The Process Of Dental Implant Coming Through Gum Tissue 2024

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Are you upset about dental implant failure? Are you afraid of dental implant coming through gum? No fear if you choose a professional dentist. Turkey is a great place for your dental needs.

Follow this article to show you all you need! There are some issues can result from dental implants.

Why do dental implant coming through gum?

You may start to see your dental implants show through gums with time. Gum recession, thinning gums, or peri-implantitis are a few possible causes of this.

  • Gum recession

Gum recession can occur with dental implants just like it can with natural teeth. Although gum recession is not a nice appearance, it could even feel more disorienting if you have dental implants because your receding gums will show the metal implant posts rather than your actual tooth roots.

Gum recession can have much worse health consequences than just cosmetic ones. Gum recession may even cause implants to fail, in which case you might need to have the implants removed.

The following factors could result in gum recession after implants:

  1. Oral hygiene issues
  2. Smoking
  3. Grinding of teeth
  4. Malocclusion
  5. Problems with hormones
  6. Brushing too vigorously
  • Thinning gums

It’s probably a sign of unhealthy gums if your gums are so thin that you can see the implant post through them. To learn what you should do to solve the issue, speak with your dentist.

  • Peri-implantitis

This infection affects the area around dental implants. A loss in bone density around the implant may result from this infection, which can also cause the gums to swell up. If it is not treated in the early stages, the entire implant may need to be removed, but it might be too late for dental implants.

Smoking or poor oral hygiene may be the cause of peri-implantitis. It’s crucial to discuss a long-term maintenance plan with your dentist for your oral health with your new dental implants in order to prevent any of these signs.

If you have this infection, you might experience the symptoms listed below:

  1. Pus and bleeding
  2. Fever
  3. Gums that are red and swollen
  4. Throbbing pain
  5. Chewing difficulties
  6. Breath problems
  7. Implants with a loose feel

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When do dental implant coming through gum?

Dental Implant Coming Through Gum

If the implant is placed too close to the front of the gums, there isn’t enough tissue between the implant and the outside. This makes it easy to see the dental implant show through gums. This also occurs if the implant is too tilted. Eventually, the gums will recede.

Next, let us discuss some common solutions.

Solutions for dental implant showing through gum

There are several solutions to treat the issue of dental implant coming through gum if they are carried out early enough, so they can assist you in avoiding implant failure. Let’s discuss some of these procedures:

  • Gums grafts

A gum graft is when gum is removed from another area of your mouth and attached to the area where your gums are receding. Your implants’ exposed areas will be hidden by the new gum.

  • Replacing the crown

The crown may occasionally no longer fit properly as your gums change shape over time. In this situation, your dentist might advise designing a new crown that is taller and thus meets your gum at your natural gum line.

  • Redoing the implant

In the worst-case scenario, the entire implant procedure might need to be redone. Only severe cases of peri-implantitis or gum recession will necessitate this. Additionally, mini dental implants might be suggested by your dentist.

But what should you do if the dental implants are exposed?

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Is it normal for dental implants to be exposed?

A silver post (implant temporary abutment) will protrude from the gum tissue if your implant is exposed. The exposed silver abutment portion is merely a temporary component that will eventually be replaced by the implant crown. The abutment might occasionally become loose or separate. Contact your dentist if this happens.

Now, take a look into the symptoms of dental implant rejection.

What are the symptoms of dental implant rejection?

There are some common symptoms in case of the rejection of the dental implant.

  1. Continuing pain and discomfort
  2. Swelling, inflammation, and bleeding
  3. Gum recession
  4. Loose implant
  5. Difficulty chewing
  6. Nerve or tissue damage
  7. Dental implant coming through gum

Recovery is a very important matter, follow to know more!

The implant healing process and gum growth

Within a week of surgery, the majority of patients notice a significant improvement in their gum health, and within two weeks of treatment, their gums are fully recovered.

But you should not perform any dental implant if your gum has some issues.

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Can you have dental implants with gum disease?

Dental Implant Coming Through Gum

While you are still experiencing active gum disease, you cannot get dental implants. Before getting a dental implant, you must get your gum disease under control.

Healthy gums are necessary for dental implant procedures because the soft gum tissue must surround the implant to keep it stable.

Should there be a gap between my implant and gum?

Your teeth and gums are separated from one another by a natural space, which is known as the periodontal space. There shouldn’t be a space between your dental implant and your gums. Your gums should grow right up to your implants. Yet, the implants must still appear natural.

Gap between dental implant and gum

You can notice a gap between dental implant and gum if:

  • The implant was not positioned correctly
  • The gums recede
  • The crown is older than ten years

If you have any problem related to a dental implant coming through gum, you should fix it.

How to Choose the Best Dental Implant Clinic in Istanbul

How do you fix a receding gum implant?

Treatment for gum recession is largely determined by the underlying cause. Nonsurgical methods like topical antibiotics, dental bonding, or orthodontics may be used to treat mild cases of gum recession. However, the majority of the time, gum recession surgery is required to fully resolve the issue.

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To conclude, if you decide to perform a dental implant, you should visit a professional dentist to avoid dental implant coming through gum or any other issues. But if you notice any problem after the implant, visit your dentist immediately for treatment. There are some solutions that can treat this issue of dental implant show through gums or other issues.


Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

Anyone who is missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth are candidates for dental implants.

Are dental implants removable like dentures or do they stay in your mouth?

No, dental implants are a permanent option.

How do gums grow around implants?

Gums grow around implants as part of the healing process. Your gums will start to grow around the implant post once it has been inserted, which will aid in stabilizing the implant.

To make sure that the gums don’t completely enclose the implant, it’s crucial that your dentist keeps an eye on the healing process. Just like they do with natural teeth, your gums will also regenerate and expand around the abutment and along the contour of your crown.

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