Single Tooth Denture Cost? Check Prices in Turkey!

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 Are you requiring a tooth implant? Looking over cost? You shall head to Turkey. In particular, we recommend visiting Mavidenta. In fact, Single Tooth Denture Cost  is competitive. So, we are going to talk in this article about dental and tooth implants in more detail.

Let us start by presenting what is dental implant?

Dental Implant

Dental implant surgery is an operation that replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial ones that act and look like real teeth.

But do you know the duration you shall take in Turkey to complete your dental implants? Let us explain!

How long do dental implants take in Turkey?

The procedure takes from one to two hours. Then, the healing time is three to six months. During this time, the titanium alloy implant will heal around and merge with the surrounding bone tissue.

But you are required to visit your dentist two times; the first trip takes three days, then wait for 2-3 months for recovery, and the second visit takes about three days for treatment. 

Each procedure differs from the other. You can contact Mavidenta for more details, and What Best Dental Implant Clinic In Istanbul.

To conclude, it is a good option to choose Turkey to perform any dental treatment or implant. It is one of the popular destinations in this field.

In addition, Single tooth denture cost is very affordable compared to other countries such as the UK, the USA, Australia, and some Arab countries.

However, do you think Turkey is a good destination for dental implants?

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Is Turkey a good place for dental implants?

Indeed, Turkey is a good place for dental implants. It is ranked among the top ten countries in this industry. Therefore, it is a safe choice.

In addition, you can benefit from the packages that are provided by most clinics. They offer you hotel accommodations, transportation from/ to the airport, and translation services if needed.

Briefly, you will feel comfortable and relaxed on your trip.

Next, we will discuss single tooth implants and their cost.

Single tooth denture cost

Tooth implants are popular nowadays. At present, most people are interested in dental cosmetics and how to get a perfect smile. But the cost of dental cosmetics is over their budgets.

Therefore, they are searching for a cheaper cost in other countries. They find Turkey is much too low in its cost. Moreover, it is characterized by high quality. Turkey has recently been named one of the top ten countries for dental treatment and dental cosmetics.

Hence, you find the single tooth denture cost is very competitive. You can save up to 70% in comparison with other countries. So, you can benefit from the low cost and also enjoy traveling to an amazing new destination like Turkey. Many tourists visit it each year to spend their holidays and also for medical treatment, especially in the field of dental treatment.

One of the most beautiful places in Turkey is Istanbul. You shall choose a dental clinic in it to enjoy a beautiful holiday. It is a wonderful city. You can visit its historical places. Moreover, Istanbul has a special beauty, and you can also try its delicious food.

In addition, it is well known for its dental centers and clinics. So, you can visit it for both a holiday and dental treatment.

One of the most luxurious dental clinics in Istanbul is Mavidenta. We highly recommend this clinic to you.

Mavidenta provides you with high quality materials at affordable prices. It also provides a guarantee certificate for any tooth implant. You will find professional services at Mavidenta.

Hence, let us explain to you the cost of teeth implants and their factors in more detail.

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How much is an implant tooth in Turkey? 

Single Tooth Denture Cost

Many of us seek to perform tooth implants to give us a natural look. Once you find a reasonable cost, you make your decision to perform it immediately.

Tooth implants in Turkey are low in cost but they differ from one patient to another according to each case. The number of teeth needed to implant affects the price. As well, the material and the brand vary in cost. You can check these factors:

  • Number of dental implants

The number of dental implants you require affects your cost. You may be required to carry out around six to eight implants for the upper jaw and six to eight implants for the lower jaw. Furthermore, the material you choose affects the cost, as well as the brand.

  • Preliminary costs of dental implant

Some need preliminary treatments before performing implants. If you have damaged teeth, you need to extract them. Others need tissue or bone grafting.

  • Sedation dentistry options

Sedation dentistry options are another factor. There is more than one type of sedation. Each type differs in price. You can choose the one that suits your budget.

For any inquiry about your case and cost, you can get an online consultation.

We mentioned above that a single tooth denture cost is quite affordable; let us tell you the reason!

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Why are implants cheaper in Turkey?

In fact, you find the implant cost in Turkey is much too low. Check the following to know the reasons:

  • Clinic operation cost

One of the reasons is the low cost of the laboratory and dentist fees that result in cost-effective overall operation.

  • Currency exchange rate

The value of the Turkish Lira is low against the Euro, Sterling pound & USD. So, the currency exchange rate is a major reason that makes you pay less for the same treatment.

  • Traveling to Turkey is Cheaper

Travel to Turkey is cheaper than other countries. This factor also makes you save a lot. You will find hotel accommodation in Turkey is quite low, as well as food. In addition, most clinics offer very competitive packages. 

  • Free Services

Some clinics offer free services like free transportation, as well your first consultation is free of charge. You can also get free panoramic x-rays and 3D tomography scans.

To conclude, Single tooth denture cost are uncostly and low-priced.

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Why do people go to Turkey for dental work?

The main reason is the high price of dental treatment in their countries. They will get the same service at a low price in Turkey.

Is Turkish dentistry worth it?

Certainly, Turkey is one of the best countries in the field of dental treatment. It is worth to take this experience of dental treatment or cosmetics in Turkey.

Where is the best place in Turkey for dental implants?

Istanbul is the best place for dental implants. We recommend you to visit Mavidenta clinic in Istanbul. It is one of the most trusted dental clinics in Istanbul.

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