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Most affordable dental implants are cosmetic surgery aimed at replacing a person’s missing teeth for various reasons. It is worth noting that Turkey is one of the countries that has received great popularity recently regarding cosmetic dental surgery, so in our article today we will discuss the best affordable dental implants. In addition, we will touch on many of the important points related to dental implants.

Most affordable dental implants are cosmetic surgeries aimed at replacing a person’s missing teeth for various reasons. It is worth noting that Turkey is one of the countries that has recently received tremendous popularity in cosmetic dental surgery, so in our article today, we will discuss the best affordable dental implants. In addition, we will touch on many of the critical points related to dental implants.

Introduction to Dental Implants

Before we talk about the most affordable dental implants, first let us introduce you to the dental implant process. Dental implants replace the tooth roots with titanium supports that are installed in the jaw bone and resemble screws in shape, and above them is an artificial tooth that resembles a natural tooth in shape.

As for how this medical procedure is performed, it varies from one person to another based on the type of implant and the condition of the jaw bones. However, all kinds of transplantation are similar in that they are performed in stages and may require many medical procedures.

Solid support for the new teeth is the main benefit of this medical procedure. Still, on the other hand, it requires intense healing of the jaw bones around the screw above, so dental implants may take many months to complete.

Other ways to replace missing teeth

There are other ways to replace missing teeth, Such as installing removable dentures and bridges, which cause discomfort, discomfort and embarrassment to the patient. Therefore, many people prefer to resort to dental implants instead of other methods.

What Are Dental Implants?

Most Affordable Dental Implants

Dental implants mean implanting metal supports made of titanium in place of damaged teeth so that the patient regains the health of his teeth and the health of his digestive system because most cases that need dental implants are unable to chew food properly. Dental implants contain three parts:

  • Screw (titanium implant)
  • Stent
  • Crown (artificial tooth)

The implant is placed in place of the missing tooth and acts as a base, then the abutment is placed, and finally, it is covered with a crown (artificial tooth). In some cases, an incision is made in the gum to install the titanium implant, and it is left until the wound heals then the doctor places the abutment and artificial tooth. The dental implant process takes several months of follow-up with the dentist.

Who Is Suitable For A Dental Implant?

Most Affordable Dental Implants

It is worth noting that some specifications must be met by the person receiving affordable dental implants, including the following:

  • There are no diseases that hinder bone healing and gum cleft healing or prevent the procedure from being performed, such as immunodeficiency diseases or radiotherapy for cancer patients.
  • The patient must not be using medications that prevent bone healing.
  • He must have sufficient bone in the jaw to secure the implanted part firmly, or he must be able and willing to perform a jaw bone implant when necessary. 
  • Bone implants are used in many cases, including when the jaw bone is not thick enough or is too soft.
  • In addition, those who will receive dental implants must inform their doctor of any medical condition they have and all medications and supplements they use, if any. 
  • The doctor must also be informed of all previous dental implant surgeries that the person has performed, if any. In this case, he may prescribe antibiotics before implanting the tooth to prevent infections.

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The most affordable dental implants

The most affordable dental implants are intertwined with multiple factors mentioned previously, such as:

The material from which the tooth is made:

Each implant tooth actually consists of three essential components: the implant, the abutment, and the crown. Therefore, when we talk about an implanted tooth, we are talking about its three parts. 

Therefore, when we talk about the average price of an implanted tooth, we are talking about its three parts, while the raw materials from which it is made play an essential role in determining affordable dental implants. 

The implant is often made of titanium metal due to its Titanium has specifications that are not available in other metals, even the implant, which is sometimes called the screw on which the abutment will be installed. It comes in different sizes and shapes.

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The type of teeth that the patient wants to have:

The best affordable dental implants vary depending on the primary material from which the teeth are made, and perhaps the most widely used is made of resin because of its high tolerance to pressure during the process of chewing food and because it is less expensive than other materials.

There are also more expensive materials such as porcelain and zircon, but they have higher cosmetic advantages. The location of the tooth to be replaced is also a consideration in determining the cost.

The front teeth are more expensive than the back teeth, because the front teeth are visible and are the front of the mouth when speaking. They determine the basic shape of the smile, and therefore their installation requires greater precision and skill. Also, the space available for implanting the front teeth is less compared to the back teeth, which requires greater precision.

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The amount of experience and skill the doctor has:

There is no doubt that a doctor who is highly skilled, has long experience in performing dental implant operations, and has a successful record of these operations.

Will demand a higher wage than a dentist who is new to the dental profession or who does not have that wide reputation. Patients often choose an experienced and reputable doctor for the safety factor and to ensure a higher rate of success.

