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Missing teeth can have a significant impact on your overall oral health and self-confidence. In the past, people may have considered missing teeth a minor issue, but today we understand the importance of replacing them to preserve our dental health and appearance. If you’re missing one or more teeth, you’re likely searching for a solution to restore your smile. Look no further, as we’ll provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision on the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul.

With the latest technology and experienced professionals, you can have your missing teeth replaced and your smile restored. So if you are missing one tooth or more Let me tell you how get your teeth replaced and what is the best dental implant clinic in istanbul.

What is The Dental Implant

Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing or damaged teeth. They are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone, providing a stable base for a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants are typically made of titanium or other biocompatible materials that are accepted by the body. They offer a number of advantages over other tooth replacement options, such as dentures or bridges, including improved appearance, comfort, speech, and oral health. Additionally, dental implants can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

The process of getting dental implants typically involves several stages, including a consultation and examination, implant placement surgery, and the attachment of the replacement tooth or teeth. The length of time and number of appointments required can vary depending on the patient’s individual needs and the complexity of the case.

Overall, dental implants are a popular and effective option for replacing missing teeth, and they can help to restore the appearance, function, and health of your smile.

Methods and options to replace missing teeth

In simple words, and without using complex medical expressions, we have only two options:

  1. Prosthetic crowns and bridges.
  2.  Dental implants.

Prosthetic Crowns and Bridges

The tooth is divided into two main parts: the crown which is visible in the mouth, and root which is hidden in the bone.

This way depends, in general, upon replacing the visible part of the tooth in the mouth ‘the crown’ only.

This process is achieved by preparing the neighboring teeth of the missing one. preparation is done by removing a substantial part of the teeth.

Then an impression is taken, and fabrication of prosthetic crowns of the prepared teeth combined with the prosthetic crown of the missing tooth in one unit, which we call “bridge’.

After that this bridge is cemented to the prepared teeth, hence we managed to replace the missing tooth.

Disadvantages of Prosthetic Bridges in Replacement of the Missing Teeth

The main disadvantages of this way:

  1. You have to sacrifice part of the healthy tooth structure of your natural teeth, even more you may be forced to get this healthy tooth root canal treated, thus weakening the tooth.
  2. By the time, the bone supporting teeth are overloaded by unnecessary forces which cause subsequent problems such as resorption of bone and loss of the teeth used as support.
  3. Replacing teeth in this way will not regain you with the sensation of food being chewed on this prosthetic unit, as this sensation is being transmitted by the root of the tooth which is still missing here.

This way helped us in replacing missing teeth in the past and it’s still used widely over the world until now, but with all these problems we had to develop another way to replace the missing teeth, so we came up with the idea of dental implants.

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Best Dental Implant Clinic In Istanbul

What Is the Best Dental Implant Clinic in Istanbul?

To explain this process we’ll need to use some medical terms.

As we mentioned before, the tooth is divided into two main parts: crown and root.

Here we will replace both the crown and root by using something that looks like a metallic post.

Here your dentist implants this post in the supporting bone, then covers it with the gum to allow it to heal over this post and bone merge with the post which is called osseointegration.

Success of this process is measured by the quality of this osseointegration. After some assessments with the aid of radiographic images over time, it will be uncovered again, impression is taken, fabrication of the crown and cementation of it to replace the whole tooth.

So if you want to have a successful surgery you have to choose best dental clinic in Istanbul turkey

What to Expect?

The main thing you expect from the dental implant is to replace the missing teeth without incurring the drawbacks of the other way.

So the advantages expected from dental implants:

  1. There is no need to prepare any healthy neighboring teeth.
  2. No damage to the supporting bone compared with the other way.
  3. The prosthetic root is inserted in the bone, so chewing food on this implant stimulates the periodontal tissue and thus allow you to enjoy chewing and eating again.

Enjoy the food again and implant your missing teeth in the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul, mavidenta

Dental Implants Benefits and Risks

Dental implants are an effective and popular option for replacing missing teeth. They provide a number of benefits, but also come with some risks.


  1. Improved appearance: Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, improving the overall appearance of your smile.
  2. Better oral health: Dental implants do not require adjacent teeth to be filed down or damaged, as is the case with dental bridges. This means that more of your natural teeth can be preserved, leading to better long-term oral health.
  3. Durability: Dental implants are designed to last for many years and are a long-term solution for missing teeth.
  4. Improved function: Dental implants restore the function of natural teeth, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.


