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Are you suffering from a decayed front tooth? Do they need extraction? Are you thinking of a good replacement option? Front tooth extraction and implant is a great option. It makes you feel comfortable.  Follow the article to know more! We are going to discuss the dental implant procedure.

How is a tooth implant performed?

At the first stage, you’ll either be given local anesthesia to numb your mouth during the surgical implant placement, or IV sedation. So, you won’t experience any discomfort or pain in this way.

Then, the implant is inserted into the jawbone where your missing tooth was through a gum-line cut made by the dentist. The dentist then closes the gums over the implant to keep it covered after it has been inserted.

In a few months, you’ll return for the second stage of the procedure after recovering at home. That gives the implant enough time to grow bone around it, making it strong enough to remain in place. This process is named osseointegration, which describes how the titanium fuses with the bone.

It may take up to six months before the replacement teeth can be inserted because each patient heals differently. A patient may occasionally be able to have everything implanted during a single appointment. In some cases, front tooth extraction and implant are performed at the same time.

To ensure that the implant is firmly in place, the dentist will examine you. After that, they will cover the implant’s post portion with a connecting component known as an abutment. This portion is where the new tooth will be held.

Finally, the dentist will take dental impressions once your gums have healed. A custom replacement tooth, also known as a crown, will be made by them. After that, the crown is joined to the abutment.

Next, let us tell you if you can do Front tooth extraction and implant in a single visit or not!

Enhance Smile with Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Front tooth extraction and implant

You can perform tooth extraction and implant in just one procedure. But it differs from case to case; based on your teeth and bone condition.

The patient always needs to perform them in one single procedure.

Your dentist may recommend an immediate implant, which is a dental implant placed at the same time as the tooth extraction, but this procedure requires that the density, quality and quantity of the underlying bone be in a good condition and also no infection in the gum or bone.  You can get a tooth pulled out and an implant placed at the same time if the site is healthy.

The dentist must be accurate when extracting the decayed tooth to prevent damaging the bone and tissue in the area. Too much bone and gum tissue are frequently removed by dentists who are not highly trained in tooth extraction, leaving a significant defect in your jaw. So, you will be required to do bone grafting before you could get a successful implant to rebuild missing bone.

Front tooth extraction and implant are popular nowadays and proper for the upper and lower jaw.

Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

Front Tooth Extraction And Implant

Can a dental implant be placed at the same time my tooth is removed?

Yes, but the final decision is made by your dentist according to your case. It differs from one patient to another. If your teeth and bones are in good condition and there is no infection, the dentist could do an extraction and implant in one surgery.

This procedure is called immediate dental implants. Immediate implants have many benefits:

  • Improved appearance and better cosmetic results
  • One procedure without sutures
  • Maintaining the gum tissue
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Don’t need partial dentures

How to Choose the Best Dental Implant Clinic in Istanbul: A Comprehensive Guide

Can a front tooth be replaced with an implant?

If you miss your front tooth, a dental implant is frequently a great option. Dental implant is more comfortable than conventional dentures and other options. In general, implants are a permanent solution.

In particular, front tooth extraction and implant is an easy dental treatment.

What if I have many teeth that need replacing?

On one hand, single dental implants may be inserted for each missing tooth if there are multiple teeth that need to be replaced but are not neighbors. On the other hand, you can get a dental bridge that is attached to just two dental implants if you have several missing teeth, all in the same area of the mouth.

However, your dentist recommends the right choice for you.

When is immediate implant placement recommended?

There are two common factors shall be existed to perform an immediate implant, check the following:

  • Excellent condition of teeth

Patients who have recently had their front tooth extracted and their socket and bone are free of infection, so that an immediate implant can be performed. But we shall take into account the condition of the patient’s teeth and the surrounding bone before performing implants. The dentist decides if your case is suitable for an immediate implant or you will need a temporary solution until healing is complete.

  • Expertise and experience

Only a highly-skilled dentist is likely to suggest this procedure. It saves time for the patient but it is challenging for your dentist. Therefore, you should choose a talented dentist who usually performs an immediate front tooth extraction and implant.

What should I look for in Best Dentists In Istanbul Turkey ?

How do I start my treatment?

Firstly, you can visit the dentist for consultation, which typically includes a 3D Cone Beam CT scan to measure the depth and width of the supporting bone. Your dentist will recommend and discuss the proper option with you based on your medical history, the state of the tooth and the surrounding bone, as well your budget.

But most patients ask about the duration of recovery, so we will discuss this matter next.

How long does it take to recover from tooth extraction and implant?

Most patients are totally recovered after two weeks. Although it might be slightly tender to the touch, and should feel completely normal and healed. Over 3-6 months, the implant will continue to heal and fuse with the jaw bone, but the initial healing phase will be finished.

Tooth extraction and implant same day recovery, in some cases, the implant is inserted the same day as the tooth extraction. Patients benefit from this because it reduces healing time and fast implant process. Not all patients qualify for immediate implant.

An immediate dental implant has been shown to have a quicker recovery and healing time, as well as allowing you to complete everything in a single surgical procedure.

Furthermore, can the patient perform implants after years of extraction? Let’s see!

Dental implant 10 years after extraction

No matter how long it has been since you had your teeth removed, getting dental implants is still a good idea. So, regardless of how many years have passed—three, five, ten, or any other number—you can still have dental implant surgery.

Cost is an important matter for all patients, we will discuss it next!

Front Tooth Extraction And Implant

How much should I pay for a front tooth extraction and implant?

If you seek an affordable price, you will find all your desired prices in Turkey. Turkey has competitive prices and also high-quality services. As well, cost differs according to the location of the clinic.

Turkey is ranked one of the top destinations for dental treatment, in particular dental implants. Thousands of patients travel to Turkey each year to receive their dental care and spend a nice vacation, especially in Istanbul – one of the most beautiful cities.

We recommend our clinic that is located in Istanbul to receive the best dental treatment at very affordable prices. Mavidenta is the Most Luxury Dental Clinic in Istanbul.

Contact us for further information about the cost.


Can a front tooth implant be done in one day?

Yes, a front tooth implant can be done in a single procedure.

Can tooth extraction and implant be done together?

Yes, if the patient’s case is proper for an extraction and implant placement on the same day. It really depends on your mouth and teeth condition.

Are dental implants removable like dentures or do they stay in your mouth?

No, dental implants are fixed into your bones and they look like your natural teeth.

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