All-On-6 Dental Implant : A Comprehensive Guide

All-On-6 Dental Implant

Are you tired of living with missing or damaged teeth? Do you want to restore the functionality and appearance of your smile with a long-lasting solution? If so, you may be a candidate for All-On-6 dental implants, a revolutionary treatment offered at Mavidenta! With the All-On-6 system, you can enjoy the benefits of a full arch of replacement teeth supported by just six dental implants.

This article will cover everything you need to know about all-on-6 dental implants, including the process, benefits, and the best places to get them in Turkey.

What is All-on-Six Dental Implant?

All-on-6 dental implants are a full-arch reconstruction solution that utilizes just six implants to support a full set of replacement teeth. The implants are strategically placed to provide maximum stability and support, allowing patients to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Packages Included

All-on-6 dental implant packages typically include the cost of the implants, abutments, and the dental crowns. Some packages may also include pre-operative exams, x-rays, and CT scans, as well as the surgical placement of the implants. Let us provide you with a summary of the advantages of dental implants when you get familiar with the package’s contents.

All-On-6 Dental Implant

Advantages of All-On-6 Dental Implants in Turkey

There are several advantages to getting all-on-6 dental implants in Turkey, including:

  • Affordable prices: Turkey is known for offering affordable dental treatments, including all-on-6 dental implants.
  • High-quality services: Turkish dental clinics offer high-quality services and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best results for their patients.
  • Experienced dentists: Turkish dentists are highly skilled and experienced in performing all-on-6 dental implant procedures.

If dental implants in Turkey are so beneficial, then I think you are now wondering if all-on-4 or all-on-6 dental implants are better. Kindly allow us to explain so that you may make the best choice..

Which is Better All-on-4 or All-on-6 Dental Implants?

The choice between All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implants depends on several factors such as the amount of jawbone available, the number of missing teeth, and the overall health of the patient.

  • All-on-4 dental implants are a suitable option for patients who have a limited amount of jawbone, as the procedure involves placing only four implants in the jaw, which provide support for a full arch of replacement teeth.
  • All-on-6 dental implants, on the other hand, involve placing six implants in the jaw, providing greater stability and support. This option is ideal for patients who have enough jawbone and are missing multiple teeth in one or both arches.

Ultimately, the choice between All-on-4 and All-on-6 dental implants will depend on the individual patient’s needs and should be discussed with a dental professional. A thorough evaluation and examination of the patient’s oral health, including X-rays and a bite analysis, can help determine the best option.

At Mavidenta, our team of experienced dentists will help you make an informed decision and provide you with the best treatment option for your needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

What are the steps if “All-on-6” Implantation is your choice? Find out now.

Stages of the “All-on-6” Implantation

The all-on-6 dental implantation process typically involves the following stages:

  1. Consultation and planning: The dentist will evaluate the patient’s dental health and determine if all-on-6 dental implants are the best solution.
  2. Preparation: The dentist will prepare the jawbone for the implantation, which may involve a bone graft or other procedure.
  3. Implant placement: The six implants will be surgically placed in the jawbone.
  4. Healing: The patient will need to wait for the implants to heal and fuse with the jawbone, which can take several months.
  5. Attachment of abutments: Once the implants have fully healed, the abutments will be attached to the implants.
  6. Placement of dental crowns: The final step is the placement of the dental crowns, which will complete the full-arch reconstruction.

How Long All-on-6 Implants Serve?

All-on-6 dental implants are designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings can help ensure the longevity of the implants.

Now I think you want to know the cost?

all on 6 dental implants turkey price

The cost of all-on-6 dental implants in Turkey is typically more affordable compared to many other countries. This is due to the lower cost of living and lower labor costs, which are reflected in the prices of dental treatments. On average, all-on-6 dental implants in Turkey can cost between 35% and 60% less than in other countries. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of the procedure can vary depending on factors such as the experience of the dentist, the materials used, and the location of the clinic. To get an accurate estimate of the cost of all-on-6 dental implants in Turkey, it’s best to  contact us and get a free consultation to know the right choice for you and the cost for your case.

