glued to the front side of the tooth. 

Dental veneers can correct many conditions such as minor crooked teeth, chipped teeth, discolored teeth, or even cover gaps.

3-Cosmetic dental implants

Cosmetic dental implants are among the List of dental procedures and prices. Moreover this procedure through which damaged natural root teeth are replaced with metal and artificial ones, or missing or damaged teeth are replaced with artificial teeth.

And they are designed in a way that makes them look and function exactly like real teeth. This surgery can offer an excellent alternative to dentures or bridges, which do not fit all cases.

It also provides a good option when the loss of natural tooth roots does not allow the construction of dentures or tooth replacements. 

Thus, dental implants are metal devices designed to replace your missing teeth. This device is mainly made of titanium and is surgically placed in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth.

4-Tooth formation

Tooth shaping, or what is called enamel reshaping, is a procedure that enables the dentist to reshape a natural tooth by removing part of the enamel and filling it in the desired place. This process is not painful and can give beneficial and fruitful results.

5-Dental crowns

Dental crowns are also known as caps and it’s among the List of dental procedures and prices. It is an effective procedure and gives long-lasting results suitable for your requirements. 

Crowns are made of porcelain or acrylic that has been fused to the metal to withstand the pressure of biting. 

Crowns used in cosmetic dentistry treat teeth that are damaged, asymmetrically shaped, broken, or contain large fillings or to cover spaces between teeth.

6-Composite veneer

Dental composite (also known as composite veneers) means tooth-colored materials that bond to the tooth. 

This procedure can improve and repair the appearance of chipped, stained, or cracked teeth. It is a quick, effective, and painless procedure to fix minor cosmetic issues. Bonding is also a non-surgical procedure.

7-Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is not just for children. Nowadays, more and more adults are receiving treatment from orthodontists for cosmetic purposes. If you have misaligned teeth, consult your dentist immediately.

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 List Of Orthodontic Procedures

 List of Orthodontic Procedures

It’s among the List of dental procedures and prices. An experienced orthodontist must carefully perform all steps of braces installation. The steps for installing braces are as follows:


After finding the best orthodontist, the orthodontist will conduct initial physical examinations and make appropriate recommendations based on the condition of your teeth.

For example, an orthodontist will be able to identify problems such as one tooth growing under or over another, polydontia, and other dental problems.

You will usually be asked many questions at this stage. These questions are for the orthodontist to be aware of any potential problems.


The next step in the List of dental procedures and prices, the orthodontist takes x-rays of the patient’s mouth. Panoramic images and X-ray files are very important to determine the condition of the teeth. These pictures help the orthodontist determine the position of each tooth.

These pictures also show damaged teeth. In general, the condition of tooth roots can be completely different.

3-Tooth extraction

One of the most common orthodontic procedures is the extraction of a tooth. This procedure is sometimes necessary after the orthodontist sees the x-rays. The orthodontist will determine which teeth need to be extracted to make room for others. 

In most cases, this tooth is usually one of the front molars or supernumerary teeth that have appeared on the upper or lower surface of the teeth.

4-Create enough distance

If the distance between the teeth is too short, the orthodontist will create an appropriate distance using different tools. These tools are called asperser or commas. 

Sometimes you will have to use this tool for a few days or weeks as directed by your orthodontist.


The orthodontist molds the position of the teeth after extracting all the excess teeth, creating the appropriate distance, and before installing the full braces. This will usually take about half an hour.

This is very important for the final process of complete orthodontic placement and allows the orthodontist to determine the different aspects of orthodontics.

6-Bonding process

This procedure is relatively simple and can be easily performed by a skilled orthodontist. Metal strips are placed around the mills. These bonds act as an anchor for other parts that are attached to the mouth. 

In the past, orthodontists placed bonding on all teeth. However, bonding is currently only available on back teeth. The reason for this progress is the development of bonding methods.

7-Connect links

Before bonding, the orthodontist uses a special tool to look inside the patient’s mouth. The teeth are then cleaned using tasteless toothpaste. The teeth are then dried.

Now the orthodontist places the bond behind the teeth. When all the bonds are in place, excess material is removed from the teeth. A skilled orthodontist uses blue light

8-Lay the wires

The orthodontist carefully attaches the wires to the brackets using plastic materials. These plastics can be suitable for different consumer tastes.


After braces are fitted, the orthodontist checks the connections. Teeth move by the force exerted by the rubber orthodontic braces. 

The elastics are usually changed during orthodontic treatment every session. During the orthodontic procedure, the connections may move or lose their elastic properties. To do this, you need to contact your specialist regularly.

10-Orthodontic resection

The final in the List of dental procedures and prices is when the orthodontist is completely satisfied with the condition of the teeth. 

In this case, the brackets and wires will be removed from the teeth. The total process time for steps 1 through 10 may take between one year and one and a half years.

Periodontal Procedures

Periodontology is among the List of dental procedures and prices that examines diseases and health conditions of the gums, surrounding hard tissues, supporting teeth and implants, and aims to diagnose and treat diseases that develop in these tissues and protect the health obtained after treatment.

