How Much Do E max Veneers Turkey Price In Turkey?

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Would you like to know the E max veneers Turkey price? It would help if you didn’t allow anything to stop you from smiling more since a grin can light up a whole room. You may improve the appearance of your smile using Emax veneers. Emax porcelain veneers and veneers have several advantages. in this article, you will have more information, which will help you decide whether to buy them.

What is E max veneers?

Before asking about the E max veneers Turkey price, we have to discover its meaning. The E-max Veneer technique is one of the newer procedures utilized in dental cosmetic applications. It is the newest member of the Empress porcelain family, whose durability has been improved by employing glass ceramics in place of metal during the firing process.

As a result, it has the appellation “E-Max,” which stands for “Maximum Empress.” Because of the lithium dislocation it contains, the material is more transparent and light-permeable. As a result, the veneers that have been placed look more attractive and vivid.

Emax veneers pros and cons in Turkey


  • Therapy is Completed Quickly
  • No Smile is beyond repair.
  • They Appear natural
  • Your Self-Belief Will Increase


  • Treatment with veneers is both permanent and not permanent.
  • The cost of getting veneers is not cheap.
  • The Tooth Feeling Has Changed.

E max veneers Turkey price

If you’re looking to enhance your smile with E-max veneers in Turkey, you may be curious about the price. E-max veneers are a popular and effective way to improve the appearance of your teeth, and the cost can vary depending on several factors. In general, the price of E-max veneers in Turkey can be more affordable than in other countries. This is because the cost of living and labor is lower in Turkey. The exact price of E-max veneers in Turkey will depend on the location and the dental clinic you choose. Mavidenta for E-max veneers.

However, Mavidenta is a top-rated Best dental clinic in Turkey that offers affordable E-max veneers without compromising on quality. The team at Mavidenta is composed of highly skilled and experienced dentists who use the latest techniques and technology to provide exceptional dental care to their patients. With Mavidenta, you can be confident that you are receiving top-quality dental care at a reasonable price.

How Determine the average cost of veneers in Turkey

How long do Emax veneers last?

E Max Veneers Turkey Price

If properly cared for, Emax veneers can last at least 15 years. This involves daily brushing and flossing. Patients typically request that they be altered after that for solely aesthetic reasons. You must be content with and ready for that commitment. Both you and your dentist must be certain that it is the best option for you. And this is what mavidenta most trust dental clinic in Istanbul does perfectly.

How much do E max veneers Turkey price?

E max veneers Turkey price range from 150 to 300 euros per tooth. Also, you are free to decide not to treat all of your teeth and to have only four teeth produced. In certain instances, only a few teeth are discolored or have gaps between them. This is a simple remedy that may be accomplished with dental fillings or even non-prep veneers.

You can reach out to Mavidenta high quality Dental clinic in Istanbul over WhatsApp at any moment for a precise offer. You’ll receive instructions from our experts on how to take essential pictures of your teeth. Then, we may present a reasonable, non-obligatory offer to you.

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What are Emax dental crowns?

These unique crowns are created from lithium disilicate material. Furthermore, these crowns are manufactured from a single block of this material, giving them a tremendous strength. As a material for restorative crowns, lithium dioxide is renowned for its exceptional strength and attractive aesthetics. E-max crowns are the most similar to the color of your teeth since they are somewhat transparent. This characteristic has made it a well-liked option for crown repair, particularly in front teeth.

How Determined The Best Dentist In Turkey For Crowns?

E-max Veneers Procedure

We at Mavidenta Affordable Prices Dental Clinic in Istanbul will take you to the treatment planning stage if veneers are possible.

1- The dentist will take X-rays of your teeth before taking a mouth imprint that will be utilized to create the veneers in the lab. You will also pick the veneers’ color to complement your natural appearance best.

2- On the day of the treatment, he will scrape a tiny amount of enamel from each tooth to provide room for the veneer to attach and not obstruct the patient’s bite.

3- A mold of the teeth is produced when that layer of enamel is removed. As the patient awaits the completion of the permanent veneers by the lab, temporary veneers are manufactured and placed.

4- Eventually, bonding will start after the permanents are prepared. 

Each tooth will have an acidic gel the dentist uses that dissolves minerals, creating a rough surface that allows the veneer to adhere firmly. By using a specific light to speed up the hardening process, the veneers are swiftly affixed to the surface.

After being set, the porcelain veneers will quickly bond to the patient’s teeth. A local anesthetic is an option for patients to remove all possibility of discomfort altogether.

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What are the EMax Veneers Risks?

E max veneers Turkey price is the best with Mavida and we also offer guarantee certificate provided dental clinic in Istanbul. But does this have risks? Of course, nothing is free from risks, but they all have solutions. Among the most prominent risks of E max veneers that may exist are the following:

An increased chance of tooth pulp damage

The risk of trauma is higher than usual for patients who have veneers. This is because some tooth enamel must be removed. Your teeth’s pulp might die if the removal isn’t done carefully.

This is bad news if it happens! It’s usually a good idea to get your teeth restored rather than coping with an incident like this to prevent this.

  • Bruised Gums

It will take some time for the gum tissues to adapt to the new veneer, although you could have slight gum irritation. By performing a comprehensive examination, your dentist can determine what is causing the discomfort in the first place. Don’t forget to attend the post-operative check-up since it’s important to detect any complications from the procedure.

  • Sensitive teeth

Your dentist will need to remove some enamel off the surface of your teeth to correctly fit the veneers. The loss of enamel may cause your teeth to become sensitive, which is terrible. This might happen whether you’re eating hot or cold meals. The medications and procedures that your dentist recommends can stop the sensitivity problems. Nonetheless, you should see your dentist right away if the medicine isn’t working.

  • The color might not match exactly

Porcelain veneers are recommended so that the hue matches your teeth precisely. There is, nevertheless, a chance that the veneers will not perfectly match the shade of your neighboring teeth. Do think about getting your teeth whitened before getting veneers.

  • Problems Relating to Veneer Misplacement

Your veneers are prone to discoloration as well as cracking and chipping because of the positioning of the veneers. Overhangs and jagged edges are further instances of misplacement. Veneer margin misalignment might also result in chipping.

  • Overall Uncomfortable

You may experience soreness as a result of the dental veneer surgery. After keeping, it open for so long, your mouth might feel a bit fatigued, but that’s all. You might need to see a skilled dentist if you suffer pain and tingling.

Mavidenta doctors that every step of the dental procedure is painless.


Look no further if you need a Charlotte, North Carolina dental professional who offers dental veneers. At Mavidenta, doctors and their team of experts are here to help you. If you have any of these negative effects, you should speak with him. Simply call office or visit his website to schedule an appointment.


Are E-max veneers good?

The best porcelain-ceramic veneers available are Emax veneers, which are thinner, more resilient, and give a natural appearance with a small translucency that makes them resemble an organic tooth. They need cutting of the tooth to be covered because of how thin they are, which makes them more flexible and adjustable.

Can Emax veneers last a lifetime?

If taken and maintained properly, Emax veneers can last 10 to 20 years or longer.

Which is better Zirconia or Emax veneers?

Both Zirconia and Emax veneers are strong and long-lasting. Zirconia is more powerful than Emax, though.

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