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Do you want to repair your tooth fracture? Do you have a decayed or damaged tooth? Composite filling is a great option. You can find teeth composite filling cost on your budget in Turkey.

Let’s start by

What are fillings?

A small hole, or cavity, in a tooth can be treated with a filling. A dentist will start by removing the decayed tooth tissue from the cavity before filling it with a filling material. A tooth filling is an artificial substance including composite.

Teeth composite filling cost is competitive in Turkey compared to other countries.

However, is composite really good? Let’s see!

Is composite filling good for teeth?

The most natural-looking finish and unnoticeable fillings can be achieved with composite, which is the best option. It is characterized by their beauty and the absence of health risks associated with mercury.

The ability of composite fillings to blend in with your tooth makes them effective for repairing cracked or chipped teeth.

In addition, dental cleaning is an important matter before composite filling.

What you need about teeth composite filling?

For a solid bond to occur, the tooth’s surface must be clean. The surface of the tooth is polished first to complete the preparation. Any stain, plaque, calculus, or debris are removed in this way. To ensure that the composite will adhere, the dentist will remove as many sticky fragments as possible.

Furthermore, composite fillings have some advantages and disadvantages. Follow us to know more about them.

Problems with composite fillings

Composite fillings have some problems, including:

  • Comparing with amalgam fillings, shorter lifespan
  • Teeth composite filling cost is costing more than amalgam fillings
  • Because of the layers, application may take longer
  • When being placed, teeth must be extremely dry

On the other hand, there are several benefits, including:

  • It is a long lasting
  • It usually needs one single visit
  • It gives a natural look
  • It is fracture resistant.
  • It can be used to repair both significant damage and minor flaws.
  • You may feel only temporary temperature sensitivity following the procedure.

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Teeth Composite Filling Cost   

Are composite fillings safe?

Composite resin, which is an alternative to metal amalgam. Unlike amalgam fillings, this type of filling is not composed of metal and therefore poses no health risks. Also, composite resin should not cause long-term health concerns.

Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

How long does a composite filling last?

Five to ten years is the typical lifespan of composite resin fillings. But some individuals are able to maintain the fillings for longer. In fact, these fillings can last twelve years or longer for some patients.

The lifespan of a composite filling is influenced by several factors, including:

  • The areas of the filling in the mouth.
  • Dental hygiene.
  • Diet
  • Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or clenching.

Now, let’s see if the composite fillings are durable or not!

Are composite fillings strong?

A composite filling is more than capable of standing up to even intense chewing forces, making it an excellent choice for your dental filling. Furthermore, if the patient has good oral health and the filling is small, research indicates that they can last ten years or longer in teeth.

Indeed, composite fillings are strong and long-lasting.

Do composite fillings damage teeth?

Composite fillings do not damage teeth. In fact, composite fillings strengthen teeth so that you get a durable, useful restoration. They can also stabilize cracked teeth so that they don’t break.

Additionally, teeth composite filling cost is cheaper in Turkey. You can do all your damaged teeth and save up to 70%.

But there are some common symptoms might have occurred to several patients.

What to expect after a filling?

– Most patients experience pain in the filling after dental fillings, which is the most frequent and obvious issue. The tooth remains numb, and the patient feels pain near the filling location. When eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing, pain will be felt. Additionally, many people feel pain when they touch their teeth.

  • After a filling is made, a person will become sensitive to both hot and cold foods and drinks.
  • Some persons may suffer discomfort not just in the diseased tooth but also in other teeth or throughout their mouth. Again, this is normal and the pain should subside after a couple of weeks.
  • Allergies to silver fillings have been known to occur in some people. The filling material is then changed for another one.

Most patients would like to know the cost to see if it fits their budget, check next to find out more about the cost.

Teeth Composite Filling Cost   

How much does a teeth composite filling cost?

The cost of composite filling is low in Turkey compared to other countries such as the USA, the UK, and Australia.

  • However, there are some factors that can affect the cost, including:
  • The type of material
  • The location of the tooth
  • Extent of decay
  • Root canal if needed
  • The use of sedation

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In short, most patients look for a composite filling because of its natural look. It has many benefits, especially in comparison with silver filling. Composite filling can last up to twelve years if you maintain it and do oral hygiene regularly. If you also choose Turkey, you will save teeth composite filling cost.


What are the rules after composite filling?

During numbness, refrain from chewing and drinking hot liquids.

What can damage composite fillings?

It is advised to stay away from foods that are too tough or chewy to protect your composite filling.

What is the best toothpaste for composite fillings?

Using a toothpaste with sensitivity protection is a smart idea.

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