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Do you have minor imperfections in your teeth? Are you looking for a quick way to improve your smile? We can offer you an ideal solution!

Lumineers veneers Turkey are an effective and great option.

Discover more information in this article!

We want to start by giving you a brief on Lumineers Veneers.

What are lumineer veneers?

Lumineers are a unique veneer with many benefits over comparable procedures. The most important benefit for patients is because they are so thin and can be quickly bonded to the surface of the teeth, they do not require the same level of preparation as traditional veneers.

Because of this, they represent a fantastic alternative for people who want to enhance their smile without undergoing intensive and uncomfortable dental procedures.

Additionally, Lumineers are excellent for removing gaps between teeth, providing patients with a quick and non-invasive way to get a straighter smile. Just a little pre-etching is required for Lumineers, which is one of the main factors contributing to their ease of installation.

In contrast, traditional porcelain veneers may require teeth to be permanently altered or drilled to ensure the best fit.

Furthermore, Lumineers don’t require drilling, anesthesia, or extensive etching during a dental appointment. They really give you a beautiful final look. By comparing Lumineers to traditional veneers, the time spent in the dental clinic can be cut in half.

Dental Lumineers veneers Turkey are also much more resilient to breakage than traditional veneers because they are made of porcelain, a material with exceptional strength.

But how long do they last? Let’s see

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How long do Lumineers veneers last?

Lumineers Veneers Turkey

Lumineers are a strong and long-lasting cosmetic dental option. They can last up to twenty years with proper care. It’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene practices, such as brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing frequently, to ensure a long-term Lumineers veneers Turkey. For the continued good health of your teeth and gums, routine dental exams and cleanings are also crucial.

But each case has a proper option. So, your dental specialist recommends Lumineers veneers if they are suitable for your case.

Who should get Lumineers veneers Turkey?

Lumineers are proper for patients who have healthy teeth and just need to improve their smile. They also fit the minor imperfections like gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, cracks or too small or too large teeth.

Next, we will discuss Lumineers procedure.

What to expect from the Lumineers procedure?

Firstly, the dentist will discuss with you your case and make his plan to start designing the Lumineers.

Then, in the next stage, the dentist selects the number of teeth for which the patient wants to have cosmetic Lumineers veneers Turkey, the teeth are prepared, and the proper color and shape of the cosmetic lenses are selected.

After taking measurements and impressions of your teeth, the dentist will send them to a laboratory for design. Then, he will install the Lumineers veneers.

After that, the dentist will give you instructions after the procedure has been done, you should pay attention to these instructions well.

Where Best Place For Veneers Turkey?

How to care for your Lumineers?

You shall take care of Lumineers to last for a long-term, check these directions:

  • Brushing and flossing Lumineers

It is worth mentioning to brush your Lumineers twice a day. It is preferred to use an electric toothbrush. Electric because they are more effective than manual brushes. Since Lumineers are delicate and easily harmed by aggressive brushing, use a gentle motion when applying them.

Flossing is also a significant step; it helps to remove food particles that can gather between Lumineers. You can do flossing once every day. When flossing around Lumineers veneers Turkey, be sure to use a gentle motion.

  • Avoid staining caused by food and drinks

Avoid using food and drinks that can cause staining to maintain Lumineers. This involves coffee, tea, red wine, dark juices and dark-colored sauces. You should rinse your mouth with water if you consume these kinds of food or drink.

  • Regular visits to dentist

Regular visits to the dentist are essential. Your dentist, during visits, can check if there are any signs of damage on Lumineers. As well, he can clean Lumineers to keep them for a long-term.

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Do Lumineers ruin your teeth?

They are less damaging to teeth and do not harm them. In contrast, traditional veneers require some enamel layers to be removed from the teeth before they can be applied. The teeth can, however, sustain some damage if the Lumineers aren’t fitted properly.

Now we will explain the difference between Lumineers and veneers!

What is the difference between veneer and Lumineers?

The difference between veneers and Lumineers is the thickness of the material placed to the top of your teeth. Lumineers veneers Turkey are thinner in thickness than veneers. The thickness of Lumineers is about 0.25-0.3 mm while the thickness of veneers is 0.3 mm.

In fact, most patients worry about the cost. Therefore, let us tell you more about prices.

What About Full Set of Veneers Cost in Turkey?

Are Lumineers cheaper than veneers?

Lumineers Veneers Turkey

The cost of Lumineers is not expensive. They are cheaper than veneers, in particular Lumineers veneers Turkey are so affordable.

Most patients travel to Turkey each year for dental treatment to receive high-quality services and affordable prices. The cost of dental cosmetics in Turkey is very competitive in comparison with other countries.

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To conclude, Lumineers are a great method to make your teeth look better, but they need special maintenance to last for a long time. The best way to maintain the appearance of Lumineers for years to come is to use the dentist’s care recommendations. Additionally, it’s crucial to visit the dentist frequently for more care.


What does the Lumineers process look like?

It is an easy procedure and Lumineers look natural.

Are Lumineers right for me?

The final decision is made by the dentist. In general, Lumineers fit you if you have only minor imperfections.

Are Lumineers better than veneers?

It is based on the patient’s case. Lumineers are not proper for all cosmetic purposes, but in some cases, they need veneers.

Can I use whitening products on Lumineers?

No, whitening products shouldn’t be used on Lumineers. They may cause damage.

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