Zirconia vs Gold Crown: Which is the Best for Your Teeth?

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Are you suffering from a damaged or decayed tooth? Do you need a dental crown? Are you looking for the best material for a dental crown that fits you? Join us in this article to know more about zirconia vs gold crown.

Let me start by giving you some information about zirconia crown and its benefits!

What is a zirconia dental crown?

A white solid ceramic glaze called zirconia is one of several more recent materials that combines the durability of metal with the beautiful, tooth-like appeal of porcelain. To further enhance their functionality, zirconia crowns are continually being developed.

We defined zirconia dental crown to know more about zirconia vs gold crown. Therefore, let us illustrate to you the benefits of the zirconia crown.

Benefits of zirconia crowns

There are some common benefits of zirconia crowns, kindly check the following:

  • Strength and durability improvements
  • Improved Resistance to Stains
  • Retention of the original tooth
  • Property of hypoallergenic
  • Genuine Appearance
  • Resistance to temperature
  • Simple to Change
  • Speedy turnaround

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Zirconia Vs Gold Crown

What is a Gold dental crown?

One kind of metal crown is the gold one. You can choose a full gold crown that is entirely made of gold or a gold alloy. The Gold Crown is also available as PFM, a combination of gold and porcelain.

Let us present the benefits of the gold dental crown!

Benefits of gold crowns

Gold crowns have many benefits include:

  • To stop leaks and recurring tooth decay, the seal is strong.
  • Due to its strength, it is extremely durable and resistant to wear and corrosion.
  • Given the strength of the metals, only a small amount of healthy teeth must be removed.
  • Extremely durable while still being gentle on nearby teeth.
  • High gum tissue compatibility.

I think that we mentioned above the required information about zirconia vs gold crown that will help you to take the right decision.

Next, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of zirconia.

What are the advantages of zirconia crowns?

As a material for dental crowns, zirconium is quickly gaining popularity. Among its many advantages are:

  • Superior appearance

Zirconia can be changed to any shade to match the rest of your teeth because it is naturally white. Zirconia mimics your natural teeth’s translucency because it is translucent.

  • Smile with confidence

Zirconia lacks a metal gum lining, resulting in a more self-assured smile. PFM crowns, also known as porcelain fused to metal crowns, are still in use today but have a metal layer underneath the porcelain layer that covers the crown. Typically, the gum line is where this metal or fusion lining is visible. When you smile, this is clearer. Zirconia crowns can help you overcome this and increase your self-assurance. Additionally, you can modify zirconia to match the rest of your teeth in terms of size and shape.

  • 100% biocompatible

There haven’t yet been any reports of zirconia crown allergies. Since this substance is biocompatible, it can safely occupy your mouth for a considerable amount of time. Because it is not rejected by the human body, you don’t need to worry about any negative or allergic reactions from your body.

  • Metal-free

Due to the exceptional physical qualities of gold crowns, many people prefer wearing them. People at present want to look young and natural because appearances are more important to them. Additionally, some people dislike having metals in their bodies. They are best suited to zirconia.

Hence, which one do you prefer: zirconia vs gold crown?  Let us show you the disadvantages of zirconia crowns for further information.

What are the disadvantages of zirconia crowns?

  • Not matching our teeth color

The difficulty in perfectly matching a zirconia crown to the color of the tooth is one of its drawbacks. It frequently looks just a little bit darker than your natural tooth color.

Metal crowns look more like natural teeth than zirconia crowns do, but zirconia crowns are more difficult to match than ceramic crowns. As a result, they are frequently coated with ceramic, but this makes zirconia so weak and increases the risk of chipping the outer shell.

  • Potential damage to neighboring teeth

Natural enamel in the neighboring teeth has a relatively soft texture, which could be damaged by a hard, durable material like zirconia.

  • Cost

The cost of a zirconia crown might be another drawback for the patient. Compared to other dental crown types, zirconia crowns are typically just as expensive or even more.

Are gold crowns the strongest?

For strength and durability, gold remains the strongest substance in our opinion. Porcelain cannot match the strength and resistance of gold. Porcelain crowns will deteriorate or break more quickly, especially in patients who grind their teeth. For molars, gold crowns are the best option.

 Is gold crown better than zirconia?

Compared to other crowns, gold crowns deteriorate more slowly. However, the final decision is according to the case of every patient. The cost is also another factor. Therefore, each type of dental crown has its pros and cons. At the end, you can choose the one that propers to your case.

For extra information about zirconia vs gold crown, give a look at the next!

Is zirconia crown better than regular crown?

In fact, zirconia offers exceptional strength. Zirconia is significantly more durable than porcelain, with as much as five times the strength of porcelain and other types of crowns. Zirconia is a great option for dental patients who may have a history of broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged crowns made of other materials.

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Are zirconia crowns the best

Indeed, the best dental crown is the zirconia one. Zirconia crowns have the same durability as natural teeth. Furthermore, zirconia crowns have an aesthetic appearance.

Finally, we explain the matter of cost, Let’s see!

Zirconia Vs Gold Crown

Zirconia vs gold crown cost

The cost of each type of dental crown differs according to the material, brand and the location of the dental clinic. Moreover, the number of teeth that need to be done and the case of a patient can affect the cost.

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To conclude, dental crown material choices for patients are numerous. You can choose the perfect option for you according to your case and budget after consulting your dentist. In general, zirconia crowns may cost less overall because they may require replacement less frequently than other kinds of crowns. However, gold crowns are extremely durable while being kind to nearby teeth.


Where are gold tooth crowns typically placed?

Any tooth that has been harmed by decay, breakage, or other trauma can receive a gold dental crown. However, the majority of the time, gold tooth crowns were used and placed over the molars in the back of the mouth.

Do zirconia crowns last longer?

The most realistic-looking, durable, and long-lasting crowns are made of zirconia.

Is zirconia crown better than gold?

Zirconia is translucent and can be colored to match teeth, so it can more closely resemble the natural appearance of teeth than any crown with a gold base.

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