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Do you need a full-mouth dental implant? Are you looking for a low-cost option? Are you searching for a credible place? You’ll find all you need and more in Turkey.

We will offer you an affordable cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey. Follow us in this article to learn more!

Let us begin with full-mouth dental implants with a turkey package included.

Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Include

Turkey is well known for dental implants. More people from America, Australia, and other countries come here to perform dental implants. They find that dental implants in Turkey are very affordable.

So, in our clinic, we offer  high quality materials at an affordable cost. In addition to professional and experienced dentists.

Our cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey is very competitive. But it differs according to each case. It is decided according to the number of implants, the brand of the implant, and the bone graft or sinus lift procedures that we will carry out during the operation. Therefore, all these mentioned factors affect the cost, whether by increase or decrease.

Besides, there are some dental clinics in Turkey that offer additional services such as transfers from/to an airport, discounts on accommodation in first-class hotels, and city tours.

Now, let us help you to know what should be considered after a full set of dental implant operations.

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What Should Be Considered After Full Set of Dental Implants Operation in Turkey?

Our most experienced team explains to patients what they should do or not do after a full set of dental implant operations.

Patients should follow-up the following instructions:

  •  Patients should eat only mashed foods such as (mashed rice or potatoes).
  •  Patients can use antibiotics for five days after surgery.
  •  Patients can use painkillers for the first two days after surgery.
  •  Patients should use mouthwash for a week.
  •  Patients should avoid hot foods and beverages.
  •  Patients should avoid grainy foods.
  • We recommend ice application for patients for half an hour at intervals of five minutes, we offer this in our clinic.

It is preferred to use a high pillow.

Next, we will explain to you the cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey.

Cost of Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

Many people choose Turkey to perform full mouth dental implants. It is an affordable and reliable option. However, the average cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey is about USD 3,000–$7,000 depending on the patient’s case.

For any inquiry about cost, you can contact us.

But, is Turkey a good place for dental implants?

Is Turkey A Good Place for Dental Implants?

Certainly, Turkey is considered one of the best countries in dental implants. Most patients visit it for dental treatment or implants. It is characterized by high quality and affordable prices.

Hence, do you know where the best place is in Turkey for dental implants?

Where Is The Best Place in Turkey for Dental Implants?

Many patients visit Istanbul for dental implants and treatments. It is a well-known destination for dental care. During your visit for implants or treatment, you can also take it as  a holiday. Istanbul is a perfect tourist destination, you can enjoy beautiful architecture, historic sites, shopping, and delicious food. You can make wonderful memories there.

When you arrive at Istanbul, you shall visit Mavidenta the Most Luxury Dental Clinic in Istanbul5 with quite affordable prices. You find a professional service in Mavidenta, and also provides  you with a lifetime guarantee on implants and a twenty years guarantee on every treatment.

What is the Best Dental Implant Clinic In Istanbul?

Let us illustrate to you how long dental implants take in Turkey?

How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Turkey?

The dental implant procedure takes about one to two hours, and the healing period is three to six months. During this period, the titanium alloy implant will heal around and merge with the surrounding bone tissue.

Let’s see why full mouth dental implants cost different in Turkey?

Why Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost Are Different in Turkey?

Cost Of Full Mouth Dental Implants In Turkey

Cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey differs because the materials used (titanium and zirconium materials) are produced in Turkey. Hence, its price is very competitive. However, dental implant prices vary according to each case. Number of teeth and mouth structure also may differ in the cost.

It is worth noting that the government supports medical tourism, and it is one of the significant reasons why.

We are going to discuss how long you should stay in Turkey for full mouth dental implant treatment.

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How Long Should You Stay in Turkey For Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment?

You can just perform a full mouth dental implant treatment during your holiday. Time may also vary according to each patient, but in general, it does not take a very long stay.

Dental implants are often carried out in stages. It can take several weeks to several months to fully heal.

1- Your first visit to our clinic only takes three days, but you need about two to three months for recovery.

2- Your second visit will require another three days of treatment.

3- After that, in case your tooth is still attached, the dentist performs the extraction and the implant during the same operation. In case there is no tooth, then the dentist will simply perform with the implant.

If your jawbone is soft or not thick enough, the implant can be done right away. First, you will need a jawbone graft. The dentist may use a synthetic alternative. If this step is required, the dentist will have you wait a few months before starting on the implant.

4- Then, you can wait until the jawbone has healed and fused with the dental implant. This can take either a few weeks or a few months to happen. After that, if the implant is deemed stable, an abutment is placed on top of it. This will be a connector to the crown. The next step is to attach the permanent crown to the abutment.

5- Finally, let us explain to you the advantages of dental implants in our clinics.

What are the advantages of dental implants in our clinics?

Mavidenta is the most trusted dental clinic in Istanbul. You can take full advantage of our clinic as follows:

  •  Mavidenta is the most affordable cost of full mouth dental implants in Turkey
  •  You ca get high quality materials
  •  Our experienced team will help and support you.
  •  You find in our clinic the latest technology
  •  Mavidenta provides you with a lifetime guarantee on Implant

You can follow up with the following FAQ for more information. Contact Our Clinic


How much are full teeth implants in Turkey?

It differs from case to case based on your choice of material and brand. You can save about 70% if you perform your implant in Turkey.

Are full dental implants a good idea?

Full dental implants are the most effective treatment nowadays. Its success rate is about 98%.

Is dentistry safe in Turkey?

Turkey is a perfect place for dental treatment but you shall choose a reputable clinic. Mavidenta is a Most Trust Dental Clinic in Istanbul. It offers high quality materials with affordable cost.

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