  1. Surgery risks: Dental implant surgery is a surgical procedure and comes with risks such as infection, nerve damage, and bleeding.
  2. Implant failure: Although rare, dental implant failure can occur due to factors such as infection, implant overload, and inadequate bone density.
  3. Cost: Dental implants can be expensive, especially if multiple implants are required.
  4. Maintenance: Proper maintenance is required for dental implants to last a long time, including regular dental checkups and good oral hygiene habits.

Overall, dental implants are a safe and effective option for replacing missing teeth, but it is important to consider the potential risks and costs before making a decision. Consult with a qualified Mavidenta dental professional to determine if dental implants are the right choice for you.

Who Is Suitable for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are suitable for adults who are over 18 years with no upper limits of age, but if you are willing to get your teeth replaced by an implant you have to have some qualifications to be suitable for this operation.

  • Bone Health

The success of this operation depends mainly on the supporting bone and how it can bear all the load and stresses being applied to them.

So you must have a dense, healthy bone if you want to be suitable for dental implants.

But what if I have a bad bone? Do I lose hope to implant my teeth? No, of course not. You can still have a successful operation with the aid of some medical methods such as bone grafting.

Dentists in Mavidenta, best dental implant clinic in Istanbul, are fully prepared to help you in bone grafting

  • Healthy Gum Tissue

The other tissue that is loaded with the forces of the dental implant and affected by the procedures of this operation is the periodontal tissue and the gum.

So, if you want the operation to be a success, you must have very healthy gums by practicing good oral hygiene.

Besides good oral hygiene, you should quit some bad habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

You can get free consultation from our dental crew in Mavidenta, best dental implant clinic in Istanbul, to know how suitable you’re for dental implant

Who Is Not Suitable for Dental Implants?

Unfortunately, this operation is not suitable for all of us, but why? And are these contraindications absolute or can they be managed?

  • Young People Under the Age of 18

Most dentists recommend that the operation of a dental implant is mainly done after the complete growth and development of bone is achieved at the age of 18.

as young people under 18 still have their bones developing, which may lead to difficulties in the dental implant process.

  • People Suffering From Blood Diseases and Bleeding Disorders

Like any other operation, there will be bleeding during procedures, so people who suffer from problems with blood coagulation and the formation of blood clots are contraindicated for this operation.

Although they can alter the dosage of their medicines under the authority and administration of their specialist, they can get their teeth implanted.

For people who suffer from diseases transmitted by blood, they can’t get this operational treatment unless all the standards of safety and prevention of infection are achieved perfectly.

  • People With Bone Disorders

There are some diseases and habits with a huge negative impact on bones, and as we mentioned before, bones are the main factor controlling the success of this operation.

For example diabetes may lead to failure of bone healing, as well as people who had cancer and were treated by chemotherapy and radiation.

Osteoporosis too where the bone density is very low, also not suitable for implantation.

Smoking is a very bad habit too which causes constriction of blood vessels which decreases the blood to bone and thus make the dental implant operation impossible.

In Mavidenta the best dental clinic in Istanbul turkey we will help you get your teeth implanted successfully always

How Long Does the Dental Implant Take?

Do you know how much time is needed to complete all the procedures of this operation?

You may need about 6-8 months to get this operation done completely and get your tooth replaced in a full way.

Mainly, we divide the whole operation into three main divisions, with the best dentist in turkey for implants wi guarantee the success in each phase of the peratin.

  • First Stage – Assessment and Preparation of the Operation

In this stage, the dentist starts to assess the patient carefully to guarantee the success of the operation.

After the assessment is complete, the dentist will be able to determine the treatment plan.

The most important questions the dentists need to answer are: is the space of the missing teeth enough to replace them or not? What about oral hygiene? Is it good or bad? What about the supporting bone density and periodontal tissue health?

After answering all these questions, we have two main options, either move to stage two, or do some modifications such as grafting bone, treating the gum and periodontal system, or teaching the patient good oral hygiene and building new hygienic habits.

In case of bone grafting we may need about 3-6 months.

  • Second Stage – Implantation of the Artificial Root

This stage is called mainly the surgical stage, as we here do the surgical part of the operation.

After opening a flap and preparing the bone to receive the artificial root, a metal post is being implanted into the bone.

The most used metal in cases of human body implant is titanium as it has high biocompatible qualities.

After the insertion of the metal prosthetic root, it’s covered again and bone is let to heal and osseointegration occurs.

