What Is The Best Dental Hospital In Istanbul?

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Protecting your health is one of the most incredible things you can do for yourself and your family. Having healthy teeth and a bright smile is a dream that everyone has, especially if you suffer from some problems related to oral or dental health. So, in our article today, we will learn about the best methods of dental treatment, in addition to the best dental hospital in Istanbul.

Unveiling the Benefits of Dental Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry in Istanbul

It is self-evident that everything you do in your life has a benefit and something you aim to get rid of or get, and this is precisely what we can talk about when we mention the benefits of the best dental hospital in Istanbul. The person who performs this procedure will obtain several medical benefits, the most important of which are the following:

A permanent solution works better than suits

And compound things that don’t

They last a long time, and these prostheses also make chewing difficult, but here, you will get a tooth that looks exactly like a natural tooth.

Improving the pronunciation process

It is known, of course, that some letters have many exits that depend on the shape of the teeth and their alignment, as well as their length and many things related to them, and the implantation process takes all of this into account.

Maintaining a set of teeth

Present in the mouth, as it is from

It is known that teeth and their nature are wholly affected by what is around them, as whenever a tooth is damaged, the tooth near it is also susceptible to damage.

Revitalizing the mouth

And it also improves its general appearance. Often, when you lose a tooth or two, things become worse, and it becomes difficult to behave normally in front of people. Hence comes the role of implants, which restore the vitality and naturalness of the teeth.

Navigating Medical Tourism: Dental Implant Experiences in Istanbul

Best Dental Hospital In Istanbul

Those who have tried dental implants with the best dental hospital in Istanbul have confirmed that dental implants in Turkey have many benefits and advantages, the most important of which are:

Experience and Competence: 

Türkiye is known for providing high-quality, world-class dental services. The best dental hospital in Istanbul has a good reputation in the field of dental implants and has high experience and competence in this field.

Advanced technology: 

The latest technologies and devices are used in the best dental hospital in Istanbul. Turkish clinics adopt modern technologies such as 3D-guided dental implant technology and non-surgical dental implant technology, ensuring accurate and effective results.

Cost Efficiency: 

Dental implants in Türkiye are a relatively expensive option compared to many other countries. Patients can benefit from high-quality services at a lower cost compared to European and American countries, making it an attractive option for many people.

Comfort and accommodation: 

Türkiye provides a high level of comfort and accommodation for patients coming for dental implant procedures. Medical travel packages that include treatment, lodging, and transportation are organized, providing patients with the necessary comfort and facilities during their treatment.

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How to choose the best dental hospital in Istanbul?

Türkiye has gained a good reputation as a suitable place for dental tourism, especially in the cosmetic dentistry sector. Thousands of people come to her in search of the perfect smile that gives them a radical transformation despite his excellent reputation.

The medical sector in Türkiye is not free of fraud and deception. Therefore, it has become essential to know how to choose the best dental hospital in Istanbul. Fortunately, there are specific criteria you can use to help you decide on the best dental hospital in Istanbul. In this paragraph, we will discuss five key points;

1-Technology and equipment

In recent years, dentistry has witnessed remarkable development and recorded many outstanding achievements. Treatments that used to take several months to complete can now be performed in a single day.

These procedures include the famous Hollywood smile, dental implants, and many more. When choosing the best dental hospital in Istanbul, make sure it uses the latest technological techniques, not only because it saves time but also because it provides treatments of the highest quality and efficiency.

For example, dentists today use camera-like technologies that photograph and study your mouth with the help of a computer. The software then designs your skin based on the information provided to it from those cameras.

2-Coronavirus prevention measures

The pandemic has shown us the importance and value of hygiene and sterilization. Although it is always essential, it is especially so under the current circumstances.

Make sure the clinic you visit has safety measures in place. For example, in our clinic, we use HEPA filters, which can filter any particles as small as 0.3 micrometers, including bacteria, mold, and airborne particles from the air. 

3-Professional competence and results

It is essential to look at the clinic’s track record and the results it has achieved if it claims to be the best in terms of results. It is necessary to read reviews and see photos of previous patients in the clinic. 

This will give you a better understanding of their professionalism and the level of care they provide. Patients often use the Internet to share their experiences with a particular dental clinic. 

4-Services provided by the dental clinic

Türkiye is a significant center for dental treatment and care. Turkish clinics understand everything international patients need. So, most clinics there offer a variety of services that reflect hospitality and kindness, such as airport pick-up, first-class hotel accommodation, luxury private transportation, and interpreters to help with communication.

