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Turkey has great appeal among those places that do dental implants, and has gained particular fame in the field of dental implants among international clients who are eager to obtain a better appearance. The secret of this fame is mainly due to providing competitive and attractive prices to a large segment of those wishing to undergo surgery.

Performing cosmetic surgeries, and marketing programs for cosmetic surgeries in Turkey rely on comprehensive packages that not only provide the cost of surgery to the client, but also include the costs of accommodation, transportation, living, and sometimes even airline tickets.

Dental implants abroad

Dental implants are the perfect and magical solution to get rid of the discomfort and aesthetic defects associated with tooth loss. According to an NCBI report, more than 300,000 dental implants are performed every year.

Because of the most expensive smile procedures, it is known that insurance does not cover implants and that the price of a tooth in some countries may exceed the cost of a week’s vacation.

In order to allow themselves a beautiful smile and not go bankrupt, people go for dental implants in other countries where prices are at least half lower.

But where do they usually go? In this article, you can see the cheapest places that do dental implants in the world according to Bookimed research. Check clinics, compare prices and learn how to lower the price even more.

Advantages of dental implants abroad

The places that do dental implants allow customers to make profits who rely on:

Getting dental implants is cheaper.

It mainly concerns people living in the USA, UK and Canada, where dental prices are high and are not covered by health insurance. For example, the cost of one dental implant in the USA or the UK will cost between 2500 and 4000 US dollars, while the cost of the same operation in Turkey is about 400 to 1200 US dollars.

Fast dental help, no queues

You can schedule a dental implant procedure at any convenient time.

Smile improvement while on vacation – You can place dental implants while visiting tourist cities such as Istanbul (Turkey), for example.

Considering dental implants abroad allows patients to save money, receive quality and prompt medical assistance, and visit a new country during treatment. All you need is to decide where to go for this. Keep reading to choose the best place for dental implants and make the most profit.

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What is the best country for dental implants?

Places That Do Dental Implants

For many patients, the experience is definitely worth it. Not only does tooth loss affect your self-image and confidence, but it can also harm your oral health and function.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies consider the treatment cosmetic and, therefore, do not cover it. With the high costs of treatment in the UK and USA, some very desperate patients end up visiting unaccredited clinics with disastrous results.

So, for a large percentage of the world, dental implants in Turkey are the silver lining. For much less, patients can now get much more. But does this mean that any dental implant clinic in Türkiye is safe? Of course not. We have mentioned above a set of criteria by which you can choose your dental clinic in Turkey.

  • Make sure it is internationally accredited.
  • Check if the employees are qualified enough.
  • Check out the before and after photos and smile makeover videos they post.
  • Read Google reviews about the clinic from patients who have experienced their services firsthand.

What are the best well-equipped dental clinics?

Turkey is considered one of the best places that do dental implants, and the International Clinics Center is the most famous center that provides treatment in various forms. And in the field of dental implants, it offers several important points that make it the first destination for any patient:

  • Dental implant operations at International Clinics in Turkey provide immediate and guaranteed results.
  • The process is safe and common, and there are no risks.
  • The center’s doctors are distinguished by their professionalism and a good reputation for achieving results.
  • The duration of the operation does not exceed a maximum of two hours.
  • The center offers other cosmetic dental surgeries such as prosthodontics and the Hollywood smile in Türkiye.
  • The cost of dental implants in Türkiye and the center is low compared to the prices of other centers.

Dental implants abroad cost

When considering the places that do dental implants, you should determine which destination is best for you. For this, you should consider the following aspects:

Dental implant prices

If your main goal is to save the maximum of your budget, choose countries that offer the lowest prices for dental implants. Turkey might be the best option – costs range between $400 and $1,000 on average.

How much will you pay for flight tickets?

When you choose a country for dental procedures, also add the expenses saved for air tickets. You should decide what is most profitable for you to install dental implants with all travel costs – at home or abroad.

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The best places that do dental implants abroad

You may have many options when it comes to places that do dental implants, but Turkey remains the leader in the field of dental implants.

Simply because many Turkish clinics are internationally accredited and guarantee you excellent results. As for the quality of services, know that they are similar or even higher than what you can get in your country. Added to this is the country’s cultural richness, the beauty of its tourist sites and the availability of flights.

Also, the price of a single tooth implant starts from 550 euros, which saves you 50 to 70%, as it is approximately 1000 euros in France, 2000 in Quebec and 2200 in the United Kingdom.

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Dental implants Turkey

Dental implant treatments in Turkey are much cheaper than the places that do dental implants and there are various reasons behind this. First of all, dental implants are very popular and in high demand in Turkey instead of having temporary, uncomfortable dental solutions for missing teeth.

People choose the option of dental implant-supported prosthetics that we expect to last for many years. Dentists are buying dental implants in bulk at a cheaper price due to this increasing demand. Therefore, dental implant costs in Turkey are much cheaper than in many other countries.

