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A missing tooth can be a source of both cosmetic concern and functional difficulty. Chewing can become a challenge, and gaps in your smile can affect your confidence. Dental implants offer a long-lasting and natural-looking solution to replace missing teeth. But the question remains: how much does it cost?

This blog post dives deep into the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting, a procedure often needed for patients with insufficient jawbone density. We’ll break down the factors that influence the price and answer frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions about your dental health and smile.

Dental Implants with Bone Grafting: An Overview

Cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting used to treat jaw bones are divided into several types depending on different factors. The first is space, which can be either limited, medium, or large. As they are 3 types:

Human implants extracted from the human body itself (behind wisdom teeth, for example), artificial bone implants, and bone implants extracted from animal sources. The choice between these classifications is made according to the patient’s condition and the area of bone to be compensated:

1-Orthopedic Implants Limited:

This type of bone graft is resorted to in the event that a long period has passed since the extraction of the tooth, then the doctor places tiny human bone implants to fill the gap left by the extracted tooth until the implantation of the new tooth in order to preserve the jaw bones and prevent them from atrophy.

The doctor also covers this part with a layer of collagen in order to protect the prosthetic bone implant from erosion again until the new dental implants that may need lengthy preparations.

2-Intermediate dental bone implants:

The doctor usually resorts to this type of implant in the event that the original teeth were removed a relatively long time ago, which causes atrophy or damage to the jaw bones. 

Therefore, the doctor may have to use medium bone pieces that are placed in the empty area of the gums after making a transverse incision in order to reach the area.

The newly transplanted bones are then covered with a layer of collagen to protect them as usual. The fusion begins to occur after a short period of the operation, to combine the old jaw bones with the new intermediate structures, which brings us to the desired result. 

As the jaw bones increase their density and hardness until they return to their original position again, which qualifies them for new dental implants.

3-Bone implants for large teeth:

The jaw and dental surgeon usually uses this type of implant when losing teeth for long periods that have caused significant atrophy and erosion in the gum bones, especially if they reach the inability to bear the moving denture. 

In this case, the doctor works to extract bone masses from separate places in the body in order to grow them to fill the voids of the jawbones, and then cover them with a layer of dissolved collagen.

After enough months have passed for the required fusion to occur between the original gum bones and the new bone implant, the specialist doctor proceeds to put the dental implants in place.

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Factors Affecting the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting

Patients often want to hear a precise, stable number about the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting. However, as expected, there can be no talk of a fixed price figure. Therefore, it is normal for patients to come across different numbers in their price research. Bone grafting is the most crucial factor affecting the cost of 2 dental implants.

1- This material, which has a spiral-like structure, is produced by many companies today. As a result, companies can offer these medical products at various prices. 

2- Which company is the product of which implant material is produced using titanium also influences the budget that must be allocated to this process. It is difficult to say that all implants produced by different companies are of the same quality. Higher quality medical products may have higher prices. However, it is also possible to use it for a more extended period or to provide a more satisfactory result. 

3- Prices for low-quality products also correspond to slightly lower figures. As a result, the quality of these materials used is another factor affecting the price.

4- The doctor’s experience is a factor in the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting. In addition, the number of missing teeth or the number of implants to be made is also included in the list of factors that affect the prices of implants. If the implant to be used is imported from abroad, exchange rates also play a role. 

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Number of Implants and Grafts

Dental implants are a replacement for the roots of missing teeth, and constitute a solid alternative to both fixed and movable prostheses, and are made in a manner similar to the patient’s natural teeth. The number of implants is also a key factor in determining the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting. The higher the number of implanted teeth, the higher the cost.

Complexity of Bone Grafting

If your jawbone is not thick or soft enough, you may need a bone graft before dental implant surgery. This is because forceful chewing puts too much pressure on the jawbone, and the surgery is likely to fail if the bone is not suitable to support the dental implant. A bone graft can create a more solid base for a dental implant.

Several bone graft materials can be used to reconstruct the jawbone. Options include natural bone grafts, such as grafts derived from another site in the body, or artificial bone grafts, such as bone replacement materials that support the growth of new bone.

It may take several months for the implanted bone to grow enough to form new bone to support the dental implant. In some cases, you may only need a minor bone graft, which can be done at the same time as the dental implant surgery. The condition of your jawbone determines how far you will progress.

