Is It Worth Going to Turkey for Dental Implants?

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Turkey’s popularity for dental implants is booming due to affordable costs and high-tech procedures. Modern equipment and skilled dentists contribute to Turkey’s 95% success rate. Implants replace missing teeth with a natural-looking crown. But is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? Let’s find out.

Is it worth going to turkey for dental implants?

is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? The answer is of course yes, for the following reasons:

1-A large number of dentists

The number of universities and dental colleges graduated tens of thousands of dentists, and put them in the face of a highly competitive market, so they forced these doctors to experiment and intensive training until they had the opportunity to work in this market.

2-High training and great experience

Many dental conferences are held in Turkey annually, and these conferences are an opportunity to inform doctors about the latest findings of science and technology. The Health and Beauty Hospital sponsors one of these conferences and lectures to the attending physicians.

3-Low cost

is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? Doctors do not only compete on the best quality, but also on the price, which has made Turkey one of the best countries in the field of dental implants.

The cost of dental implants in Turkey is lower than many neighboring countries and certainly less expensive than Europe and America.

4-Advanced technology

This situation led to the use of the latest technology in the field of dentistry and prosthodontics. The Health and Beauty Hospital alone has the most advanced prosthodontics laboratory in the world.

The large number of patients attending the hospital made us establish the most advanced laboratory in order to treat the largest possible number of patients without any error.

5-Government support

The governments enter into partnerships with hospitals and distinguished centers that give a good impression of the quality of medical service.

In this regard, the Health and Beauty Hospital has several partnerships with official and semi-official bodies in Turkey.

6-Highly equipped medical facilities

The government closely monitors the places of clinics and hospitals to be at the highest level of craftsmanship, comfort and sterilization.

Therefore, many dental clinics have been prompted to work to equip these facilities at a high level.

7-Tourist facilities

Because Türkiye is a tourist country, it is fully ready to serve tourist patients. Including, of course, dental implant patients. Thus, you have known the answer to the question is it worth going to turkey for dental implants?.


Turkey’s location in the middle of the world makes it easier to access than anywhere, and as a result, you will find patients from most countries of the world in the Health and Beauty Hospital.

And you can encounter patients from New Zealand, America and South Africa to Norway in the cafe attached to the hospital.

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The Rise of Dental Tourism in Turkey

Is It Worth Going To Turkey For Dental Implants

And as an addition to the question, is it worth going to Turkey for dental implants? The concept of medical tourism has grown and developed a lot recently in Turkey, and many tourists have come to it for the purpose of performing plastic surgeries in various fields, as the matter is not only limited to dental implants, and perhaps dental implants are one of the very famous fields in Turkey.

Dental implant technology is the latest, most efficient, and also the most expensive technology in the world of prosthetic devices for missing teeth. Dental implants are suitable for anyone, provided that the jaw bones are in good condition to bear the dental implants in them.
Before we know, is it worth going to Turkey for dental implants? Where the patient must make sure that he is completely free of diseases or complications that prevent dental implants from being performed in particular.

Dental implants stages:

Dental implants are carried out in several stages, starting first with a comprehensive examination and x-rays to ensure that the implant can be performed in the target place, that the patient is free of implant contraindications, clean the teeth and mouth completely, and that any problems related to caries or others first.

After that, dental implants or the base of the implanted tooth are made. It is equivalent to the root of a natural tooth and is often made of very hard and non-rusting titanium material that is able to fuse with the jaw bones easily.
A waiting period is between 3 to 6 months to ensure that the implants are well fixed and fused with the jaw bones, and then the part is installed. The prosthesis or the visible part of the tooth above the implant.

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Advantages of Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

is it worth going to turkey for dental implants?  You will get a lot of advantages if you perform dental implants in Turkey. The matter will not depend on the high success rate of the operation or the extent of the safety of the operation. Rather, the matter exceeds that, and among the advantages of traveling to Turkey to perform dental implants are the following:

1-Affordability of care and treatment

Dental procedures in Turkey are often priced lower than in other countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. This is due to a combination of factors, including lower operating costs, lower labor costs, and government support for medical tourism.

However, the low costs of dental care in Turkey does not mean that the quality of care is low. On the contrary, many Turkish dental clinics are equipped with the latest technology and employ highly trained and experienced dental professionals.

Turkey has invested heavily in the dental treatment and care sector over the years, which has resulted in a high level of professionalism and quality in this field. Thus, we have come to know the answer to the question  is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? .

2-Dental clinics in Türkiye are known for their great attention to their clients

They prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of their patients and provide outstanding personal care that goes beyond the dental procedure itself.

This level of care is made possible by the reduced number of patients assigned to each dentist in Turkish clinics, creating a more individualized approach to care and attention.

3-Facilitate all travel and transportation procedures

is it worth going to turkey for dental implants?  One of the good news about traveling to Turkey is that you do not suffer much in travel procedures, as the country provides many facilities for expatriates from different countries of the world.

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Quality of Care and Professional Expertise

is it worth going to turkey for dental implants?  Of course yes, the competition is great among doctors, and in connection with the high competition, Turkey has the best doctors ever in the field of oral surgery and dental implants in particular.

Dental implant manufacturers face great competition in Turkey and often take dentists to courses, seminars and live surgery shows for free to make them use their brand.

