How Much Is Dental Implants?

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Missing teeth can be a significant concern, impacting your smile and ability to chew comfortably. Dental implants offer a permanent solution, but the cost can be a mystery. This blog post will discuss how much is dental implants, break down the factors affecting dental implant pricing, and give you a realistic idea of what to expect.

How much is dental implants?

Many patients wonder about How much is dental implants? Dental implants are one of the most common operations in the current era, as they are considered an integrated process that improves the shape of the teeth so that they look like natural teeth when they are fused to the bone. Dental implants are also of great importance in improving speech compared to composite dentures that slip and cause problems during speech

Dental implants help facilitate eating and resting. They are considered like natural teeth and provide comfort to the mouth. Unlike dentures, they are very comfortable for chewing food. Also they restore the feeling of your teeth and last a long time. They also preserve other natural teeth in the mouth and reduce the rate of loss of the remaining teeth adjacent to them.

Why Choose Mavidenta for Dental Implants?

At Mavidenta, our dentists and dental team are happy to help patients match the cost of implant-supported dental prosthetics plans to their budgets. At this point, the process begins with processing your dental insurance file. 

From now on, you can rest assured that we will do our best to keep costs affordable. If you want to learn more about, How much is dental implants?  and how we can help you budget for dental restorations, contact us now. We look forward to helping you get a clear, healthy, beautiful smile!

High-Quality Healthcare

The process of placing and restoring dental implants in Türkiye usually consists of two stages. The implant is placed in the first stage and the restoration in the second stage of treatment. In most cases, two separate practitioners place and retrieve the implant. 

This means that the implant is placed in one center and the crown, bridge, or denture is completed in another. In some cases, a well-trained general dentist can perform both procedures. This can be attractive to many patients because they are familiar with the staff and environment of the dental center.

At Mavidenta Center, we carry out all procedures related to dental implants in Turkey in one place, integrated with our own laboratories that perform dental implants in record time, which ensures quick implementation of the procedure for the comfort of patients. The initial consultation is your way to know all the details of How much is dental implants? and other cosmetic procedures.


Speaking of  How much is dental implants? There are many dental clinics that offer dental implant costs in Turkey at affordable prices such as Mavidenta. It is known that the cheap artificial teeth used in dental implants in Turkey are produced from titanium. There are many different brands of these teeth. 

However, some reputable and experienced companies produce high-quality teeth using modern techniques to enhance the implant surfaces to contribute to improving the fusion between the implanted teeth and the jaw bone. Therefore, their prices are higher than others of lower quality. 

The reason for the low costs of dental implants in Turkey with these high-quality brands in Turkey is the competition in the field of dental implants. Dental implants are also commonly used in Turkey, so dentists get huge discounts from companies when they buy materials in large quantities.

Experienced Dentists

The doctor’s experience, the extent of his training, and the number of operations he has performed successfully directly affect the costs of dental implants in Turkey. The patient must research the doctor’s biography and his history of performing such operations.
And you can confirm that through our doctors in about us.

The more experience the treating doctor has, the more efficient his training, the number of operations he has performed in the same field, as well as his professional and academic history, the more the cost of the operation will be on his hands. This is due to the large number of operations he performs and his professionalism in performing operations similar to many. 

The dental implant procedure in Turkey goes through many complicated stages for the doctor to obtain a license to practice this difficult procedure. Therefore, the doctor needs to pass the examination of the local accreditation body for dental surgeons.

Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey

Cost Of Dental Implants In Turkey

When it comes to How much is dental implants? Each tooth has a specific price, as the difference in tooth sizes and shapes is a factor that affects the price of the tooth. In Turkey, one tooth, at an average price, costs approximately 500 dollars. 

A tooth is implanted when the tooth is completely lost, and if more than one tooth is lost in a row, a bridge is installed between them, as you do not need to make an implant for each tooth. Missing.

In most cases, where there is no complete loss of the tooth, the tooth can be treated and crowned using zirconia, as the cost of crowning using zirconia is only $150.

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Factors Influencing the Cost

When we discuss How much is dental implants? It is known that the costs of dental implants in Turkey vary depending on the materials used in the procedure and the number of teeth required to be implanted. The patient’s health condition and the procedures and instructions that the doctor will provide him also affect the costs of dental implants in Turkey. 

