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If you are looking for a cheap dental implants in turkey, here is the best center ever, where Turkey enjoys great attraction among those wishing to perform plastic surgeries, and it has gained special fame in the fields of hair transplantation and dental implants, moreover Middle Eastern clients constitute a large percentage of the cases of Turkish cosmetic centers for ease of travel, cultural rapprochement.

In addition to the presence of qualified surgeons, of course, and accreditation Marketing programs for plastic surgery in Turkey include comprehensive packages that not only provide the cost of surgery to the client, but also include the costs of accommodation, transportation, living, and sometimes even airline tickets.

Where you can get a cheap dental implants in turkey in various centers such as the Mavidenta Center, and the low cost is due to several reasons, including fierce competition in the field of dentistry, or government support provided by the state, and below we will discuss ways to obtain a cheap dental implants in turkey.

Dental Tourism in Turkey: A Growing Trend

Dental tourism can be broadly defined as visiting another country for dental care services. In addition to cheap dental implants in turkey, Turkey ranks among the best countries for the quality of dental implants.

Turkey is particularly desirable in terms of dental tourism when compared to a number of other destinations. First of all, it should be emphasized that the procedures performed in Turkey are of the same high quality as those performed in European countries. 

However, Turkey offers more reasonable prices for high-quality dental procedures so you can find cheap dental implants in turkey.

The use of Turkey’s modern technical equipment and the provision of high quality healthcare and service of highly successful dentists encourage many individuals abroad to choose Turkey for their dental procedures.

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Quality of Dental Care in Turkey

According to the experiences, Mavidenta center is one of the best cosmetic centers currently present in Turkey, and at the same time it is the most appropriate time to implement the dental implant process, and perhaps that great distinction stems from the center’s ability to provide the best equipment and capabilities available.

In addition to the availability of a team of skilled doctors who performed a lot of similar dental implants surgery and who made the center a successful record in dental implant operations.

In addition to the distinguished follow-up services provided by the center after the end of the operation, but the most important and most prominent aspect remains that the operation is provided in that center at a more appropriate price that is the lowest, compared to quality that is taken from it.So you can find cheap dental implants in turkey in Mavidenta.

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Cheap Dental Implants In Turkey

Affordable Dental Implants: What to Expect

In addition to cheap dental implants in turkey, performing dental implants in Turkey is something that only happens at the moment when it is confirmed that that country is more distinguished than others, which takes us to talk about the most important advantages that are provided by implants in this place, which are as follows:

  • Türkiye’s ability to provide the latest methods and technologies.
  • The presence of the best doctors.
  • Very low cost, so you can find cheap dental implants in turkey.
  • Providing a wide range of additional services.

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Factors Influencing Cost

There are many factors that affect cheap dental implants in turkey such as:

1-costs in the long run

Initially, the cost of dental implants and restoration in Turkey can be much higher than traditional treatment options. 

Dental bridges are usually replaced on average every 15-20 years due to failure over time. Some of the most common reasons for a dental bridge to fail include recurrent cavities, compromised teeth around the gums, and an appearance that is not aesthetically pleasing. 

Dentures are usually replaced every 7-10 years and common reasons for dentures needing replacement include poor fit, due to bone changes, broken or worn dentures and unaesthetic appearance.

To summarize the above, you can find cheap dental implants in turkey, but the cost varies from one patient to another.

2-Location and quality of dental implants

It is difficult to predict exact costs because each transplant situation is different and can present its own challenges. 

We must also take into account the cost of any add-on procedures, such as bone grafting, sinus lift etc., which may be necessary. This is why it is important to review the treatment plan provided by your dentist and ask specific questions.

3-Who performs dental implants?

The process of placing and restoring dental implants in Türkiye usually consists of two stages. Therefore, your ability to find cheap dental implants in turkey varies. As the implant is placed in the first stage and the restoration in the second stage of treatment. 

In most cases, two separate practitioners place and retrieve the implant. This means that the implant is placed in one center and the crown, bridge or denture is completed in another. 

In some cases, a well-trained general dentist can perform both procedures. This can be attractive to many patients because they are familiar with the staff and environment of the dental center.

