How Long Does Dental Implants Last?

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What is the lifespan of dental implants? How long does dental implants last? Patients ask these questions to ensure the possibility of maintaining the implant to last a lifetime. 

 Dental implants do not have a lifespan and can last a lifetime, provided that the patient maintains them because any problem that affects the natural teeth can affect the implant. For example, if the person who wants the implant is a heavy smoker or does not control his sugar, she should adhere. So, we will discuss How long dental implants last.

How long does dental implants last? The Average Lifespan 

  • Speaking about how long dental implants last, dental implants are not limited to simply placing the implant in the bone, locking it, and the bone accepting it. Let us say that the implantation process is successful and performed flawlessly, but its success depends on the lifespan of the dental implant and the extent of its presence in the patient’s mouth. Therefore, we calculate the extent of the success of the implant after it is installed on it.
  • For the implant to live a lifetime, it must be supported by sufficient bone that makes the implant inside the bone have no problems. This means that if the bone does not cover all of the implant, the patient may find that after a year or two, the implant or structure begins to show problems or that the body begins to reject it. This is because the bone recedes around it, and the implant was not entirely inside the healthy bone from the beginning.
  • The fact that the body is before the implant does not mean that the implant is successful, but it must live for a long time, or the lifespan of the dental implant should be prolonged. There is no bare part of it in the mouth; it must be covered by bone, so the support with bone around the implant is what makes it successful and live for a lifetime. If the implant is placed correctly, it will live longer, and there will be no problems.
  • The success rates of dental implants and the prolongation of the life span of dental implants depend on the correct diagnosis and the doctor’s experience. The first step for dental implants is to know the patient’s physical condition; if he suffers from diseases such as diabetes or the liver and kidneys, then it must be. These diseases are under control before the transplant is performed. So you can verify the expertise of our doctors and certificates

5 Factors That Affect Dental Implant Lifespan

How Long Does Dental Implants Last

The person who has had dental implants needs to take good and constant care of them; To be able to perform its desired function efficiently, so if you are searching for How long does dental implants last? the following is an explanation of some of the methods that help in maintaining dental implants.

1-The Level of Expertise

It is very important to have sufficient scientific, radiological and practical experience with the dentist who will perform the dental implant process in all its surgical stages first, installation second, and follow-up later… and in the long term. It is worth noting that this is an important factor that affects in How long does dental implants last?

2-Bone Density

The density, thickness and depth of the jaw bone where the dental implant was placed is revealed through the panoramic radiograph and examination. In addition to How long does dental implants last? the radiograph reveals the relationship with the maxillary and nasal sinuses and the mandibular canal.

It is not permissible to proceed with dental implants unless the result of the radiographic and macroscopic examination is favorable. Note that cases of insufficient depth for implants can be dealt with by performing a maxillary sinus lift operation and using bone grafts by a highly qualified specialized oral and dental surgeon, and by using Short, large-diameter planters.

3-Medical Conditions

How long does dental implants last? The appropriate age for dental implants begins after age 18 when the bone growth of the jaws is complete. It is not recommended to have dental implants before this age. Also, be careful of applicants—aged beyond 75 years for health reasons.

In Turkey, people must have dental implants for healthy and physical fitness. Dental implants are not permissible for those who have recently suffered from heart or stroke.

Or for those who have had their heart valves replaced and are taking severe blood thinners (warfarin) or heparin. It is also not permissible for Dental implants for patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

4-Dental Implant Brand

Many types of dental implants are used in the field, and despite the differences in these types, you need help determining how long dental implants last. Among dental implant brands are the following:

Swiss dental implants

  • Straumann is considered the first and oldest company in the field of manufacturing and designing dental implants. Its history extends to more than 40 years of development and research.
  • And successful implants. Stroman is considered the first company in the world in terms of sales, the number of implants used, and success rates, and it is also the first company in terms of the number of research and results. 
  • Stroman Company is unique in its use of technology to manufacture dental implants made of Rex Solid instead of titanium. This material, a mixture of titanium and zirconium, gives the implants strength and speed of fusion with the jaw bones while preserving the gum tissue around them.
  • The company uses the latest technologies to treat the surface of the implant with materials and techniques that help speed up its fusion with the jaw bones. The implant’s design is excellent, as it ensures the strength of the connection between the external and internal parts of the implant, with no need to reattach it periodically.

Implants from the Swiss company Nobel

Nobel Blocare was founded in 1981

Oldest companies with Stroman Company. Noble Company is distinguished by its excellence in the field of manufacturing surgical guides and implants using digital technology. 

Fifth and fourth generation titanium is used in all implants, but the surface of the implant is treated with different materials and techniques to speed up and help the implant bond with the jaw bone.

German Dentsply Sirona implants

Dentsply is one of the oldest and most prestigious American companies that manufactures and develops dental materials and supplies. O Sirona is also one of the oldest and most prestigious German companies that manufactures dental equipment and materials.

The superior quality of its products distinguishes it. In 2011, Sirona acquired Dentsply Company, and the company’s name was changed after the merger to become Dentsply Sirona. After the merger, the entire dental implants department moved from America to Germany. 

The company manufactures Astra Tech implants and Ankylos implants from fifth-generation titanium, and it provides the highest level of design quality, quality of materials, and quality and strength of the connection between the different parts of the implant.

zimmerbiomet American implants

It has a history in manufacturing zimmerblomet company

Dental implants have been around for more than 20 years. The company is distinguished by providing excellent artificial bones, biofilms, and everything an implantologist may need to ensure the success of the implant. 