This stage may last for about another 3-6 months.

In Mavidenta the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul you will always be able to communicate with your dentist during the whole duration even after you travel back to your country

  • Third Stage – Placement of Prosthetic Crown

We don’t enter this stage unless we achieve the complete healing and integration of titanium root with bone.

An impression is taken, then laboratory procedures are taken to fabricate the prosthetic crown.

Then the prosthetic crown is placed and cemented to the implanted root.

This step may tak from 2 weeks to a month to finally have a new artificial tooth implanted in your mouth and ready to be used.

How Long Does Dental Implant Last?

Dental implants are a permanent solution; they should last for at least 20–30 years, even more as long as you keep your oral hygiene in good shape.

There are too many factors affecting the longevity of dental implants; some of these factors are related to the dentist, and some depend on your behavior.

So, you need to choose the best place to do the surgery. Mavidenta is the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul.

Factors Affect Success of the Dental Implant and Its Lifespan

  • As we mentioned, oral hygiene is the first and most important line of treatment.
    oral hygiene is not only brushing your teeth, but brushing it in the right way, flossing between your teeth and never letting any food debris in your mouth.
    Doing this will help you keep your bone healthy and withstand the loads of chewing.
  • Modification of the lifestyle to prevent any unwanted reactions from the supporting structures.
    As you read before, smoking can lead to complete failure of the operation.
    One of the most important things is to quit using alcohol too.
  • In case you had any accident or injury that may lead to injury of the dental implant and hinder its lifespan.

Mavidenta offers you a guarantee forever because we use only the best 10 types of dental implant in the world.

What Are the Side Effects of a Dental Implant?

Did you know that human body implants are mainly made of titanium? But do you know why titanium?

Titanium is the most biocompatible material with the human body, but does that mean that it has no side effects?

Of course not, and here are the most common side effects of dental implants.

  • Corrosion

Although it’s a corrosion-resistant metal, it’s metal after all.

So under some circumstances, as the oral media and its fluids, it can corrode.

But in MaviDenta, the most trustful dental clinic in Istanbul we have the best dentists, and use the best types of implant only.

  • Metal Allergy

Hypersensitivity or allergy is defined as an exaggerated response of the body to any stimulus.

In the case of dental implants some people may suffer from the metal hypersensitivity.

Symptoms of the allergy can’t be detected until the implant is placed in the cavity.

So, you have to consult your doctor before any procedures. We can offer you a free online consultation in Mavidenta.

Best Dental Implant Clinic In Istanbul

Costs of the Dental Implant in Best Dental Implant Clinic In Istanbul

One of the main drawbacks of the dental implant is its very high cost.

But when you look at the cost/benefit ratio, you will see how much it is worth.

Dental implant is an operation for a very long time, and you need it to be guaranteed and that is what we give at Mavidenta.

Speaking of dental implant costs, Mavidenta is the most affordable dental clinic in Istanbul.

In Mavidenta yu can avoid all f these side effects because we are th best dental implant clinic in Istanbul

  • Bacterial Biofilm Formation

The most concerning thing in dental implant surgery is bacterial integration.

In case of formation of the biofilm on the surface of the implanted root, it will cause failure of the osseointegration.

Hence, peri-implantitis, failure of the implant and pain occur.

So, our dental team in Mavidenta with their high experience can ensure you will have aseptic surgery.

Where Is the Best Country to Get Dental Work Done?

Most common countries that offer the best dental services in the world are Germany, of course, UK, Australia and the United States.

But these countries only offer their dental services at very high prices.

So, medical tourism became one of the best choices for a lot of people.

In medical tourism, you can go to any country you want, get your treatment done at a high quality as in these countries or even better but cheaper, as well as enjoy your tour in that country.

Where Is the Best Country to Get Teeth Implants?

You can get teeth implants in any of the countries mentioned before, but do you afford its cost?

You can get your teeth implanted in Turkey with quality at the same level  in the UK, Germany and Australis.

Turkey is the country most people go to for medical and dental tourism.

  • Visiting Turkey as a Dental Tourist

Why should I choose turkey if I were a dental tourist seeking for dental implant surgery?

From the medical and dental point of view, Turkey has some of the best dental clinics in the world and dental teams.

You can travel to Turkey with a low cost, you can get your treatment at a very low cost too, and you will get it in the very best way you need.

As for the terms of tourism and entertainment, you can enjoy a set of magnificent touristic places, as well as hotels in Turkey.