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Cheap Dental Implants In Turkey

cheap dental implants in turkey Selection and Research

It is worth noting that there are many centers that offer cheap dental implants in turkey, and this is in the process of great competition among doctors. As for your ability to find these centers, it is represented in the following points:

  • Before starting travel procedures, search for dental implant centers in Turkey on the Internet.
  • Contact these centers and get acquainted with the total prices offered by these centers.
  • Do not forget to ensure that the center’s information is correct by reviewing the ratings.

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Comparing Costs vs. Quality

Although there are many clinics that offer cheap dental implants in turkey, they offer the highest quality with success rates exceeding 95% for dental implants, due to the following reasons:

1-Highly qualified dentists and specialists

Without a doubt, form the foundation of the multi-billion dollar dental field in Turkey. 

2-The strict admission regulations set by the supervisors of the dental college in Turkey

are a major reason for the quality of education that dentists receive there, as only students with the highest scores in national exams can enter the prestigious educational institution.

3-Dentists study for five years in college and then begin their practical training 

during the third year under the strict supervision of seasoned field specialists, in order to enable the trainee doctors to gain experience in dental surgery and dentistry in general.

In addition to mastering root canal treatments and the installation of cosmetic dental veneers, among other things. Many other therapeutic techniques.

After successfully completing the academic stage, dentists begin their professional journey, where they face many different and sometimes complex cases due to the noticeable influx of foreigners coming to medical tourism, which gives them a unique opportunity to gain experience in this field over time.

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Travel and Accommodation

In addition to cheap dental implants in turkey, the process of dental implants takes a relatively long time to get the desired final result, because it takes place in several separate stages, each one needs to wait a while, here are the stages of dental implants and the duration of each of them:

1-Bone grafting

It is a process in which new bone is implanted in the jaw using part of the patient’s bone elsewhere or artificial bone. This stage of bone and gum healing may take from 4 months to a maximum of a year.

2-Placing the Implant

It is a procedure under anesthesia in which a screw-like titanium material is implanted and acts as the tooth root. This process takes one to two hours, while the process of healing the gums around this new root takes 5-7 months.

3-Attaching the Temporary Crown

It is a process in which a temporary crown is placed in order for the gums to heal properly. This process takes two weeks.

4-Placing the abutment

It is the piece that connects between the permanent crown and the dental implant. This stage takes two weeks to heal.

5-Permanent Crown Placement

This stage takes about 6 weeks to recover. Ultimately, the duration of dental implants takes a period of no less than 9 months. Therefore, you must take into account the expected period of time spent in Turkey in order to search for cheap dental implants in turkey.

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Language and Communication

When you think of traveling to Turkey, there are many questions in your mind, including is the cost of dental implants high, how do I choose a cheap dental implants in turkey, how do I communicate with the doctor, and does language represent a challenge or an obstacle to travel in order to perform dental surgery?

It is worth noting that the Turkish language is the mother tongue, and the English language ranks second as an alternative language, but in the event that you do not master both languages, this matter does not represent a problem or dilemma at all.

Where dental centers provide translators from different languages for the purpose of communication between the doctor and the patient, in addition to that the translators are highly qualified and accurate in transferring information correctly between both the patient and the doctor, so the language does not represent any obstacle in communicating with the doctor.

In addition, if you are looking for the best dental center in Turkey that performs cheap dental implants in turkey with high success rates, you can contact Mavidenta, as many times patients come to perform dental implants of all kinds, and we also have highly qualified and experienced doctors in the field of dental implants.

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Scheduling and Planning

It is worth noting that the dental implant process takes place in several stages, this stage may take from 3:6 months, and this period may increase or decrease, depending on the patient’s condition.

So before searching for cheap dental implants in turkey, the patient should know the expected period of completion of the procedure. Carry out this operation and communicate with the specialized center to discuss all the details, and then plan well, take care of the health condition, and perform the required medical examinations.

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Patient Experiences: Real Insights

It is not only about choosing cheap dental implants in turkey, but about choosing the most appropriate place, to determine the good doctor, you can search for the best medical centers that perform dental implants in Turkey, and you can also listen to the experiences of patients.