The experience of the dentist, the extent of his reputation in performing the procedure, and the experiences of previous patients affect the costs of dental implants in Turkey. Dental implant prices vary in every dental clinic in Türkiye.

Type of Implant

Speaking about How much is dental implants? The medical team at Mavidenta Center uses the best types of dental implants in the world in order to obtain an ideal result. In this paragraph, we will learn about the best types of implants and the advantages of each type:

Swiss Implants (Straumann)

Swiss implants feature exquisite designs and are mainly implemented by the Stromann company, which holds patents for many modern technologies. Stroman uses Rexolid instead of titanium, which allows it to heal quickly with bone and preserve gum tissue. 

The advantages of Swiss implants include the stability and strength of the implant, its long lifespan, and the absence of the need to reinstall it frequently. Various designs are available to suit all patients, including zirconium implants that enhance beauty and do not cause allergies.

Swiss Nobel Biocare implants

They are implants that mainly use titanium and are reinforced with other materials that contribute to rapid healing with the jaw bones. They are high-quality implants made of durable materials and have a long lifespan. They can also last a lifetime if they are well taken care of.

German Dentsply Sirona implants

These implants are characterized by strength, durability, quality materials and designs, and heal quickly with bone. These implants are an excellent option if your jaw bones are good, but they are not available in all designs that suit all patients, especially those with weak jaw bones.

American Zimmer Biomet implants

The best types of dental implants in the world. The latest medical technologies are used in the manufacture of this type of implants. These implants are characterized.

By the presence of internal openings that allow bone to form within the body of the implant, which enhances its stability on the teeth. Zimmer Biomet implants are available in different designs to suit different patient needs.

German ritter implants

Ritter is a German company with ancient origins and provides modern solutions for the doctor. It offers more than one production line for dental implants with different designs that suit most cases of weak and hard jaw bones and most immediate and traditional implant methods. The company certainly provides an effective guarantee on its products to reassure the doctor of the services he provides to the patient.

The company provides all digital dentistry solutions and provides all the accessories and parts necessary to make various types of mobile and fixed dental implants. Its implants are characterized by a sharp design and the presence of longitudinal grooves in the implant body to provide very high initial stability while inserting the implant into weak jaw bones.

Italian C-tech implants

  • C-Tech is an Italian company that is considered one of the oldest international companies in the field of manufacturing medical components. The company has been providing its services since 1965 in manufacturing and supplying dental implant components and parts to many German and Swiss companies due to the accuracy and speed in manufacturing that the company’s factories provide.
  • All this great history in manufacturing and supply helped in understanding the market requirements and the requirements of doctors regarding the different parts and tools they need. Since 2008, the company began manufacturing dental implants with its own design, achieving great success and achieving very rapid spread in all countries of the world within a few years.
  • The company provides 4 designs of dental implants, one-piece or two-piece, in thick or thin sizes, to provide technical solutions for the doctor to use in various cases of immediate implants and traditional implants. 
  • The implant design is modern and modern and includes all the features of modern dental implants, from the strength of the connection between the different parts of the implant and the sharp longitudinal and transverse cavities. It is superior in osteotomy and provides very strong initial stability.

German Bego implants

It is one of the companies widely spread in the Arab countries and offers guaranteed cultivation at an excellent price. You will not find very modern and advanced technology in this company’s products, nor will you find special features that distinguish it from other companies.

But it simply offers reliability and guarantee. It is a guaranteed implant with a very high success rate and has been tried and used extensively. It can be likened to the Toyota Corolla, as it does not offer absolute luxury or superior technology, but it is a reliable car with few breakdowns.

German bredent implants

The quality of German manufacturing is undisputed. Simply put, this is what this company offers. Excellent manufacturing quality with fourth-generation titanium and an excellent design guarantees stable implants without problems in the long or short term.

This type is considered the best choice for many dental surgeons, as the company also provides a lot of technical support and support for digital implant technology and surgical guide techniques.

Number of Implants

The number of implants you need and the material you choose will affect How much is dental implants? overall treatment plan. To find the number of implants needed, you can obtain clear information by sending a picture of your teeth and mouth to our experts via phone or WhatsApp. Surgical costs are relatively fixed as long as the implants are inserted on the same day.