After planning the treatment, the treatment is provided with a personalized treatment approach that suits the general health conditions and oral conditions of our patients.

Eliminating disorders and defects in the color and structure of the gums, providing rose cosmetics, treating gingival recession, treating bone resorption that can develop in different structures, 

In addition to rehabilitating the oral environment through allergy treatment, bad breath treatment, and dental implant applications in areas of missing teeth. Our services are provided in our clinics using ultrasound tools, manual tools, lasers, halitosis analyzers, and piezo surgery techniques.

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Endodontic Procedures

In addition to the List of dental procedures and prices. Regenerative endodontic procedures (REPS) are biologically based procedures designed to replace damaged tissue such as dentin, root tissue, and cells of the dentin-pulp complex. 

This new treatment method aims to enhance the normal function of the pulp and has become an alternative to the treatment of periapical periodontitis. Regenerative endodontic procedures are an extension of root canal treatment. 

Conventional treatment cleans the root canal and fills the pulp chamber with biologically inert materials after the pulp has been destroyed by tooth decay, congenital deformity, or trauma.

Regenerative endodontic procedures instead seek to replace living tissue in the pulp chamber. The ultimate goal of REPS is tissue regeneration and normal function of the dentin-pulp complex.

Prosthodontic Procedures

Among the List of dental procedures and prices are prosthodontic procedure. If you are missing one or more teeth or have no teeth at all, you can resort to prosthodontics to replace the missing teeth. Prosthodontics is a piece that is implanted as a tooth root into the jawbone and the tooth crown is reconstructed over it.

One of the benefits of prosthodontics is that there is no need to sculpt adjacent teeth and therefore does not cause any damage to other teeth. 

Prosthodontics is known as the ideal solution to replace missing teeth because they look completely natural and are no different from natural teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the List of dental procedures and prices, which concerned with improving the appearance of teeth and making the smile more attractive. Recently, the importance that people attach to their appearance, especially their smiles, has greatly increased. 

As many applications of cosmetic dentistry are developing at a great pace from the past to the present, people have increased demand not only for dental and oral health but also for smile design. This makes cosmetic dentistry an important niche

Cosmetic dentistry is no longer an aesthetic concern and has become a necessity. However, cosmetic dentistry trends such as the Hollywood smile have begun to exist. 

Now, thanks to various technological equipment such as 3D printers, materials such as dental veneers, implants, and dental crowns can be produced quickly and with high quality, cosmetic dentistry has become less expensive and accessible.

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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Jaw surgery, also called orthognathic surgery, it’s one of the List of dental procedures and prices which corrects jaw bone irregularities and realigns the jaw and teeth to improve their function. Making this correction may improve facial appearance.

Jaw surgery may be a corrective option if you have jaw problems that cannot be solved with braces alone. In most cases, dental braces may also be used before surgery and during post-surgical recovery until healing and alignment are complete. An orthodontist can work with an oral, maxillofacial (oral and maxillofacial) surgeon to determine a treatment plan.

Sedation Dentistry

Anthor List of dental procedures and prices. Dental anesthesia is a means of controlling pain during dental medical procedures. Anesthesia means complete or partial loss of sensation, and may be accompanied by the patient being conscious or unconscious. 

The medications used in dental anesthesia work in different ways, and the choice of the type of dental anesthesia, especially the types of dental anesthesia for children, depends on the purpose for which it is used, and on the patient’s stillness and lack of movement. 

These medications can be short-acting or long-acting, and their side effects and effectiveness vary according to the types of dental anesthesia. Used: The doctor may use one or several types of medications according to the condition he is treating.

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Emergency Dental Procedures

Dental emergency is a broad term for one of the List of dental procedures and prices, which includes teeth and their supporting tissues, and is of high importance in treatment by specialists. 

The pain can originate from the teeth and surrounding tissues, or it can be felt originating in the teeth but caused by an independent source (orofacial pain and toothache). 

Depending on the type of pain, the cause and possible treatment can be determined, because each type of tissue gives different messages in this case.

These emergencies can range from fungal, bacterial and viral infections to broken teeth or dental restorations. Fractures (dental trauma) can occur anywhere on the tooth or surrounding bone, and depending on the location and extent of the fracture treatment options will vary. 

Fractures that affect teeth are considered dental emergencies, because they affect functions such as eating, speech, and the aesthetic body and appearance of the affected person.

All dental emergencies should be treated under professional supervision or guidance in order to preserve the teeth for as long as possible.

Children’s Dentistry

In addition to the List of dental procedures and prices Pediatric dentistry includes special treatments for all diseases of the teeth, mouth and jaws in children from birth until adolescence.

Pediatric dentists work to promote children’s dental health in addition to educating parents on the need to take care of their children’s teeth. 

The American Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that a pediatric dentist should be visited after the appearance of the first baby tooth or by his first birthday to document the relationship between Dentist and his patient. 

