Difference Between Zirconia And Porcelain Crowns

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Are you searching for a natural look for your teeth? Are you thinking about the best type of dental crown? Would you like to know more about the difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns?  Just follow us!

Firstly, we are talking about crowns.

What is The Dental crowns?

Dental crowns are caps cover up a dental implant or a tooth. If you have weak or broken teeth, the dentist recommends a crown to support your tooth. As well as, you can use a crown if your teeth are strongly discolored or worn.

Crowns are made of several materials as zirconium, porcelain, metal or ceramic. In this article, we are going to talk about two types: zirconium and porcelain and the difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns.

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What is the zirconium crowns?

Zirconium crowns provide you with a stunning aesthetic look. They are made of zirconium dioxide. Zirconium is a very popular choice nowadays. Besides, it is stronger than porcelain and some other metals.

Benefits of zirconium crowns are:

  1. They are durable
  2. They offer strength
  3. They look beautiful and natural
  4. They are biocompatible
  5. They are moldability
  6. They are comfortable and precise fit
  7. They are stain-resistant
  8. They are resistant to temperature changes

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What is a porcelain crowns?

A porcelain crown is made of hundred percent porcelain. It improves the function of your dental. It blends easily with your other natural teeth. It gives your smile a more pleasing look.

Benefits of porcelain crowns are:

  • It protects damaged teeth from extra decay or damage
  • It protects the healthy parts of your teeth
  • It is the best choice for front teeth restorations
  • It is biocompatible
  • It is durable
  • It is stain-resistant

Now, you can take a look at the difference between the above-mentioned types of crowns.

What is the difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns?

Difference Between Zirconia And Porcelain Crowns

  • Zirconia and porcelain crowns are both popular options for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. While both materials have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, understanding their differences can help you make an informed decision about which one is best for you. 
  • Porcelain crowns are typically made from a type of ceramic material that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. They are often favored for their ability to blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth, creating a more natural-looking smile. However, porcelain is a relatively brittle material, making it more prone to cracking or chipping. Porcelain crowns are often recommended for patients who have front or visible teeth that require restoration.
  • On the other hand, zirconia crowns are made from a type of metal that is renowned for its strength and durability. Unlike porcelain, zirconia is less likely to crack or chip under pressure. This makes it a popular option for restoring molars and other back teeth that are subjected to more chewing force. Zirconia crowns can also be made to match the color of surrounding teeth, though they may not be as translucent as porcelain. However, zirconia crowns can be slightly more expensive than porcelain crowns.

In summary, porcelain crowns are often recommended for front teeth and for patients who want a natural-looking restoration that blends in seamlessly with surrounding teeth. Zirconia crowns are often favored for molars and other back teeth that require more strength and durability. 

We previously mentioned many advantages of zirconia and porcelain crowns but do you know their disadvantages? Let’s see!

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What are the disadvantages of zirconia crowns?

There are some disadvantages of zirconia crowns such as:

  • The strength of zirconia can be considered a drawback. It may wear down the opposite teeth because of its toughness.
  • Zirconia requires to be coated with other material to provide you with a more natural look.

Zirconia crowns have common advantages and disadvantages as any other materials. Therefore, your dentist will recommend the best option for you.

We have presented to you the difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns. Hence, are the two types the same or not?

What are the disadvantages of porcelain  crowns?

  • Less strong  

Porcelain crowns are considered less strong than metal crowns and porcelain fused metal crowns.

  • Fragile   

The material of porcelain is very fragile. So, it can be damaged. Porcelain crowns may be cracked or chipped due to their fragility. Patients shall take extra special care of their porcelain crowns to avoid damages.  

  • Sensitivity to hot or cold  

Porcelain crowns may increase sensitivity in a patient’s tooth. The sensitivity happens because of removing so much of the natural tooth prior to the crown being installed. Hypersensitivity is often painful.

