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When we talk about cosmetic dentistry, Turkey is at the forefront of the field of cosmetic dentistry, and perhaps the fame it has achieved is due to the efforts of doctors to provide the highest level of service to patients, thanks to the modern technology that is used in various dental procedures in Turkey.

In addition, the prices are reasonable compared to the cost of some dental procedures in other countries, as you can use Finance Teeth Turkey, which helps you reduce dental procedures. So, in the following paragraphs, we will provide you with the necessary information about finance teeth Turkey.

Dental Procedures in Turkey

In addition to finance teeth turkey. Dental treatment varies according to the degree of tooth injury and the type of injury. There are many types of dental treatment, including:


Fillings are used to fill the void formed by caries and it’s among finance teeth turkey, as caries produce acids that cause erosion of some parts of the tooth. When the dentist removes the caries, a type of void or hole will be produced that he fills with filling materials. The most commonly used types of fillings are:

  • Amalgam: It is a mixture of metals and mercury.
  • White fillings (composite).
  • gold.
  • Ceramic.

2-Endodontic treatment (nerve extraction)

When a tooth becomes infected with caries, caries – as a result of continuous erosion of parts of the tooth – may spread to the nerve, and when caries reaches the nerve, inflammation occurs and the nerve dies, then it must be removed because the dental chamber and canal are filled with bacteria and necrosis.

Endodontic treatment must be performed by a dentist because neglecting the nerve to die without treating it will cause:

  • Pain when biting or chewing.
  • A broken tooth and the need to extract it.

3-Crowns and bridges

Dental crowns are a cover that is placed completely or partially over the tooth and is used to protect the tooth and give it strength and solidity in finance teeth Turkey. Crowns are applied for several reasons, which are:

  • Weak or cracked teeth.
  • Chipped teeth.
  • Endodontically treated teeth.
  • Teeth with large fillings.

As for bridges, they are used to compensate for one or several missing teeth. They are made in the same way as crowns, but two or more teeth must be prepared to compensate for the loss. They depend on the experience of the dentist to estimate the number of teeth that must be prepared.

A bridge differs from a single crown, in that the crown is placed on an existing tooth with the aim of strengthening it, while the bridge aims to compensate for a missing tooth, by making several crowns and connecting them together.

The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth are prepared and are called abutments. The function of the abutments is mainly to stabilize the bridge.

The bridge consists of at least three pieces, the piece in the middle to compensate for the missing tooth, and the two side pieces are placed on the prepared teeth.


Tooth extraction is used as a last resort to treat infected teeth in finance teeth turkey, as the doctor completely removes the infected tooth, in the following cases:

  • When the lesion spreads throughout the entire layers of the tooth it becomes impossible to treat it.
  • When there is a need to extract teeth in the context of another treatment, such as: tooth extraction in the context of orthodontic treatment.
  • Or extracting a wisdom tooth in the context of preserving adjacent teeth.

5-Dentures or removable prosthetics

Dentures are important in the event of the loss of a large number of teeth, and they cannot be replaced with fixed bridges, as the loss of teeth leads to difficulty chewing, which negatively affects the patient’s nutrition, and causes sagging of the facial muscles (wrinkles).

Dentures are divided into:

  • Complete dentures: replace all jaw teeth inside the mouth.
  • Partial dentures: They replace several missing teeth that cannot be replaced with fixed bridges.
  • Dentures are made of metal or plastic, are removable by the patient and can be cleaned with special solutions.

6-Dental implants

Dental implants are an alternative to dentures, as implants can be used to replace one or more teeth. This treatment is suitable for patients who cannot wear dentures, such as: people with oral cancer, or who have been exposed to accidents that led to tooth loss.

There are two types of treatment with dental implants in finance teeth Turkey:

  • Traditional implant: When implants are placed inside the mouth, you must wait 4-6 months before replacing missing teeth.
  • Immediate Implant: A temporary compensation is placed on the dental implant in the first session, and a permanent replacement is placed in the second session. Dental implant treatment is expensive compared to other types of treatment.