Price Range of Dental Implants

In general, the dental implant process includes several stages, each stage is associated with a specific fee and together represents the final cost of the dental implant procedure. Let’s take a look at these steps:

1-Jaw bone grafting

During the patient’s first appointment at the dental clinic, the doctor performs a CT or 3D scan to examine the structure of his jaw bones and determine their density. If the patient does not have enough bone in his jaw, bone grafting must first be performed before implants are placed. 

Bone implant surgery increases the size and density of bone in the thin bone areas of the patient’s jaw to contribute to enhancing the success of dental implant in Istanbul. The cost of jawbone grafting is usually not included in the final cost of dental implants, meaning the patient must bear its costs.

2-Tooth extraction

Speaking of How much is dental implants? The patient does not have to wait until he loses his entire tooth to undergo a dental implant procedure. One of his teeth may be severely damaged and will need to be extracted to protect his gums and overall oral health. 

Tooth extraction is usually performed in different types of ways, the most common of which are simple tooth extraction or surgical tooth extraction. According to the simple tooth removal procedure, the dentist smoothly extracts the tooth under local anesthesia in one piece. 

While surgical tooth extraction involves making a surgical incision in the gum to remove the damaged tooth and is usually performed under general anesthesia. The cost of tooth extraction is a side cost added to the final cost of dental implants.

3-Installation of dental implants

During the medical consultation, the doctor discusses with the patient the available options for dental implants and helps him choose implants that suit his jaw and the nature of his teeth. It is also necessary to choose the brand of implant that ensures the durability and stability of the implants for the longest possible period. 

There are many dental implant manufacturers that offer multiple types of dental implants at different prices. The higher the quality of the implants the patient chooses, the higher the cost of dental implants. 

At Mavidenta center we use a German brand of dental implants known as (Biotec). Biotech is one of the best brands in the dental implant industry. The company manufactures dental implants using high-quality materials, precise method and practical design and provides them at competitive prices.

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Price of a Single Tooth Implant

The dental implant in Istanbul consists of three main parts: the metal screw made of titanium, the abutment that connects the metal screw to the crown, and the dental crown. Each of these parts has its own price. The average of How much is dental implants? in Turkey per tooth ranges between $250 and $900.

Price of a Multiple Tooth Implant

If you have several missing teeth but they are not adjacent, you will need a metal screw (implant) in place of each missing tooth. If you have missing teeth that are adjacent to each other, then you have the opportunity to install a dental bridge that can fill the gap resulting from the loss of three or four teeth next to each other with only one or two implants. 

As for How much is dental implants? It is clear that a dental bridge that relies on a smaller number of implants will be less expensive than assigning an individual implant to each tooth.

Price of a Full Mouth Implant

The entire jaw teeth are implanted in several ways, including replacing each tooth with its own implant or implant. Therefore, this requires implants or implants for all the teeth in the mouth. Although this method allows the cosmetic dentist to preserve your healthy teeth without having to extract them, it will be more expensive than other options. Speaking of How much is dental implants? The cost of full mouth implants in Turkey ranges from $2000 to $7000.

If you want to implant your teeth in other, less expensive ways, you have the options of All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implants, which rely on replacing your entire teeth with artificial teeth based on only four or six implants that are strategically placed in the jaw bones. As we mentioned, this method is cost-effective as it relies on a small number of dental implants.

Additional Costs of Dental Implants

Additional Costs Of Dental Implants

Sometimes additional steps and costs are needed to prepare an area of the jaw for placement of dental implants:

  • Extracting the tooth that will be replaced with an implant.
  • Bone grafting at the tooth extraction site to allow a more suitable area for implant placement.
  • Increasing the gingival margin and grafting bone from other areas of the body to allow for increased surface area and increased amount of bone for superior implant stability and future success of the implant.
  • Sinus augmentation using grafts. Specifically on the upper back teeth. This procedure increases the amount of bone where the implant can be safely placed and provides proper support.
  • These procedures can increase the overall cost of dental implant procedures in Türkiye. Talk to your doctor to determine if you will need any of these procedures and inquire about potential additional costs during a free consultation with one of the dental experts at Mavidenta Center.


At the end of the text, dental implants in Turkey are considered one of the most common areas of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, so many patients wonder about How much is dental implants? so the Mavidenta Center provides the best services to patients ever, related to health care, and a team of dentists at the most efficient level, in addition to good prices, so if you want to know more details, you can contact us.

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