  • Loss of natural tooth

The dentist removes some of the natural parts of a patient’s tooth because the restoration material should be thicker.  

Is zirconia crown same as porcelain?

Zirconia crown is stronger than porcelain crown. So, it lasts longer than a porcelain crown. As well as, it is more expensive than a porcelain crown. Zirconia crown transmits light that results in a vibrant and natural color while porcelain crown does not transmit light, so, it results in opaque and matte look.

Dental crowns have many types, let us illustrate to you the best one.

What type of dental crown is best?

There are many types of dental crowns such as zirconia, porcelain, ceramic, etc., but you should choose the one that suits your needs. The dentist considers some factors before making his decision.

Indeed, the zirconia crown gives you both strength and beauty.

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Can I bite with zirconia crown?

Sure, zirconia crowns are considered the strongest restoration. If zirconia crown covers up your tooth, it becomes stronger than your natural weak or decayed tooth.

As well, there is more than one type of zirconia, if your dentist sees that your bite is hard, he recommends full contour zirconia that is used for people with the hardest bites. This is the strongest crown that can bear aggressive chewing and bruxism without damage.

I think at present you know well the difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns. So, could you know the answer to the following question?

Is porcelain better than zirconium?

Most dentists recommend that zirconium is better than porcelain. In fact, zirconium is at least three times stronger than porcelain.

But the dentist recommends the best type that suits your case and works best for you.

The look of our front teeth is a significant matter and it also affects our smile. Therefore, you should think about how to improve it.

Which crown is best for front teeth

You’ll find many materials of crowns such as zirconia, porcelain, ceramic, and metal.

But the best material for your dental crown is zirconia. It transmits light that gives you a more natural look and a bright smile. It is considered a perfect choice for your front teeth. Furthermore, it is durable. Ceramic is also a good choice for your front teeth but zirconia is the best.

We mentioned that the difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns are not too much. Each one is used according to your needs, ceramic is also a good option.

It is preferred to get a consultation with your dentist to advise you of the best option for you. Do not forget to ask him for the best toothpaste to use with your crown.

What kind of toothpaste do you use on zirconia crowns?

The kind of toothpaste is an important matter. You should ask your dentist for the best one according to your type of crown.

You can use any fluoride-containing toothpaste except the whitening toothpaste.

If your toothpaste contains harsh abrasives, they affect the zirconia crowns negatively and result in reducing its lifespan.

Take into consideration, to practice good oral hygiene. Try to brush your teeth twice a day. You can also use antimicrobial mouth rinses and tongue scrapers but consult your dentist first to recommend the best products for you.

It is worth noting that there is a bit difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns, as well as the cost of zirconia crowns differ from porcelain crowns. Follow next for more detail!

Difference Between Zirconia And Porcelain Crowns .

Is zirconia more expensive than porcelain?

Zirconia is higher in cost than porcelain. The value of the material makes it more expensive and also its durability is another reason.

But is the price of it low in Turkey or not? we will explain!

How much are zirconia crowns in Turkey?

Most patients visit Turkey to do dental crowns and other dental treatment. They are searching for high-quality materials and affordable prices.

As there is a difference between zirconia and porcelain crowns in some items, there is also a difference in cost.

There are some common factors that affect the cost:

  • The brand of your crown,
  • The number of teeth,
  • The number of fillings and root canal treatments on the teeth, and
  • The laboratory that makes the product

You shall choose an excellent clinic and professional dentists.

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To conclude, each material has its advantages and disadvantages, but you should consult your dentist for the best one that meets your requirements. Indeed,  most dentists recommend zirconia crowns, but it depends on many factors.

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Do zirconia crowns change color?

Stain-resistant is one of the benefits of zirconia crowns. They have more resistant to staining than your natural teeth. They always look bright and vibrant.

Why are zirconia crowns better?

Because of its strength and durability.

Do zirconia crowns cost more than porcelain?

Yes, zirconia crowns are more costly than porcelain crowns.

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