One of the company’s most famous versions is the Trabecular implants, which are considered a breakthrough and a qualitative shift in design, as the implant design is characterized by the presence of spaces and openings inside the body of the implant to allow. Bones are formed inside the implant body.

American Blohorizon implants

This company is distinguished by providing implants with Laser Lock technology, which is a technology that ensures the preservation of the position of the gums around the neck of the implant to ensure the aesthetic appearance. This company is also distinguished in some countries by providing a written guarantee with every implant used.

American Bicon Implants

Bicon is distinguished by being the first company to offer short dental implants with a length of less than 8 mm. It provides an easy and simple solution for patients who suffer from sinus dilation or jaw bone erosion to avoid bone implant operations and sinus lift, which saves effort, time and money for the doctor and the patient.

Swiss root trate implants

The company’s products are characterized by sharp designs that are suitable for cases of weak and moderate bones, but they are not suitable for stronger jaw bones, as the implantologist will find it difficult to place them. 

It is considered one of the most successful types used in cases of immediate implantation and also in cases of basal implants, as the implants are characterized by a very high initial stability, which guarantees a very high success rate.

Brazilian Neodent implants

It is a subsidiary of the Swiss company Stroman, which the company acquired in 2015 to offer all the features of the Swiss Stroman implants, but at a lower cost, as manufacturing is done in Brazil, relying on Stroman technology and the efficiency of the Stroman company in design, distribution and quality control.

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5-Lifestyle and Habits

Like other oral surgeries, dental implants require maintaining oral hygiene as much as possible. This is to ensure good bone healing, and following some guidelines and advice can help you recover quickly and prevent possible complications,as follows:

  • Drink cold drinks.
  • Brush the mouth and teeth using a soft-bristled brush; This is on the night of the surgery.
  • Rinse the mouth with saline solution 2 – 3 times a day; This is 24 hours after the transplantation procedure.
  • Use ice in cases that require its use.
  • Eat soft foods, especially during the first two weeks of the dental implant procedure, and after this period, harder foods can be slowly introduced into the diet.
  • Avoid sneezing, or sneezing with your mouth open.

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What Can I Do to Make My Dental Implant Last Longer?

How long do dental implants last? Dental implants are made of biocompatible, high-strength materials that are as similar as possible to the teeth they replace. To achieve maximum durability, the care and maintenance of dental implants are as important as those of natural teeth.

But what specific care do these types of dental prosthetics need? Is it possible to make them work and stay like day one for life?

We will analyze the advice experts in dentistry and implantology give regarding the care and maintenance of dental implants. Prevention is essential to avoid future damage and complications in each part replaced.

Brush and floss your teeth

  • Continuous cleaning of the dental implant and the rest of the teeth is very necessary at all stages of treatment, and you may need to use Special toothpaste to avoid infection around the implant.
  • Therefore, you must adhere to oral and dental hygiene instructions Prescribed by your doctor.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Use electric toothbrushes, if possible, which remove bacteria stuck on the teeth. It is considered more effective than a manual toothbrush because it generates a greater number of strokes to clean the teeth.
  • Using toothbrushes designed to clean the areas between the teeth, which is called an interdental brush. It helps clean the nooks and crannies around the teeth, gums, and any metal parts in the mouth.

Go to the dentist every 6 months

How Long Does Dental Implants Last

After dental implants are performed, you must listen to the dentist’s advice to know how to maintain them and How long does dental implants last? This is done by following a specific dental cleaning routine and avoiding eating certain foods during the recovery period. It is best to adhere to all the advice provided by the doctor to preserve the dental implants for as long as possible.

Best Dentist In Turkey For Implants

Avoid smoking

One of the very important things that must be followed when performing a dental implant is to avoid smoking or alcoholic beverages, especially during the first 6 months following the implant, which is the period necessary for recovery from the procedure. 

Smoking during this period can be harmful to the dental implant, as can drinking beverages. Alcohol slows down the healing process, so it is best to avoid them as much as possible

Live a healthy lifestyle

Lack of care and maintenance for dental implants can lead to an oral health problem known as pre-implant disease. It is an infectious disease that affects the tissue surrounding the dental implant and the bone where it is fused, causing loss of the implant itself.

If you are searching for How long does dental implants last? the best advice is proper plaque control to avoid gum disease. In addition, these are other guidelines for dental implant care and maintenance:

  • Take care of the diet during the first days, and avoid eating solid foods.
  • Avoid very hot foods.
  • No smoking.
  • Avoid physical exertion or intense exercise.
  • Take the prescribed medication according to your dentist’s instructions.
  • Perform complete oral hygiene using specific products and accessories for the area being operated.

Dental Implants at Mavidenta Clinic

Mavidenta clinic is distinguished from other centers by the availability of a large group of dentists who specialize in the field of dental implants, and who can provide all the information that helps you care for your mouth and implanted teeth in the correct way.

Therefore, if you are looking for How long does dental implants last? Mavidenta clinic is the ideal solution for obtaining healthy implanted teeth that last for a long period of time, contact us.


In conclusion, How long does dental implants last? cannot be determined according to a specific period, but there are many factors that control the lifespan of dental implants, such as the experience of the doctor in addition to the lifestyle practiced by the patient. In any case, if you wish to undergo a dental implant procedure with Good results. You can contact Mavidenta clinic to find out more details.

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