Therefore, we find that the field of dental implants in Turkey has gained great fame in recent years, thanks to the competence of doctors and the technology used in dental implants.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities and Technology

One of the reasons that prompted many to wonder about is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? that doctors have employed modern technology in the field of dentistry, such as:

First: 3D computed tomography of the jaw Cone Beam Bilgisayarlı Tomografi CBCT

  • Higher treatment success is achieved by using an advanced diagnostic method in treatment to be applied to the patient.
  • The treatment decision-making process becomes clearer, as the decision can be made faster and clearer, and the patient’s treatment can be started in a shorter time.
  • Some areas that panoramic X-rays cannot show can be shown.
  • You can take coronal, axial and sagittal (cross section) sections of the captured image and make a more detailed diagnosis.

Second: CEREC CAD CAM imaging technology in oral dental treatment.

  • The mechanism of action of this system is that the images obtained from the camera that depict the teeth inside the mouth are processed by means of special programs in the computer.

to reshape the jaw in a three-dimensional way, as it is an alternative to the paste and silicone that is usually used to take measurements.

  • To assist in the manufacture of fillings, crowns (teeth crowns), bridges and all fixed dentures in zirconium and porcelain.
  • Where this technology is used in all dental treatment methods in Türkiye.

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Affordability and Cost Savings

One of the biggest contributors to the success of the medical tourism industry in Turkey is its affordable prices. While these prices are a boon to some, others are skeptical about the reasons behind them.

In simple terms, all this is due to some economic differences between countries that allow for low costs. One such concept is purchasing power parity, which refers to the principle of comparing costs between countries over a basket of goods.

This basket of goods basically consists of the same items between two countries to find the ratio. In general, it takes much more money in both the UK and the USA to fill the same basket of goods than in Turkey.

But it is not only a matter of purchasing power parity, as Turkey also supports the domestic production of materials and equipment. Most clinics in Turkey do not rely on international resources, which reduces the total cost of treatment.

Travel Experience and Cultural Exploration

is it worth going to turkey for dental implants?  Visiting Turkey in particular can make the patient in a good psychological state all the time, which helps him to recover quickly, as Turkey is full of beautiful scenery and many tourist places.

In addition to modern entertainment places, there is a group of the best hotels and restaurants in the world, and this helps to improve the psychological state and recovery.

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Considerations and Potential Concerns

On the contrary is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? Some may express their fears and concerns about dental implants, and it is worth noting that we cannot deny this matter, as it is expected that the patient will be exposed to some complications, but these complications can be overcome by choosing a clinic with a good reputation, and among the risks of dental implants:

1-Regular bleeding accompanied by pain

and that is expected to happen in the first hours of the operation, and more specifically after the first hour has passed, of course this is in addition to the discomfort that can last for a week, for example. Something new is in your mouth and it’s normal not to get used to it quickly.


which is the expected stage after the transplant, and this stage does not take a specific time, but it’s time ranges between three and six months, and it may be less than that.

The important thing is that this stage of healing is the most important expected stage, but pain should not be expected in it for a long time. He will not go beyond the hours after the operation, after that everything will be fine.

3-Implant failure

and although it is very rare, the year of life says that any operation in existence may be subject to failure, and of course the Mavidenta Center has no recorded cases in this regard, but in general it must be expected to happen and the tooth breaks down or gum problems or The presence of some other problems during the process, in the end the result is the same and it is possible.

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Communication and Language Barrier

Is It Worth Going To Turkey For Dental Implants

And on another aspect of is it worth going to turkey for dental implants?some may think that the language represents a major obstacle or challenge to travel in order to perform the surgery, but the matter is completely different from that, as Turkey provides translators from different languages, in order to help the expatriates communicate with doctors and fully convey information to the patient.

Follow-up and Aftercare

This is, in fact, the most important and prominent thing during the postoperative period, because the doctor would evaluate your condition and give you the appropriate report, and therefore the appropriate advice, and this would be achieved more if the center was the Mavidenta Clinic.

Travel Logistics and Planning

One of the most important reasons that prompted visitors to ask is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? is travel and how to plan well. Do not waste a lot of time thinking. In addition to the low cost compared to other countries, Turkey has many facilities for travel and transportation papers, so you will not suffer. very much about travel.

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Medical Standards and Regulations

is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? The success rate for dental implants in Turkey ranges from 90 to 95% depending on the implant site. Where the patient enjoys beautiful teeth and a more comfortable chewing process. The average life of a dental implant is at least 10 years.

Where the doctor initially examines the jaw bones, and your shape, before examining the dental implant process. If the quality and/or quantity of bone is not sufficient, a bone fusion graft is not performed.


At the end of the article, you will have known the answer to the question:  is it worth going to turkey for dental implants? Turkey is trying all the time to provide all types of plastic surgery available through a group of distinguished cosmetic centers, and perhaps dental implants in Turkey is one of the most prominent of these operations.

Especially with its attachment to a very important aspect such as the mouth, which highlights a large proportion of beauty to the extent that movie stars care about dental operations more than others.

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Is it a good idea to get dental implants in Turkey?

Of course yes, Turkey has gained great fame in the field of dental implants, and you can also contact us through Mavidenta in order to know more details about dental implants.

Is it safe to go Turkey to get your teeth done?

According to recent statistics, Turkey has the highest success rate for dental implants in the world, and many countries from all over the world flock to perform dental implants in Turkey.

Why is Turkey the best place for dental implants?

Turkey is one of the best countries for dental implant surgery, for many reasons, including ease of movement, low cost, government support, and high success rates for the operation.

How long do I have to stay in Turkey for dental implants?

It is expected that the patient will need a period of 3:6 months to undergo the dental implant, as the process takes place in several stages.

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