Early examination of the oral cavity and teeth is necessary to maintain overall oral health and reduce tooth decay to a significant extent. It also facilitates and reduces the cost of procedures taken by the dentist.

The dentist gives special leaflets to parents urging them to take care of their children’s dental health to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis, such as brushing teeth, flossing, and using fluoride, in addition to educating them about the dangers of a pacifier and putting their thumb in the mouth.

Specialized Dental Procedures

As mentioned previously about the List of dental procedures and prices, general dentists perform most common dental work. In some cases, a person’s dental problems are complex and in this case a specialized dentist is needed. 

Most specialists have skill in a specific field. The services provided by a specialist are diverse, and in continuation of this article from Mavidenta, we will learn about some of them:


This branch of dentistry studies the soft tissues that hold the teeth in the upper and lower jaws like a column. Doctors specializing in this field will help you maintain the overall health, beauty and structure of your teeth.

2-Dental implant specialists

The specialist may notice problems with the oral tissues, in which case he or she will use artificial dental implants to restore the damaged tissue. These dentists will help you treat your decayed teeth.

4-Oral and maxillofacial surgeons

Sometimes your teeth and jaw may be damaged due to an accident or severe blow. In this case, you need a skilled oral surgeon to restore the full health of your teeth.


Endodontists treat the tooth pulp and the tissue surrounding the root which contains the blood vessels, tissue and nerves around the tooth root. These dentists are highly trained in treating problems in these areas mentioned.

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Factors Affecting Dental Procedure Prices

The List of dental procedures and prices is one of the most important challenges you may face during your dental treatment. You may have already researched the cost of this work but perhaps you did not get correct information. 

The List of dental procedures and prices of dentistry varies depending on the type of service, the doctor, and the area in which you live. If you want to visit a dentist to check the health of your teeth and mouth you will have to pay a fee. 

This cost is variable. In this examination, the dentist uses different tools to diagnose tooth decay, gum-related diseases, and oral cancer. Every six months you need to have your teeth professionally cleaned which is the same as teeth scaling. 

This cleaning will help keep your teeth healthy. The cost of this work is very variable because the doctor will provide different services depending on the condition of each person’s teeth.

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Dental implant prices vary according to the condition and age of the patient, in addition to the town in which the dental implant is performed.


What is the most popular dental treatment?

Speaking of the List of dental procedures and prices. Cosmetic tooth polish is one of the most common therapeutic methods for whitening and lightening teeth and getting rid of stains and changes in tooth color.

Tooth enamel is one of the most popular dental treatments because it greatly improves their appearance.

The outer layer of the teeth, called enamel, is a very thin layer that absorbs stains, causing some holes.

It should be noted that it is not enough to apply the teeth whitening polish once, but in order to maintain the light color of the teeth, the coating must be repeated from time to time.

What Is The Most Serious Dental Procedure?

What is the most serious dental procedure?

In addition to the List of dental procedures and prices. Ignoring dental treatment may lead the patient to undesirable consequences, as this leads to further damage to dental health

So, below are the procedures that are rumored to be scary and how to relieve discomfort and allay fears;

1-Dental fillings

A small tooth cavity, which is usually caused by plaque containing bacteria, is easy to treat.

But if not treated early, cavities grow into larger holes. Bacteria can cause more damage, and you may end up needing a more complex root canal.

One useful tip for reducing anxiety is to bring an iPod for distraction and to help relax. It should be remembered that a needle may be scary to see, but it is actually used to help relieve pain.

2-Root canal treatment

During the root canal procedure, the damaged tissue is cleaned from inside the tooth. It’s a long procedure (sometimes lasting about two hours), but it can save a tooth!

But why are so many dental patients bothered by root canals?

The answer is that people with dental phobia may have had a bad dental experience in the past. But with anesthesia, root canal treatment is no more painful than dental fillings.

“It is suggested that you break up your treatment into shorter visits if the thought of being in the dentist’s chair for a long period of time makes you feel daunting.”

3-Dental implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. They appear natural and stable because they are flush with the bone below the gums (or they can be used to install full or partial dentures).

But many may fear implants because they involve surgery that can take several hours – and there is a long recovery process between the surgery to place the screw and the actual placement of the implants.

The best way to overcome this fear is to spend plenty of time discussing all possible options with your dentist before starting, including general anesthesia versus local anesthesia.

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What is a root canal procedure?

Root canal treatment is a treatment to repair and save damaged or infected teeth instead of removing them. The term “root canal” comes from the process of cleaning the canals within the tooth root. 

Decades ago, root canal treatments were often painful. With advances in dentistry and local anesthesia, most patients experience less pain during root canal treatment, if they feel any at all. 

In fact, living with a bad tooth is probably more painful. Alternatives to root canal treatment include extracting the damaged tooth and not performing any additional treatment, or replacing the tooth with a dental implant, bridge, or removable partial denture.


At the end of the article, the list of dental prices varies and differs according to the type of medical procedure that the patient will perform, in addition to the age stage, so it is not possible to restrict a specific price, and to know more details about dentistry, you can contact Mavidenta.

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