Which Is Better Zirconia Or Titanium Implants Should You Choose?

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Need to perform an implant? Do not know which material is the best? Which is better zirconia or titanium implants?

You will find out all you need in this article. Just follow us!

Let us start by giving you some information about zirconia and titanium to help you in choosing which one is the best option for you; of course.. you should also pay attention to the advice of your specialist.

What is the best implant material for teeth?

Dental implants traditionally include titanium screws and abutments and topped with a porcelain crown but recently zirconia is more popular. The two options are briefly explained here to assist you in deciding which is best for you.

  • Titanium implants

  1. Sturdy and resistant to fractures and cracks.
  2. Separate screw and abutment pieces permit easier and more precise placement.
  3. Optimal option for dental implant bridges or All-on-4 implant anchors.
  • Zirconia implants

  1. A suitable substitute for patients with metal allergies.
  2. Less plaque accumulation around implants.
  3. Corrosion resistance

We think that now you can determine which is better zirconia or titanium implants?

Pros and Cons of Zirconia Implants

Which Is Better Zirconia Or Titanium Implants  

Zirconia has some advantages and disadvantages.

We start with its advantages as follows:

  • Zirconia is compatible with the tissues,
  • Implants made of zirconia are very low bacterial attraction,
  • Their resistance to fracture is reasonable, and they are very strong,
  • It resists corrosion and wear relatively well, and
  • As the material can be easily adapted to the patient’s natural teeth, it has excellent aesthetics, which can be particularly important when replacing front teeth.

There are some disadvantages of zirconia implants include:

  • The material may deteriorate and little cracks may appear over time,
  • Usually, this material is available as single-piece implants. A patient may have to select a metal option if they require a two-piece implant that uses an angled abutment to correct alignment,
  • Zirconia should be avoided if a patient requires any adjustments after the implant has been fitted because any grinding that occurs on the implant’s surface can reduce its ability to withstand fracture, and
  • Zirconia implants may fail more than titanium ones despite the evidence is limited.

Pros and Cons of Titanium Implants

Titanium implants have several advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Titanium implants are available in two-piece varieties. This is useful when an angled implant is required to correct the implant position.
  • The failure rate of titanium implants is low compared to zirconia implants.
  • These implants have very good biocompatibility with the gum tissues and the bone and high resistance to corrosion in the mouth.

But titanium implants have several disadvantages include:

  • Titanium implants may fail if the patient has an allergy to the metal.
  • Metal ions released from the implant may occur local irritation and inflammation in patients with certain autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.
  • If the tissue surrounding the implant is too thin, the dark metal may show through, creating an unsightly appearance.

It is important to choose the best material for you, and discuss the matter with your dentist and ask which is better zirconia or titanium implants?

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Strength of Zirconia vs Titanium implants

In terms of strength, zirconia and titanium implants differ primarily in that zirconia is not as strong as titanium. Compared to other metals, titanium has good mechanical properties. Because it doesn’t fracture under heavy chewing loads, titanium is the perfect material for implants. Zirconia implants are also incredibly strong and hard. Ceramics, on the other hand, are not as break-resistant as metals. They might thus fracture in areas where there is a lot of chewing pressure.

Aesthetic of Zirconia vs Titanium implants

When titanium implants are placed in patients with thin gums or bones, a gray line may form beneath the gum, which is unsightly. Zirconia implants are a very close match to natural teeth in terms of color. Due to the possibility of the implant showing through thin gum, thin bone, or possible gum recession, they are suitable in these situations.

So, do you think which is better zirconia or titanium implants? Follow us to know more!

Durability of Zirconia vs Titanium implants

Zirconia has less flexural and fracture strength than titanium and is more brittle overall. Although it has a high compression strength, its flexural strength means that it is more likely to fracture than titanium when subjected to bending or flexing forces.

How long do zirconia implants last?

Implants made of zirconia are still quite new. They are anticipated to last for fifteen to twenty years or longer, similar to titanium implants, if properly maintained.

Is zirconia safer than titanium?

Due to the fact that zirconia implants retain less tartar and plaque than titanium implants do, they may also be better for your gums.

In the human body, zirconia has been used for a very long time. It is the best and safest option for a restorative dental material due to its strength and biocompatibility.

Which is better zirconia or titanium implants?

Implants made of zirconia are more biocompatible with the human body than those made of titanium, which is stronger and more resilient. Zirconia implants have a success rate that is less than that of titanium implants, which can reach 95 percent. Since zirconia does not contain any metal, it is a fantastic option for patients who have a metal allergy.

When it comes to cost, most patients concern about this matter! So, we ill discuss next the difference in cost between zirconia and titanium.

Are zirconia implants more expensive than titanium?

Zirconia implants are more expensive than titanium ones. They are expensive because of the manufacturing process and the costs of the materials. Since zirconia is a relatively new material, its price is certain to decrease over time.

Factors Affecting One Day Full Mouth Dental Implants Cost

Zirconia implants vs titanium cost

Which Is Better Zirconia Or Titanium Implants  

We mentioned above that the cost of zirconia implants is expensive than titanium implants. But there are many factors that affect the cost such as the number of teeth, the brand and the location of the dental clinic.

In some countries as Turkey, you will find the cost affordable compared to other countries such as the USA, the UK, Canada, & the United Arab Emirates.

Thousands of patients every year travel to Turkey for dental treatment, particularly dental implants. Turkey is considered one of top destinations in the field of dental cosmetics.

So, if you head to Turkey for your dental care, you can receive a professional service and save up to 70%.

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To conclude, most patients ask themselves and their dental specialist which is better zirconia or titanium implants? Implants made of zirconia or titanium are both excellent choices for missing teeth replacement. If you are allergic to metals, zirconia implants are advised. While titanium implants are preferable in case you are having a full mouth reconstruction because they have a high fracture toughness.

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How long do titanium implants last?

Titanium implants can last twenty years, and with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime.

What is the best material to use for dental implants?

The best material for a tooth implant depends on a patient’s case and other factors.

What should you avoid when getting a tooth implant?

Crunchy and hard foods, sticky foods, and acidic foods.

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