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Implant Material and Type

Cost Of 2 Dental Implants With Bone Grafting

In addition to cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting dental implants are a very safe and effective tooth restoration treatment that basically replaces missing teeth. It is far more effective and performs better than any other treatment. Recently, there are only 4 types of dental implants, and they are applied in different cases, and they all consist of titanium root, and they last for a very long time:

1-Single tooth cultivation

A mono unit implant is a type of dental implant that comes in three parts and is placed gradually.

There’s the titanium root, which your dentist has to surgically place in your jaw, and you certainly have to have good bone density. Otherwise, you’ll need a bone graft first. 

This is a process in which your doctor takes bone tissue from anywhere in your body and implants it in your jaw. After 3 months of healing, your jawbone will have enough density to hold the implant.

2-Dental implants on 4 implants

Dental implants on 4 implants, is a type of dental implant that can replace a full set of teeth for each jaw in just 4 implants, this procedure is very fast, and you mostly get your smile right away.

Your dentist will place 4 dental implants on your lower jaw, the two back ones are not placed vertically. Instead, they are implanted at a 30-degree angle. This means that if you do not have sufficient bone density, you can opt for the procedure. 

The 30-degree angle in these types of dental implants gives your jaw enough support to preserve the structure, even though your jaw density is fragile.

3-Dental bridges

Dental bridges are unit types of dental implants consisting of 2 to 3 crowns, sandwiched between the dental implants on each side. For example, if you have 3 to 4 consecutive missing teeth, the dentists will drill the first and last missing teeth to place the implant, if you do not have enough bone density, you will need a bone graft beforehand.

After the implant is placed in the jawbone, the healing period is 3-4 months. After that, comes the stage of placing the brace, where the dentist will reveal the implants by removing the gums, and once the brace is placed, your dentist will close the gums around and not over the brace, this takes two weeks to heal.

4-CAD CAM dental implants

Dental implants using cad cam technology, are very modern types of dental implants, with high-tech options, just like single-unit implants, this means that you will have to undergo root implant surgery followed by abutment placement, a period that may take from 3.5 months to 6 months If you need to be vaccinated.

But with Ceric types of dental implants, instead of waiting 3-4 weeks for your crown, you get it right away. It uses scanning software, allows your dentist to take your measurements, and then, using a 3D printer, gets your custom ceramic crown.

All-on-4 Vs All-on-6 Dental Implants

Clinic Location and Reputation

The reputation of the clinic is one of the most important factors affecting the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting. The more the clinic has a good reputation and has high ratings, the higher the cost.

Dental Professional’s Expertise

Any certified dentist can legally perform dental implants, but you will still get the results you want. Dental implants require more specific training and skills than most other dental treatments. Several conditions and factors must be present to perform a successful dental implant.

Failures at the surgical level are sure to cause implant failure but can cause permanent damage to your mouth and face. Even if the implants remain in place, the final aesthetic result can be less attractive than expected.

Therefore, be sure to choose a dentist with experience in this field and who has performed many successful dental implants. It is essential to seek the opinion of many patients who underwent such operations, look at the results they obtained, and know their impression of the dentist before searching for the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting.

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Pre-Treatment Consultation

In addition to the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting. The following are pre-operative procedures:

  • Most dental implant operations are performed under local anesthesia only, and can sometimes be performed under general anesthesia.
  • A dental imaging examination must be performed, and the doctor may request a panoramic image of the teeth to diagnose problems that cannot be seen during a regular examination.
  • People with blood clotting disorders are required to have blood clotting function tests performed before the procedure; Because they are more likely to bleed.
  • The doctor gives some antibiotics to people who are at greater risk of developing endocarditis, such as: people with artificial valves and those who suffer from immunodeficiency.
  • A series of initial tests are performed to create a tooth structure with a color and texture as similar as possible to the original teeth, and in some cases pre-treatments are needed before dental implants to create a suitable area in the tissue for the new teeth to be implanted.

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Cost Breakdown and Financing Options

If you are looking for the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting, there are many ways that help you get a reasonable cost, as dental implants are done in multiple stages. You can pay for each stage separately, so the cost is somewhat reasonable.

