What is the Cost of Dental Work in Turkey 2024?

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Are you concerned about dental work especially in Turkey? Are you thinking of the cost? Stop thinking too much.. Cost of dental work in Turkey is cost-effective. Follow us to find out more!

Turkey is a well-known destination for dental treatment. Patients who seek professional service and low cost, must go to Turkey.

Going to Turkey for dental work

Turkey is one of the perfect destinations for dental work. If you want to save a lot of money, you shall visit Turkey for your dental treatment.

Cost of dental work in Turkey is very low compared to other countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada. In Turkey, you will not find only affordable prices but also high-quality service.

Most dental clinics in Turkey use the latest technology and have professional dentists that are well trained and have many years of experience.

It is worth mentioning, that you’ll find there all types of dental treatment and cosmetics including: dental implants, veneers, lumineers, crowns, root canal treatment, sinus lifting, teeth extraction, whitening of teeth, bridges.

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Turkey has become a very popular country for dental Tourism. Thousands of patients head to it each year. Keep reading and discover more!

Dental tourism in Turkey

Turkey is well-known for its dental tourism nowadays. The government encourages and supports medical tourism in general, and dental tourism, in particular.

Dental clinics in Turkey cover all your dental needs. In particular, dental clinics in Istanbul offer professional services. Thousands of patients have experienced remarkable success with their dental procedures in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, the cost of dental work in Turkey is so cheap.

Most dental clinics provide a special dental tourism process including transfer from the airport to the clinic, accommodation in luxury five stars hotels, in some cases, offering translation service.

A lot of our patients repeatedly choose Mavidenta clinic, the High-quality Dental clinic in Istanbul, for dental treatment. To guarantee that the patient receives the finest care possible, our dental clinic provides the highest levels of sanitation and uses the most recent dental methods.

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Therefore, many and many visit Turkey to get dental treatment, particularly dental implants.

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Why get dental implants in Turkey?

Several patients get dental implants in Turkey to save up to 70%. Cost of dental work in Turkey is very affordable. The entire operation costs are low in price, including lab and dentistry fees. They will also find excellent and reputable service.

Besides, Turkey especially, Istanbul is one of the greatest cities. Most tourists go there to spend their vacation. So, it’s a chance to get a nice vacation and enjoy a lovely atmosphere in this beautiful city.

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Is dental work in Turkey good?

Definitely yes, Turkey is one of the ideal places that you can get you dental work. In addition, the cost of dental work in Turkey is very reasonable.

However, you should choose a safe and reputable dental clinic. We highly recommend our clinic. Mavidenta the Most Trust Dental Clinic in Istanbul.

We provide our patients with:

  • Friendly team that supports them 24/7
  • Professional dentists
  • High-quality materials
  • Latest Technology
  • Life Time Guarantee on Implant

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Is dental work cheaper in Turkey?

Yes, the cost of dental work in Turkey fits your budget. One of the main reasons is the currency exchange rate of the dollar against the Turkish Lira. Another reason is the low price of the overall operations. As well as, the support of the government in this industry.

Furthermore, the free included services save a lot. It is very proper for international tourists. So, the patient will feel comfortable and relaxed.

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What is the cost of dental work in Turkey?

Turkey is characterized by its affordable prices for dental work. But the cost differs according to some common factors like the quality of the material, the brand, and the number of teeth required to fix.

As well, the case of the patients affects the cost. Each case varies from the others. One factor also is the condition of your teeth.

At present, Turkey is distinguished in all dental procedures. It is one of the best countries in this industry.

Popular dental treatments in Turkey

Turkish dentists are highly skilled dental experts with extensive expertise who are perfect in all dental procedures, including root canals, veneers, and dental implants, dentures, bridges, extractions, and fillings.

Next, we will discuss the payment method prevails in dental clinics.

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Cost Of Dental Work In Turkey

How do you pay for dental work in Turkey?

Most dental clinics only receive payments in cash. Some clinics offer a discount if you pay in cash. But others accept credit cards and debit cards. Other dental clinics accept other currencies.

You shall find the right dentist but how? Let’s see!

Choosing a dentist in Turkey

Most patients seek to get dental treatment in Turkey because of its professional services and the cost of dental work in Turkey is quite affordable. But it is important to choose your dentist.

You shall take into consideration some factors to choose your dentist. You need to find a dentist who has many years of experience. You can ask for dentist credentials to verify their education and training. You can also see the testimonials and reviews of the dentist and the clinic.

At Mavidenta, you will find a group of professional dentists who are highly trained.

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In brief, Turkey is a perfect choice for your dental treatment. You will find a great service at affordable prices. But do not forget to choose your dental clinic well, and also your dentist.

Check out the following FAQ


Why dental clinics in Turkey?

To get high-quality service at affordable prices

Why is dentistry so cheap in Turkey?

Because the overall operation cost is low, including the labs and dental clinics.

Do people in Turkey speak English?

You will find persons who speak English in resorts and main cities. As well, international patients will find restaurant menus and other information printed in English.

How long do the implants last?

They can last for as much as a lifetime.

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