Lower legal costs are another reason for this cost-effectiveness, as dental compensation insurance in Turkey is much cheaper than in Europe and the UK. The reflection of these low legal costs is clearly visible in dental implant fees in Turkey.

Why should you choose dental implants in Türkiye?

Places That Do Dental Implants

Türkiye is among the places that do dental implants and offers many advantages that make it an attractive destination for dental implant treatments. These reasons include:

Distinctive medical tourism:

Turkey has invested heavily in the medical tourism sector, which has contributed to providing a wide and diverse range of medical services to patients coming from different parts of the world.

Cosmetic dentistry tourism, including dental implants, is a well-established sector in Turkey and plays a major role in attracting everyone looking for high-quality, affordable dental treatments from all over the world.

Prestigious hospitals and clinics:

Türkiye is famous for its modern hospitals and clinics that adhere to international standards of healthcare. Many dental clinics in Turkey feature modern facilities and advanced technologies, ensuring that patients receive outstanding care during dental implant procedures.

Expert medical staff:

Turkey is home to highly skilled and extensively experienced dentists who have undergone extensive training. What distinguishes Turkey is overcoming the language barrier through the ability of most dentists in Turkey to speak several languages.

Or through the availability of professional translators who accompany patients throughout their treatment journey. The medical staff also has a deep understanding of the needs of patients from different countries of the world, which ensures effective communication and the provision of appropriate personal care.

Competitive costs and prices:

As I mentioned earlier, Turkey provides competitive prices for dental implant procedures without compromising on quality, and this is what makes it distinct from other countries and pushes it to be a unique choice for individuals looking for affordable and reliable dental care.

What affects dental implant costs?

There is no universal cost for dental implant surgery because several factors come into the equation. For example, the crown material and brand you choose affect the final price of the dental implant procedure. So, before we get into the price of dental implants, let’s take a look at other factors.

1- Health tourism and the price of dental implants

As you may have noticed, there is a global trend of patients seeking treatment in numerous destinations abroad at affordable prices in regions such as Europe, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Many people are starting to realize that treatment in areas like Turkey, for example, is much cheaper when it comes to medical procedures. But patients generally seek cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery procedures because insurance does not cover them at all.

In short, health tourism has made many beauty treatments accessible. Therefore, it became the most famous in the world. Türkiye is one of the best destinations that patients search for. Below, we will discuss the cost of dental implants in the best destinations in detail.

2-The price of dental implants and the material used in making the crown

Let’s take a look at the most common crown materials and how they affect the price of a dental implant. Beginners can choose the materials they want in most cases. However, some cases that require a specific type of material must be taken into consideration. For example, you may be sensitive to certain options, so you lose the freedom of choice and must stick to one option.

Your dentist will always help you choose the crown material that suits the sensitivity of your gums and your financial ability. For example, if you are looking for budget-friendly crowns, the dentist will offer you a selection of crowns that suit you and your budget.

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3-The price of dental implants and artificial roots

The root of dental implants is always made of titanium, and this is a fact that most patients know. Thus, misunderstanding occurs when people assume that the root has an expected cost.

Well, you’re mistaken. Although the rootstock is standard, different manufacturers charge differently for their products. Some are better quality than others, some last longer, and others are more comfortable to use.


In conclusion, as we mentioned, Turkey has become a leading destination for the places that do dental implants and, especially with regard to dental implant procedures. Thanks to its specialized medical tourism, prestigious hospitals and medical clinics, and expert medical staff, in addition to competitive costs and prices, Turkey provides an excellent balance between cost and quality.

However, it is necessary to carefully research and choose reputable clinics and dentists to ensure safe and successful dental implant procedures. You should also consult a qualified dentist who specializes in dental implants and discuss your personal needs and preferences when making decisions about dental implant treatment options.


Do dental implants affect the sinuses?

When all the teeth in the upper jaw are lost, the bone recedes, and dental implants become difficult due to significant bone loss and the expansion of the sinuses with age. In order for dental implants not to affect the sinuses, it has become possible to apply a sinus lift procedure, which provides a place for dental implants.

Is there a lifespan for dental implants?

Yes, there is a lifespan. Like anything artificial, there is a certain age after which it is exposed to wear and tear. As for dental implants, this lifespan is estimated at 15 years, and it may increase or decrease from one patient to another.

Are dental implants suitable for people with diabetes?

Yes, dental implants can be a suitable option for people with diabetes. However, people with diabetes need to be aware of the additional risk factors associated with this type of procedure. These risks include an increased chance of infection, delayed healing, and potential complications related to controlling blood sugar levels. People with diabetes must consult their healthcare provider before undergoing any dental implant treatment.

Are dental implants suitable for older people?

Yes, dental implants are a suitable option for seniors. They are a minimally invasive procedure and the procedure can provide a permanent solution to replace missing teeth or fill gaps between teeth. In addition, dental implants can help improve the ability to speak, chew, and even prevent bone loss in the jaw as one ages.

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