Comparing Costs vs. Benefits

In addition to the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting, dental implants have many benefits, as they help in obtaining fixed teeth similar to natural teeth, whether for those who have lost one tooth or for all teeth. It also helps to get rid of moving structures, disturbance and unsteadiness during eating, speaking, etc.

The most important thing is that with dental implants, there is no justification for rubbing the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, as is the practice with compensation by traditional methods, i.e. bridges and fixed fixtures on natural teeth. Therefore, with dental implants, your teeth remain natural and the life span increases by remaining in the human mouth.

Scientific studies have proven that dental implants contribute to increasing the patient’s self-confidence, since the implants are more stable and based on implants that are fixed and permanently fused to the jaw bones. 

Dental implants are similar to natural teeth in terms of form and function, such as chewing and speaking. Also, dental implants work to prevent jaw bone recession, but rather maintain it.

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Post-Treatment Care and Follow-Up

Cost Of 2 Dental Implants With Bone Grafting

After undergoing the dental implant procedure, the patient must take care of the area where the dental implant was performed, and he must follow the advice and instructions during the first month after the operation, especially during the first 24 hours, so that the tissues and bones heal quickly and avoid any problems or complications that may occur.

  • Must bite on the piece of gauze placed by the doctor for an hour.
  • Ice should be placed in a cloth on the cheek at the transplantation site.
  • Ice cream should be eaten only on the first day.
  • Any strenuous activity should be avoided for 12 hours after transplantation.
  • You must consult a specialist doctor a week after the date of transplantation.
  • You should drink cold drinks and avoid eating until the anaesthesia wears off.
  • You must adhere to the medications prescribed by the doctor at the specified times.
  • You must sleep the first night so that the head is higher than the body (to prevent accumulation of fluids in the face).
  • Do not eat directly on dental implants, especially during the first three months of the implant. 
  • Implanting the implants in the bone does not mean that these implants are completely fixed in place because the implants need four months to fuse with the surrounding bone.
  • Taking care of the cleanliness of the implants daily using soft-bristled toothbrushes. The goal is to sweep the implants of food waste rather than clean them. 
  • If there is a temporary bridge over the implants, the water injection device shown in the picture can be used. 
  • It sprays water powerfully to clean around the implants and under the bridge and can be used continuously. Any sterile or medical material may be placed in the tank attached to it.

Patient Experiences: Real Insights

When it comes to choosing the best center to perform dental implants and knowing the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting, patients’ evaluations of the center and the doctor are a true reflection of their experience, as these evaluations are based on previous experiences that the patient has gone through, so if these experiences are bad, it is expected that you will go through them, If it is good and satisfactory to them, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

Making a Well-Informed Decision

After you have learned about some of the factors affecting the price of the cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting, you can now make a good decision about having dental implants.

You can also discuss and dialogue with your doctor to find out the necessary procedures before undergoing the implant, so you should consider some of the following things:

  • First, make sure that the clinic has a good reputation, as you can review the reviews of previous patients. Despite the overwhelming success of dental surgery in Turkey, this procedure may include some failure, especially if it is performed by an unprofessional doctor, so you can contact Mavidenta to find out more details. 
  • Make sure the doctor is well experienced before undergoing the operation.
  • Do not forget to discuss with your doctor all procedures related to the operation and how to deal with teeth before and after implantation.
  • You will receive after warnings about harmful habits, avoid these habits to prevent any complications.


The cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting is a process in which tooth roots are replaced with metal supports similar to screws, and damaged or missing teeth are replaced with artificial teeth that closely resemble natural teeth in terms of appearance and performance. 

The cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting may provide an acceptable alternative to dentures or dental bridges that do not fit properly and can give an option when natural tooth roots do not allow dentures or dental bridge replacement.

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What is the average cost of a bone graft and implant?

It is worth noting that the The cost of 2 dental implants with bone grafting varies from one center to another and from one patient’s case to another, so it is not possible to set a specific price.

Can a dentist do a bone graft and implant at the same time?

After the bone graft procedure, the gums need a period of recovery and healing first so that the doctor can complete the dental implant.

Why is bone graft expensive?

This procedure is very sensitive, and it needs a doctor with great experience in this field, and due to the seriousness of this operation, its cost is high.

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