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Procedures in Dental Clinics in Istanbul

Best Dental Hospital In Istanbul

Mavidenta Clinic is one of the best dental hospitals in Istanbul, and it has an excellent reputation in the field of treating dental problems in Turkey. Mavidenta Clinic has a number of features that make it the best orthodontic clinic in Istanbul, and these features include:

A distinguished team that includes a group of the best and most experienced dentists

Mavidenta includes a team of the best dentists who possess a great deal of skill and many years spent gaining experience in treating various dental problems and dental services. Our doctors graduated from the best universities in Turkey.

In addition to that, your treatment doctors are keen to provide you with comprehensive consultations and comprehensive details when you visit your treatment clinics. 

Our doctors also work to employ all possible means and methods to find the best treatment methods and implement them with high efficiency and fantastic success. You will also receive good treatment and a smile on the faces of all doctors.

Clinics equipped with the best techniques and modern technology

Mavidenta Clinic is equipped with the best equipment of its kind, which includes the latest and highest quality imaging devices, the best techniques, and the latest medical technology. In addition, we use the best and most efficient medicine.

Surgical tools and the strongest and highest quality medical materials, including dental prosthetics such as bridges, crowns, and dental implants, are in place with the aim of providing the best services and excellent results.

Distinctive services before the operation

In addition to successful treatment and excellent therapeutic results, a number of distinguished services precede the operation and medical procedures in your treatment clinics. Your medical treatment teams work to arrange the entire medical trip for you.

During your trip for treatment in Türkiye, you will be accompanied by a fluent medical translator who will help you throughout the consultation and treatment period.

Close follow-up after the operation

Your treatment services do not end with the completion of the operation and the implementation of the therapeutic procedure. Instead, your treatment services extend to continuous long-term follow-up after the operation is performed. 

This follow-up includes frequent evaluation and examination sessions, ensuring that the treatment is completed excellently, verifying successful results, conducting telephone follow-ups, and maintaining continuous communication after that. 

Mavidenta doctors also remain fully prepared to provide any assistance after the procedure is performed, including medical advice and recommendations after treatment and follow-up treatment in the event of any expected complications.

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Budgeting for Your Dental Improvement: The Cost-Effective Approach in Istanbul

Dental implant prices in the best dental hospital in Istanbul depend on the type and nature of the materials used and vary accordingly. Below, we will quickly learn about the components of alternative teeth;

The body

The body of the replacement tooth is usually made of titanium, which is known for its rapid healing and ease of attachment to the gums. The body is considered the most essential part of the replacement tooth.

The screw

The screw, which is placed over the body of the tooth and helps stabilize the replacement tooth, is placed in a hole made within the gum so that it is hidden.

The cap

The cap is a type of prosthesis that is used to complete the process of installing the new tooth. The cap is connected to both the screw and the body.

The new tooth

Finally, the new tooth is the last part of the dental implant process, and once it is installed, you are considered to have obtained a new tooth.

Discover the Best Dental Hospitals in Istanbul for Exceptional Care

Mavidenta is considered one of the best dental hospitals in Istanbul, as a specialized Turkish medical team with a lot of experience in dental implants and following up with patients after treatment. Personalized support and care are provided to patients to ensure a successful experience and satisfactory results.

Patients must be adequately instructed about the aftercare and follow-up necessary to maintain the health and beauty of their cemented dentures.

It can be said that dental implants in Türkiye are carried out by specialized medical teams and using advanced technologies. We strive to provide a comfortable experience and optimal results for patients, making dental implants in Turkey a popular and reliable option for many people.


Dental implants in the best dental hospital in Istanbul have unique advantages that you cannot quickly get with other replacement options. The secret behind the success of dental implants is that, unlike more traditional treatment options, they replicate the root of the tooth as well as the visible white portion known as the crown. 

While the root is hidden beneath the gum, it performs a vital function that helps stimulate the jawbone. Without it, the bone begins to deteriorate, resulting in decreased density and a well-rounded facial appearance over time. Fortunately, transplantation helps solve this problem and generates new tissue growth.


Why is it preferable to replace missing teeth?

The absence of teeth leads to negative consequences that affect the quality of life, causing bone loss, possible complications and transformation at the level of the remaining healthy teeth, a decrease in chewing function, problems with the digestive system, aesthetic damage, and change of facial expressions, and speech difficulties.

What can I expect after receiving dental implants in Türkiye?

After the procedure, your teeth need oral care at home and regular medical visits. Dental implants are similar to your teeth and will require the same care. Brushing and flossing are still applied to keep the implant clean and free of plaque. After treatment, your periodontist will work closely with you and your dentist to develop the best care plan for you.

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