7-Treatment of tooth decay

Tooth decay is a bacteria that infects the tooth, secreting acids that gradually perforate the tooth. It is one of the most widespread health problems around the world and primarily affects children and adolescents.

The treatment method varies according to the degree and amount of caries spread. One of the most important methods of treating caries is:

  • Cleaning your teeth regularly: Cleaning your teeth may not remove decay, but it will prevent its spread.
  • Fluorosis therapy: This treatment can be performed at the dentist, or by drinking mineral water with fluoride added.
  • Dental fillings: The doctor removes the decay and fills the resulting space with many types of dental fillings.
  • Endodontic treatment: where the doctor removes the nerve and tooth parts affected by decay.

8-Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening gives them a more transparent color, but it cannot make them whiter. Teeth whitening only increases the degree of transparency of the tooth, as it does not affect the color of the tooth.

9-Dental veneers

It is used to improve the appearance of discolored, broken, or discolored teeth for the patient that do not improve with whitening.

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Options for finance teeth turkey

Finance Teeth Turkey

The best types of finance teeth Turkey depend on your needs, budget, and legal situation. In general, health insurance in Türkiye can be divided into three main types:

1-Government Health Insurance:

It is a finance teeth Turkey provided by the Turkish National Health System (SGK) to citizens and foreign residents who work in Turkey or pay monthly contributions.

This insurance covers most of the costs of treatment and medicine in government hospitals and some private hospitals contracted with SGK. To obtain this insurance, you must have a work permit, long-term residence or Turkish citizenship.

2-Private health insurance:

It is a finance teeth Turkey provided by private insurance companies in Turkey to individuals and groups. This insurance is characterized by providing broader and better health services than government insurance, such as coverage in private and external hospitals and specialized and additional services.

But this insurance requires paying higher fees and may stipulate some conditions and restrictions. To obtain this insurance, you must choose an insurance plan suitable for you from among the plans available in the market and pay its premium annually or monthly.

3-Travel health insurance: 

It is finance teeth Turkey that covers emergencies, injuries, and diseases that you may suffer during your trip to or from Turkey. This insurance is used as a condition for obtaining an entry visa to Turkey for some travelers from certain countries.

This insurance covers the costs of treatment, ambulance and evacuation in the event of a serious accident or illness.

To obtain this insurance, you must purchase an insurance policy from an approved insurance company in your country or online before you travel to Turkey.

Advantages of finance teeth turkey

In addition to getting dental treatment at a good price, there are many other advantages of finance teeth turkey, which can be summarized in the following points:

  • The finance teeth Turkey document is considered mandatory to apply for residency in Turkey, or to renew current residency, and also when changing residency from one type to another, this document is required.
  • Obtaining the right to diagnosis and examination in Turkish government hospitals for free
  • Obtain discounts on treatment, operations, and drug prices
  • Obtaining the right to health care for children and wife “this is included in the health insurance for work residency in Turkey”
  • The benefits of finance teeth Turkey also vary according to its type and the company from which you obtain the insurance policy, so if you want to obtain comprehensive health benefits and services, you must inquire from the employee who obtains the insurance for you.
  • Travel health insurance “tourist insurance” entitles you to travel to Turkey, and it can be obtained before you enter it. It also entitles you to travel to many European countries.

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Understanding Dental Costs

A large part of determining the place of your treatment is the cost of finance teeth Turkey. We are all looking for the best place for devices and equipment, with competent doctors at costs commensurate with our financial capabilities.

With the popularity of medical tourism in Turkey in the recent period, it has flourished day after day with an increase. The number of Arab expatriates in particular, and therefore individuals and the government, have begun to meet the needs of all expatriates.

Turkey seeks to provide the best services at competitive prices for what is available in Europe, especially for Arab expatriates, so many centers now have many Syrian dentists in Turkey, given that they have become in demand among many Arabs.

Due to:

  • Their proficiency in this field
  • They speak the Arabic language.

This facilitates communication and ends the language barrier that hinders many people from dealing with Turks.