The reputation of the medical center:

Most reputable doctors in the field of dental implants are doctors working in cosmetic centers. This is because these centers provide services that are not available in regular clinics, such as the Mavidenta medical team, which is often highly skilled, as well as the patient’s need for follow-up after the operation. 

Cosmetic centers have a better ability to achieve subsequent follow-up and care for the dental implant operation. Which makes the cost vary according to the center’s reputation and its policy in setting prices.  

The dental implantation procedure

Speaking about cost of dental implants. The stages of dental implantation consist of several steps, including:

First: the preparation stage for dental implant surgery

This stage begins with choosing the appropriate dentist and setting the initial consultation appointment with him. Usually, this session begins with the doctor informing the doctor of all medical information related to the person.

Such as his medical history and all types of medications he uses, in addition to all the operations that the person has performed in the past. The doctor then listens to the person’s basic complaint and determines the degree of the functional and psychological impact of this problem on him.

In addition to determining the results and solutions that the person aspires to reach. After that, the doctor conducts a clinical examination to review the general condition of the mouth and teeth and form an initial impression.

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Second: The cultivation stage

The number of visits needed to perform a dental implant procedure varies from one person to another according to many factors determined by the specialist doctor.

But in most cases the procedure is completed during two separate sessions. Below we mention the stages of dental implants with pictures and summarize the most important steps that are performed during these visits.

First visit:

  • The dentist first removes what remains of the missing tooth and then works to completely sterilize the mouth area to prevent any complications or problems that may result from contamination of the surgical incision during the dental implant procedure.
  • The gums are then injected with some drugs that numb them locally to avoid feeling severe pain during the dental implant procedure.
  • Doctors may sometimes resort to relying on some sedatives that are injected intravenously to help reduce the person’s stress that may accompany the operation.
  • The doctor then makes a small surgical incision in the gum, specifically in the location of the missing tooth, to expose the bony area of the jaw in which the new tooth will be implanted. Then the dentist uses

Second visit:

The doctor determines the date of the second visit based on many factors that he observes during the first visit. During this visit, the dentist works to determine the degree of fusion of the mineral root with the jawbone and ensure that the area is free of any problems or swelling that may hinder the completion of the operation.

After making sure that all the necessary conditions for implanting the final tooth are met, the doctor detects the metal root area by making a small surgical incision in the gum and obtains accurate measurements of the area where the final tooth is installed.

By using some pre-prepared artificial models, so that in the end a final tooth tailored to the person is created based on it. These measurements were taken by a technician specialized in this and installed securely by the doctor.

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Third: Recovery after dental implant surgery

This period is considered one of the most important stages of the dental implant process, as the quality of the final results depends greatly on it. 

The length of this period usually ranges between 5 to 7 days for most people, but there are some factors that may change this period. We will mention to you the most important ones below:

  • The number of teeth implanted greatly affects the period of time required for the area to heal properly. The greater the number of teeth implanted, the longer this period.
  • The person’s general health condition is considered one of the most important factors affecting the results of dental implants in general. 
  • The body’s ability to recover and repair damaged tissues is greatly reduced in people who suffer from health problems, and as a result the period required for recovery after the operation increases.

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How do you afford dental implants?

Most affordable dental implants are surgical procedures performed by the Mavidenta doctor when a tooth you have is damaged and cannot be repaired with a crown. The doctor also resorts to dental implants if you lose a tooth and want to replace it with an artificial tooth like a natural tooth. 

Implanting a tooth in the place of a missing tooth not only makes you feel comfortable in your mouth and helps you chew food, but it also prevents the loss of adjacent teeth and maintains the health of the gums and mouth.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that the doctor places inside the bone to replace islands in the jaw. This type of metal (titanium) heals with the bone quickly and does not cause any problems in the mouth.

Because it is a foreign component that enters the mouth, cases in which the doctor does not have dental implants: If there is not a sufficient amount of dense bone in the jaw, the doctor does not perform dental implants. 

Benefits of Affordable Dental Implants

The best affordable dental implants are a permanent and effective solution to various dental problems, and carry many benefits compared to other options such as braces or bridges. Some of the benefits of dental implants are:

  • Durability, as the implanted teeth can withstand strong chewing.
  • Preserving the rest of the teeth, as there is no load or pressure on the teeth, or any type of fixtures on any other adjacent teeth, as happens in other dental fixtures such as fixed or removable bridges.
  • Maintaining the natural positions of the teeth and the jaw bones, as the jaw bones change after the extraction of any tooth as a result of atrophy in the place of the extracted tooth.
  • Correct pronunciation of speech, as extracting some teeth may lead to stuttering in speech and lack of correct pronunciation of letters. Dental implants give the patient self-confidence.