Although the success rate of dental implants exceeded 95% However, there is a failure rate for the operation, and it is worth noting that the failure rate increases gradually.

Especially if the doctor is not professional or does not have good skills, and in order to avoid any risk or complications, you can listen to the patients’ experiences.

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Potential Risks and Concerns

In addition to cheap dental implants in turkey, dental implants are safe. The probability of failure of the procedure does not exceed 5%, but it may include some complications and risks:

1-Failure of osseointegration: 

Bone growth around the bone graft may fail, and then the dental implant will not be sufficiently supportive to hold the artificial tooth, then the dental implant may fall out spontaneously.

Or the patient may need to remove the implant or implant by the dentist. In the event that dental implants fail, it may be decided to replace the dental implant or to go to another option.

2-Incorrect placement of the dental implant:

There is no relationship between cheap dental implants in turkey and the quality of the operation. The doctor may make a mistake in installing the dental implant, causing it to not fuse with the jaw bone, or it may be closer to the tooth next to it than normal, or it may become loose, causing pain. 

In this case, the patient is forced to remove the dental implant. Or replace it, and it is preferable to consult more than one doctor before starting another procedure.

3-Sinus damage:

As the upper jaw is located directly below the sinuses, dental implants in the upper jaw may cause the sinuses to penetrate and damage them; This may result in a feeling of discomfort with the possibility of infection. Damage to nearby nerves. 

Dental implants may result in permanent damage to the nerves in the mouth, so the dentist conducts an X-ray examination to ensure the integrity of the nerves in the mouth before starting dental implants.


Dental implants, like other procedures, may cause infection, so doctors advise that wounds should be kept clean until complete recovery, and a dentist should be consulted in the event of swelling, fluid drainage from cracks, or pain. 

Neighboring teeth are affected, the condition of the teeth adjacent to the implanted teeth may worsen if there is decay or damage to the roots of those teeth, so the dentist conducts a comprehensive examination of the patient’s teeth before starting dental implants.

Consultation and Evaluation

The decrease in dental implant prices in Turkey is a major attraction factor, as cheap dental implants in turkey are considered among the cheapest in the world, and by adding the low travel and accommodation costs, as Turkey becomes one of the best destinations for cosmetic dental surgeries in the world in general.

The primary factor in determining cheap dental implants in turkey is the quality of the artificial tooth, and secondary factors include the patient’s condition, the experience of the surgeon, and the number of missing teeth that will be installed. 

The cost of cheap dental implants in turkey does not include some additional expenses such as teeth cleaning, the cost of x-rays, anesthesia, immunosuppressive drugs to help the body not reject the tooth, and hospital costs. 

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Making an Informed Choice

In addition to cheap dental implants in turkey, It is important to look at the clinic’s history and the results it has achieved if it claims to be the best in terms of results. 

And in order to do it right, it is necessary to read reviews and see photos of former patients of the clinic. This will give you a better understanding of their professionalism and the level of care they provide.

Patients often use the Internet to share their experiences with a particular dental clinic. It is important to know that some comments can be fake, so it is better to look for more detailed comments. 

Those who provide detailed feedback about the dentist and staff, along with services and care, may be more honest. Conversely, reviews that do not go beyond “best clinic” or similar comments are likely to be inauthentic.

Moreover, you can visit the YouTube channel of the dental clinic you are considering going to. The YouTube channel usually contains many videos of patient interviews as well as virtual tours of the dental clinic.

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Over the past decade, Turkey has become a preferred destination for people seeking to undergo high-level surgical interventions, especially in the field of dentistry. So you can find cheap dental implants in turkey.

In fact, the large number of patients receiving dental surgical interventions and other treatments available in Turkey has allowed the medical teams active there to gain extensive experience, due to the diversity of challenges and therapeutic methods that they apply on a regular basis.

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Is dental implants cheaper in Turkey?

Yes, of course, as you can find the cheapest price for dental implants in Turkey, compared to Arab and European countries as well.

Where is it cheapest to get implants?

You can go to Turkey if you are looking for the best price for dental implant surgery in addition to high quality as well.

Which country is the cheapest and safest for dental implants?

Turkey is one of the most famous countries in the world in the field of dental implants, with success rates exceeding 90%.

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