So what is the  best dental implant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey?

  • Turkey Dental Implant Price vs. The UK

You can get dental implants in the United Kingdom with a cost of about 2180 euro.

In case you do it in Turkey, you will be treated with the same quality 70% cheaper than the UK.

  • Turkey Dental Implant Price vs. Australia

Dental implant surgeries in Australia cost you a lot of money, as you need about 2400 euros.

In Turkey it costs about 75% cheaper than in Australia.

  • Turkey Dental Implant Price vs. Germany

Germany is considered the dream for anyone who wants to go for a dental implant.

But have you ever dreamed about the costs of dental implant surgery in Germany? You may need to pay 4000 Euro of your savings.

In case you get the same German dental implant surgeries, we use in Mavidenta, the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul, the best German implants with highly trained dentists in costs lower than Germany by 85%

So Turkey is considered the best choice for the dental tourist who seeks for dental implants.

Why Choose Turkey for Dental Implants?

Why does anybody think about going to turkey only to get a surgery in his mouth? In short words, Turkish dental clinics offer you great advantages.

  • Advantages of Dental Implant in Istanbul Turkey

  1. Surely, we can’t speak about the advantages of dental implants in Istanbul without mentioning the high quality of the operation.
  2. You can choose between a group of the best hotels in the world to stay at.
  3. You can visit some of the top rated tourist sites.

Mavidenta Dental Clinic the Best Dental Implant Clinic in Istanbul

  • Mavidenta, the most luxurious dental clinic  in Istanbul.
  • In our place, we understand what you need. We have a very well trained team. Each one of them is happy to help you.
  • You can consult our dentists online completely free.
  • Once you book with Mavidenta dental clinic, a coordinator is assigned to be with you as long as you stay in Turkey, and if you want we can reserve a room in a hotel of your choice for you.
  • When you arrive at the airport, you will find a transportation vehicle to take you to the hotel.
  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • Dental wise we use only the best 10 implants in the world.
  • We give you a guarantee for life  .
  • After you leave our country you will always be able to communicate with our dentists.
  • We give you the most affordable prices in Istanbul for dental implants.

Costs of Different Types of Dental Implants in Turkey

In Mavidenta, we use about 10 types of dental implants. After the consultation with your dentist you will be able to choose one of them, all of them with highly ranked qualities.

Whichever the chosen type, it’s cheaper than any other dental implant clinic in Istanbul.


Looking for the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul and Turkey? Look no further than Mavidenta! Our top-rated clinic offers the latest in dental implant technology and a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care. Don’t put off your dental implant procedure any longer – book an appointment with us today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile! Contact us now to schedule your consultation.


Where is the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul?

Mavidenta is considered as the best choice; it’s the most trustful dental clinic in Istanbul with a very good prices.

How much is a tooth implant in Istanbul and Turkey?

Speaking of the costs of the whole trip, the plane tickets are very cheap because of the currency difference, and the costs of the dental implant are very reasonable too, in addition to the low residence expenses.

Which hospital is best for dental implants?

You can choose between too many different clinics in Istanbul to get a dental implant. One of the most recommended dental implant clinics in Istanbul is Mavidenta, with the most affordable prices in the country.

Is it worth getting dental implants in Turkey?

From the dental point of view, it is worth everything as you can have your surgery done by the best dental surgeons in the world. You will have the opportunity to go on an unforgettable trip at the lowest possible cost. And the best dental implant clinic in Istanbul is Mavidenta.

How about getting dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey?

Getting dental implants in Istanbul, Turkey, is the best choice for people who seek to get high-quality treatment with a budget lower than any other country at the same level.

Why choose Turkey for dental implants?

Choosing Turkey for dental implants is due to a number of factors, including the fact that Turkey is ranked at the top of the list for dental implants, as well as the extremely low cost of the procedure.

Why get dental implants in Istanbul and Turkey?

The best countries in the world for dental implants are the UK, Australia, Germany, and Turkey.

When you compare the quality and prices, you will get the same quality?

but the prices in Turkey are 70% cheaper than the UK, Australia by 75%, and Germany by 85%.

Where do celebrities get their teeth done in Turkey?

Most celebrities choose Mavidenta dental clinic to get their teeth fixed as it is the most luxurious and most trustful dental clinic in Istanbul.

Is Turkey a good place to get your teeth fixed?

Yes, Turkey is a very good place to get your teeth fixed under the supervision of a group of the best dentists in the world.

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