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Different kinds of dental implants

When it comes to affordable dental implants. It is worth noting that there are many types of dental implants, which include:

Single tooth implant

Single-unit implants are a type of dental implant that come in three parts and are placed gradually. There’s a titanium root, which your dentist has to surgically place in your jaw, and you certainly have to have good bone density. 

Otherwise, you will need a bone grafting first. This is a process in which your doctor takes bone tissue from anywhere on your body and implants it in your jaw. After 3 months of healing, your jaw bone will have enough density to hold the implant.

Dental implant surgery is very simple. Your dentist makes an opening in the jawbone, places the implant, and then closes the incision. This period requires at least 3 months of healing, before you can continue treatment.

Dental implants with 4 implants

4-implant dental implants are a type of dental implant that can replace a complete set of teeth for each jaw in just 4 implants. This procedure is very quick, and you often get your smile back immediately.

Your dentist will place 4 dental implants on your lower jaw, the back two implants are not placed vertically. Instead, they are implanted at a 30 degree angle. This means that if you do not have sufficient bone density, you can opt for the procedure. The 30 degree angle in these types of dental implants.

Gives your jaw enough support to maintain the structure, even though your jaw density is fragile. After 4 dental implants are in place, your dentist will place your dentures over them, these are not your custom dentures, so they are only temporary, you will get your permanent dentures within 6 to 8 months.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are unit types of dental implants consisting of 2 to 3 crowns, sandwiched between dental implants on each side. For example, if you have 3 to 4 missing teeth in a row, dentists will drill on the first and last missing teeth to place the implant. If you do not have enough bone density, you will need a bone graft beforehand.

After the implant is placed in the jawbone, the healing period is 3-4 months. Next comes the stage of placing the abutment, where the dentist will reveal the implants by removing the gums. Once the abutment is in place, your dentist will close the gums around but not above the abutment. This takes two weeks to heal.

You will receive a temporary crown until your permanent crowns are ready. It will look like a train or bridge of 3 or 4 crowns. The first and last crowns will anchor to the abutment of the first and last tooth, this way they will cover the missing teeth in between.

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CAD CAM dental implants

CAD CAM dental implants are very modern types of dental implants, with high-tech options. They are just like single-unit implants. This means that you will have to undergo root implantation surgery followed by placement of the abutment, a period that may take from 3.5 months to 6 months. If you need to be vaccinated.

But with Ceric’s types of dental implants, instead of waiting 3 to 4 weeks to get your crown, you can get it right away. They use scanning software, which allows your dentist to take your measurements, and then using a 3D printer, you get your custom ceramic crown.

But unlike dental implants, a CERIC crown must be made exclusively of ceramic, which is a permanent and very natural option, but it may be expensive for many.

How to prepare for dental implants

The planning process for the best affordable dental implants may involve a variety of specialists, including a doctor who specializes in conditions of the mouth, jaw, and face (oral and maxillofacial surgeon).

Because dental implants require one or more surgical procedures, you should have a comprehensive evaluation in order to prepare for this surgery, including:

A comprehensive dental examination

X-rays and 3D images may be taken of the teeth and models of the teeth and jaw made.

Review your medical history

Tell your doctor about any medical conditions and any medications you take, including prescription and over-the-counter medications and nutritional supplements. If you have certain heart conditions or have bone implants, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics before surgery to help prevent infection.

Treatment plan

Depending on the situation, this plan takes into account factors such as the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the condition of the jawbone and remaining teeth.

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At the conclusion of the text, dental implants are one of the alternative methods that help patients replace missing teeth. It is worth noting that Mavidenta offers the best affordable dental implants, so if you would like to know more details, you can contact us.


What are the stages of dental implants?

The stages of dental implants are a series of surgical and therapeutic steps used to replace missing teeth using artificial roots that are fixed in the jawbone and contain fixed artificial teeth.

What are the main steps in dental implants?

The main steps in dental implantology include careful diagnosis and planning, surgical implantation of the artificial root into the jaw bone, fusion of the artificial root with the bone, and installation of artificial teeth.

Does dental implant surgery require surgery?

Yes, dental implants are considered a surgical procedure, where the artificial root is implanted in the jawbone using precise surgical techniques.

Can I know the duration of the process in general?

The duration of the dental implant procedure varies depending on the number of teeth to be implanted and the complexity of the case, but in general, one operation may take about 1-2 hours.

Is there a recovery period after dental implants?

Yes, there is a recovery period after dental implants, and you may need to adhere to the doctor’s instructions, follow a special diet, and abstain from some habits to facilitate the healing of the artificial root with the jaw bone.

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