Istanbul is at the forefront of Turkish cities in terms of the number of beauty clinics. It is followed by the capital, Ankara, which also contains many dental clinics, then the tourist cities of Antalya, Kusadasi, and Mersin, and several other beauty and dental implant centers distributed in various Turkish cities.

You will be surprised to learn that it has become difficult for you to book an appointment for a cosmetic procedure soon, given the high demand witnessed by these centers.

Advantages of getting finance teeth turkey

Of course, if you want to get finance teeth turkey, you will find that it is not easy at first due to the advantages that you will obtain during your treatment journey:

  • Significant reduction in finance teeth turkey. It is known that the cost of dental treatment is high worldwide, but the prices offered by the centers, such as the cost of immediate dental implants in Turkey, are different from any European country with the same medical services and the same skill of doctors.
  • Benefit from the integrated payment system that includes all trip costs, including hotel reservations and transportation
  • Dental clinics in Türkiye provide high-quality medical service that guarantees the best results, such as Mavidenta clinic.
  • Using the latest medical technologies in the field of dental surgery and cosmetics and laser cosmetic dentistry
  • Medical institutions in Turkey are subject to strict government oversight, which ensures the activation of the health safety program and infection control systems.
  • In the same context, these institutions are prohibited from contracting or dealing with qualified doctors with government and union licenses, allowing them to practice the medical profession.

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Choosing a dental provider

In addition to finance teeth Turkey, Turkey is distinguished by the fact that the Turkish government provides an electronic guide for medical tourism that includes a list of the most famous doctors in various fields, their years of experience, and the certificates they have obtained.

Dental clinics in Turkey also provide a similar guide through their website, and they also offer a meeting between the client and the doctor before the surgery, which is called a consultation meeting.

During this, the doctor informs him of the nature of his condition, the procedure he will take regarding it, and the expected results.

The prices of finance teeth Turkey are very low compared to the average cost of the same medical procedure worldwide. This comes within the framework of the State of Turkey’s endeavor to be an international competitor in cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery, as it provides high-quality medical services at discounted prices.

At Mavidenta

We offer various distinctive offers to multiply the target customer segments. It is also customary that the prices of finance teeth turkey, in most cases, do not include consultation fees, and You bear the costs of customer transportation to and from the hotel.

Mavidenta clinics also allow clients to pay costs using US dollars or Turkish lira, contributing to a relative reduction in costs depending on the currency exchange rates in the client’s country.

Financial planning for dental care

Finance Teeth Turkey

Oral and dental health services in Turkey are provided in “Oral and Dental Health” clinics, a widespread network of government hospitals throughout the finance teeth turkey. Appointments from these centers can be made by phone, Internet, or individual application method.

Turkish and foreign citizens with public health insurance can benefit from oral and dental health services in government and university hospitals for free. In addition, with the latest legal regulations, people covered by public health insurance can also benefit from services provided by private hospitals under certain conditions.

Individuals with private insurance can also benefit from oral health services at public and private hospitals to which their insurance is contracted. However, the extent to which private health insurance covers dental health services should be taken into consideration while making private insurance.

Exploring The Best Turkish Dental Clinics For Your Dental Care Needs


To summarize the above, there is no doubt that dental procedures are varied, including root canal fillings, orthodontics, crown installation, in addition to temporary and permanent dental implants, and it is worth noting that you can afford these procedures through finance teeth turkey.

finance teeth Turkey helps you reduce the cost of dental procedures in Turkey, and it is one of the major advantages offered by the Turkish government in the field of medical tourism.

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Do Turkey dentists do payment plans?

Of course, you can request a payment plan for treatment by a dentist in Turkey, which allows you to know the exact cost and the payment date first hand.

How much will it cost to get my teeth done in Turkey?

It is worth noting that the cost varies from one patient to another, according to some factors such as the type of tooth that will be installed, but it is worth noting that the cost of dental implants in Turkey is reasonable, and you can benefit from the advantages that Turkey offers.

Is it cheap to fix teeth in Turkey?

Of course yes, as the cost of dental implants is considered reasonable and guaranteed in Turkey as a result of the competence of dentists.

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