All-On-Six Implants vs. Other Dental Implants

All-on-Six dental implants are a type of full-arch dental implant system that involves placing six dental implants in the jawbone to support a full arch of replacement teeth. These implants are designed to provide stability, support, and a natural-looking smile to patients who are missing multiple teeth.

Other dental implant systems include traditional single dental implants, mini dental implants, and All-on-4 dental implants. Single dental implants involve placing one implant in the jawbone to support a single replacement tooth. Mini dental implants are smaller in size and used to support smaller dental restorations. All-on-4 dental implants are similar to All-on-Six implants but involve placing only four dental implants in the jaw.

All-on-Six dental implants have several advantages over other dental implant systems. These advantages include:

  • Greater stability: The placement of six implants in the jaw provides greater stability compared to other dental implant systems, making it an ideal option for patients who are missing multiple teeth.
  • Reduced implant failure rates: All-on-Six implants have a lower rate of implant failure compared to other dental implant systems, as the placement of multiple implants provides greater support to the replacement teeth.
  • Shorter treatment time: All-on-Six dental implants can typically be placed in a single surgical appointment, reducing the overall treatment time compared to other dental implant systems.
  • Natural-looking smile: All-on-Six dental implants provide a natural-looking smile, as the replacement teeth are attached to the implants in a way that closely mimics the appearance of natural teeth.

Overall, All-on-Six dental implants offer several advantages over other dental implant systems. It’s important to discuss your options with a dental professional to determine the best option for your needs. At Mavidenta, our team of experienced dentists will provide you with personalized recommendations based on your specific needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

All-On-6 Dental Implant

Where is the Best Place in Turkey for Dental Implants?

If you are looking for the best place in Turkey for dental implants, we highly recommend considering Mavidenta clinic. Our clinic is located in the heart of Istanbul and is staffed by a team of highly skilled and experienced dentists who use the latest technology and techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Some of the reasons why Mavidenta is the best option for dental implants in Turkey include:

  • Expertise: Our dentists have extensive experience in performing all-on-6 dental implants and other dental procedures, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care.
  • Advanced Technology: We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deliver fast, accurate, and comfortable dental implant treatments.
  • Affordable Prices: We offer competitive prices for all-on-6 dental implants and other dental procedures, making it possible for more people to receive the dental care they need.
  • Comfortable Environment: Our clinic has a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps to put our patients at ease, making the dental implant process as stress-free as possible.
  • Personalized Care: We understand that every patient is unique, and we take the time to understand your individual needs and preferences to deliver personalized care that meets your specific requirements.

At Mavidenta, we are committed to delivering exceptional dental care and achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients. If you are looking for the best place in Turkey for all-on-6 dental implants, we would be honored to provide you with the care and attention you deserve.

Best Dental Implant Clinic In Istanbul

How Long Does it Take to Get All-On-6 Dental Implants?

The all-on-6 dental implant process typically takes several months from start to finish. The initial consultation and planning phase can take several weeks, and the actual implant placement and healing process can take several months. The final step, placement of the dental crowns, typically takes one to two weeks.

In conclusion, Turkey offers a cost-effective option for those seeking all-on-6 dental implants. With affordable prices, experienced dentists, and modern technology, Turkey is a top choice for many patients. If you are considering all-on-6 dental implants in Turkey, we highly recommend Mavidenta clinic. Our team of skilled and experienced dentists is dedicated to delivering high-quality care and achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a beautiful and healthy smile.


Are all-on-6 dental implants covered by insurance?

Coverage for all-on-6 dental implants varies depending on the insurance policy, it’s best to check with the insurance provider for specific details.

Is the all-on-6 dental implant procedure painful?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia or conscious sedation, and most patients report minimal to no discomfort during the procedure.

How long does the recovery process take after all-on-6 dental implants?

The recovery process after all-on-6 dental implants can take several months, during which the implants must heal and fuse with the jawbone. Most patients can return to normal activities within a few days of the procedure.

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