How To Get Dental Implants Without Insurance?

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Dental implants and their treatment in Turkey are an important part of medical tourism, along with hair transplants, due to their cost, which is acceptable compared to the prices required in other countries to perform such operations. In this research, we will learn about dental implants and their treatment in Turkey and ways to obtain a visa. So we will discuss how to get dental implants without insurance?

How To Get Dental Implants Without Insurance?

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost Without Insurance? The cost of non-surgical dental implants in Turkey varies depending on several factors, such as the number of teeth implanted, the type of materials used, and the advancement of the techniques used.

Possible additional costs may include the cost of initial examinations, anesthesia costs if applicable, and the cost of custom prosthetic materials. It is recommended that you speak with your dentist to get an accurate estimate of the total cost of treatment.

Health insurance coverage for non-surgical dental implants depends on the policy and its conditions. Depending on the insurance plan and specific conditions, part or all of the cost may be covered. Patients should check with their health insurance company for exact details and available coverage.

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Getting Your Insurance to Pay for Implant Treatment

How To Get Dental Implants Without Insurance

How can I get dental implants without insurance? The answer to this question is mainly related to three factors: the low cost of living, the currency exchange rate, and the aid that the government periodically approves for clinics that provide health services to foreign patients.

Dental implant surgery prices are relatively and significantly lower in Turkey than in the United Kingdom, the rest of the European Union, and the United States of America due to the difference in exchange rates between the British pound, euro, or US dollar.

Therefore, you can obtain high-end medical services in Turkey for lower prices than neighboring European countries and others. You can also enjoy more luxurious accommodation options in a country that is one of the largest destinations for tourism of all kinds.

Therefore, patients wishing to undergo dental implant surgery in Turkey can save between 50% and 70% while maintaining a reasonable profit rate thanks to government grants. Get free consultation 

Insurance Coverage on Implant Restorations

When it comes to how to get dental implants without insurance? The first reason for undergoing dental implant surgery is the presence of a number of missing teeth, which requires filling the gap with an appropriate set of crowns after placing titanium screws in the jaw. There are many techniques to achieve this purpose, including :

Single unit prosthetic implant

This method involves replacing each missing tooth with dental implants separately. Doctors recommend this procedure to patients who are missing one tooth or a limited number of teeth, and it is more suitable for people who have missing teeth that are not adjacent or do not want a bridge.

Implants to replace several units

If a patient has a group of missing teeth that form a noticeable gap in the dental sequence, it is more appropriate for them to receive multiple dental implants. 

This procedure not only restores the integrity of the denture, but also works to protect the jawbone from damage, as the titanium screws implanted in the mouth ensure the circulation of calcium and minerals allocated by the body specifically to the dental bone, For example All on 6 dental implant.

Immediate loading dental implants (teeth in one day)

Immediate loading dental implants represent an effective and convenient solution for patients who want to get new teeth quickly. In this case, doctors use a type of implant intended for immediate use and dental crowns are attached to the implants later that day or within 48 hours.

Mini implants

Specialists use tiny dental implants less than 3 mm in diameter to fill narrow gaps between teeth. The dimensions of these implants are much smaller than their counterparts, and one-piece screws are attached to their ends, while their shape is rounded to support the replacement artificial crown.

All in 4 dental implants 

An all-on-4 dental implant, which does not require bone grafting, can be a great fit for a patient who is missing four or more teeth. On the other hand, this technology is distinguished by its ability to firmly anchor artificial teeth.

After ensuring the fusion of the dental implants with the jaw bone, which ensures greater stability for the new crowns so that they appear natural and have sufficient solidity to chew food without worrying about the teeth disintegrating or loosening.

3 on 6 dental implants 

A three-by-six implant is more suitable for full mouth restoration. This process is mainly based on attaching three individual dental bridges to six dental implants. In this case, the implants act as an anchor for the bridge and replace missing natural teeth.

The technique used to stabilize implants in the jaw ensures that the patient has a cohesive set of teeth and gives the masticatory muscles sufficient ability to exert equal force to apply pressure to the occlusal surfaces of the teeth (also known as bite force).

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Getting Discounts on Implant Treatment

How To Get Dental Implants Without Insurance

Speaking about how to get dental implants without insurance? Dental implants in Turkey are a medical procedure that aims to replace missing or damaged teeth with artificial teeth that are fixed in the jaw with metal screws. 

Dental implants in Turkey are considered an excellent option for people who want to improve the appearance and function of their teeth at a reasonable cost and high quality. According to reliable sources, dental implants in Turkey Turkey is characterized by the following:

Low cost: 

Turkey offers dental implant services at competitive prices of up to half or a third of the cost in European or American countries. This is due to the difference in the exchange rate, costs of living, taxes and insurance. 

Turkey also provides attractive offers and discounts for foreign patients, such as covering the costs of travel, accommodation, transportation, translation, and tourist tours.

High quality: 

Turkey has a good reputation in the field of dentistry, as it includes many specialized and internationally accredited clinics and hospitals. Turkey also has qualified dentists and experts in the field of dental implants.

Who use the latest technologies, equipment and materials. In addition, Turkey guarantees excellent and permanent dental implant results, taking into account the aesthetic, functional and health aspects of patients.

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Diversity of options: 

Turkey offers a variety of dental implant options, suiting different patients’ needs and expectations. There are traditional dental implants, immediate dental implants, non-surgical dental implants, laser dental implants, ultrasound dental implants, and others. Türkiye also provides a group of well-known dental implant brands.

Tourism opportunity: 

Turkey is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, as it combines picturesque nature, ancient history, rich culture, and delicious cuisine. Patients who choose dental implants in Turkey can benefit from the opportunity.

To enjoy the charming views, monuments, museums, markets, spas and recreational activities that Turkey has to offer. They can also learn about Turkish culture, customs, traditions and language, and communicate with the friendly and hospitable Turkish people.

Single tooth implant cost without insurance

Each tooth has a specific price, as the difference in tooth sizes and shapes is a factor that affects the price of the tooth. In Turkey, one tooth, as an average price, costs approximately 500 dollars. A tooth is implanted when the tooth is completely lost, and if more than one tooth is lost in a row, a bridge is installed between them, as you do not need to make an implant for each tooth.

In most cases, where there is no complete loss of the tooth, the tooth can be treated and crowned using zirconia, as the cost of crowning using zirconia is only $150

To find out which treatment is most appropriate for you, you can send a picture of your teeth to our customer advisor, who will inform you of the treatment plan that is most appropriate for you. contact us 


how to get dental implants without insurance? The cost of dental implants in Turkey varies depending on the number of teeth implanted, the type of implants, the technique used, and the clinic and doctor chosen. According to some reliable sources, the minimum cost of dental implants in Turkey is about $400 per tooth.

Which is a very competitive price compared to European or American countries where the cost of one tooth may reach $3000 or more. Turkey also provides attractive offers and discounts for foreign patients, such as covering the costs of travel, accommodation, transportation, translation, and tourist tours.

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