Replacing Silver Fillings with White Cost and Procedure 2024

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Do not like your silver fillings? Need to replace it? You can do it now!

Replacing silver fillings with white cost is not too much in Turkey.

You will find all you need in this article!

We will start by discussing the fillings and their types.

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are one or two-part structures made of metals, plastics, glass, or other materials that are used to restore or fix teeth. Fillings are frequently used to fill cavities, or areas of teeth that have been removed by your dentist due to decay. Moreover, it restores teeth that have been damaged by misuse (such as nail-biting or grinding) as well as teeth that are cracked, broken, or chipped.

Replacing silver fillings with white cost at present is affordable, particularly in Turkey.

Types of fillings

There are four types of filling as follows:

  • Composite fillings

Composite fillings are made of plastic and resin materials. When it is still soft, it is inserted inside the tooth, then it is exposed to a strong curing light to harden it. It is a popular choice because, unlike silver amalgam fillings, it can be made to match the color of the patient’s natural teeth. Furthermore, compared to some other types, composite fillings are not as durable. They can last between five and ten years, after that they need to be replaced.

  • Silver amalgam fillings

This filling is very common. Silver amalgam fillings, in addition to silver, also contain tin, zinc, copper, mercury, and other minerals. On one hand, it is a popular option because it is strong, affordable, and durable compared to other options. A typical silver amalgam filling can last 12 years with normal use. Because it is malleable, dentists find using it simple.

On the other hand, it lacks aesthetic look, making it a poor choice for a visible tooth. As well, the substance may contract and expand in response to temperature changes, cracking the tooth. The changes may leave a space between the filling and the tooth, allowing food and bacteria to enter and leading to the development of new cavities. Silver amalgam has been approved for use despite the controversy surrounding the mercury content of the filling.

Replacing silver fillings with white cost is affordable and many patients demand it.

  • Ceramic fillings

They are made of porcelain, which makes it both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic fillings are more expensive than other fillings. They are tooth-colored, more stain- and abrasion-resistant compared to composite resin.

Ceramic filling has one disadvantage over composite filling: it is more brittle and must be applied to large cavities to prevent breakage. To make room for the additional bulk, the dentist can enlarge the area.

  • Glass ionomer fillings

Acrylic and glass are combined to create this filling. In children whose teeth are still forming, they are typically used. To protect the tooth from further decay, they add fluoride to it. They do not last as long as composite resin because they are more brittle and are prone to wear out or cracking. Regular glass ionomer does not have the same natural appearance as composite resin.

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What are white fillings made of?

The tooth-colored resins used to fill cavities are known as white fillings, also referred to as dental composite. This composite resin is made of a mixture of plastics and fillers, like silica and dimethylglyoxime, that adhere to the surface of the tooth.

It is worth noting that replacing silver fillings with white cost in Turkey is competitive compared to other countries.

Why would I need a white filling?

White fillings strengthen crooked teeth as well as support teeth that have been weakened by decay. This procedure restores your oral health.

In addition, white fillings are attractive, especially since they match the color of the teeth, thus they are invisible. They can be used to repair broken teeth because they bond directly to the tooth. Therefore, this helps the tooth regain its original shape. White fillings became the people’s first choice to fill their teeth.

Many people now think of replacing their silver fillings and getting white ones.

Replacing Silver Fillings With White Cost  

Can I get my silver fillings replaced with white ones?

If you currently have silver fillings, especially in the front of your mouth, you might be interested in replacing to white fillings. This safe, straightforward procedure can help you regain confidence in your smile.

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Is it worth replacing silver fillings?

People need to replace silver fillings for a satisfied look. Although white fillings once had a reputation for being less durable, technology has advanced quickly in the past ten years, making white fillings much more durable now.

Replacing silver fillings with white cost is uncostly at present.

What are the benefits of mercury filling removal?

There are some benefits of mercury filling removal include:

  • Avoid increasing your interaction with and exposure to mercury. As we consume hard foods like cereal or chew gum, mercury vapours are slowly released over time.
  • People feel more peace of mind when they are aware that there are no harmful substances in their mouths.
  • Some people who have had mercury poisoning symptoms may find that they considerably reduced or even gone away.
  • Significant aesthetic advantages come from replacing silver fillings with composite ones that look natural. Patients won’t feel embarrassed by how their teeth look any longer.

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What are the potential risks of mercury filling removal?

Mercury vapour is released during amalgam removal, and if it is absorbed, it can raise mercury levels in your blood, brain, and urine. These concentrations have the potential to be fatal and have negative effects on the immune, digestive, nervous, and pulmonary systems. Even more mercury is released into your body from damaged fillings than from intact fillings.

The risk is even higher if the process is performed by a poorly trained dentist. Specialized amalgam removal uses the latest technology to control the release of vapour when removing fillings, allowing you to breathe 100% clean air throughout the procedure.

Cost is an important matter that concerns a lot. Let us discuss some factors that affect the cost.

Factors that affect the cost of dental filling

There are some factors that affect the cost of dental filling:

  • Your tooth damage’s degree of severity
  • The type of the used material in filling
  • The location of the damaged tooth
  • The number of teeth
  • The duration of the treatment

Replacing Silver Fillings With White Cost  

How much does replacing silver fillings with white cost?

The cost varies according to several factors as the above-mentioned. One of the important factors is choosing a country low in prices as Turkey.

Turkey is characterized by its low cost for dental treatment. It is ranked one of the best destinations in the field of dental treatment and cosmetics.

Patients can save up to 70% if they choose Turkey for their dental treatment.

How much does it cost to replace fillings with white fillings?

Replacing silver fillings with white cost is competitive in Turkey compared to other countries. But it also differs from one clinic to another according to the location of the clinic.

Therefore, in our clinic we offer our patients affordable prices. Mavidenta clinic is one of the Most Trust Dental Clinic in Istanbul.

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To sum up, white fillings are popular nowadays. Most patients are interested in it because of its pleasing and natural look. You can also replace your silver fillings with white ones but you shall choose a professional dentist. You can do it in Turkey to save a lot and receive a high-quality service.


Can I eat after a white filling?

It is recommended to wait at least two-three hours before eating or drinking anything. Then you can continue eating normally while chewing slowly and lightly for several days.

Is it worth paying for white fillings?

White fillings are better than amalgam fillings because they preserve more of the healthy tooth structure. Because much of the original structure remains intact, teeth are stronger and more durable.

When can I brush my teeth after a white filling?

After 24 hours have passed and the filling has settled, you can brush normally.

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