Dental Treatment Over 60: Caring for Your Smile at Any Age

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The elderly are the most vulnerable group to gum and dental diseases, as a result of the changes that occur in the body due to advanced age, so this group undergoes examinations that are exposed under the name of dental treatment over 60.

During these examinations, the doctor makes sure that the patient is safe and free from any problems related to the teeth and gums, such as the spread of germs or the beginning of decay.

Where doctors often recommend avoiding some wrong habits for the elderly, such as smoking or eating unhealthy foods, in connection with their bad effect on the teeth.

Therefore, we will discuss medical advice provided by Mavidenta regarding dental treatment over 60, in addition to that, we will learn about the most prominent dental problems facing the elderly, as well as ways to overcome them.

Oral Health Considerations for Seniors

If you are an elderly person, it is very important to be careful about the foods or drinks that you eat during your day, as they certainly have an effect on the health of your teeth, and it is good to undergo dental treatment over 60 to maintain your health, among the guidelines that we recommend that you follow are the following:

1-Maintaining oral hygiene: brushing the teeth and using interdental cleaning tools are also very important for the elderly, as teeth should be brushed twice a day using a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste. In the case of limited movement – an electric brush can be used.

2-Dental maintenance: according to dental treatment over 60 germs stick to dentures as well as teeth, so artificial teeth must be cleaned daily, and it is preferable to remove the artificial teeth during the night, and in each case they must be removed from the mouth for at least 4 hours every day.

3-Stop harmful habits: smoking exacerbates gum problems and cavities. It negatively affects healing after dental procedures and the acceptance of dental implants. In addition, smoking and alcohol consumption are factors that increase the risk of cancer of the oral cavity.

4-Preventing Oral Cancer: As it is known, oral cancer is linked to lifestyle habits, so you should refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol. In addition, it was found that a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits is a protective factor. 

In every case of the appearance of an infection in the mouth that does not go away within two weeks – you should go to a dental treatment over 60 examination.

5-Treatment of dry mouth: it is recommended to consult a dentist and attend dental treatment over 60 in order to discover the cause of the problem. In certain cases, when dehydration is due to the use of certain medications.

The doctor replaces the medication with another medication, thus solving the problem. In order to alleviate dehydration, you must keep drinking a sufficient amount of water during the day. 

6-Preventing and treating fungus: Maintaining oral hygiene and artificial teeth on a daily basis helps a lot in preventing fungus. In the event of fungal infections in the mouth, you should go to the dentist for  dental treatment over 60, as fungal treatment can be topical or systemic, depending on the case.

7-Periodic visit to the dentist: It is recommended to be examined routinely at least once a year by the dentist. It is very important to inform the dentist of every change in the state of health and in the medications that the treated person takes, because these details can have a decisive impact on dental treatment over 60.

How To Get Healthy Teeth And Gums Naturally

dental treatment over 60

Aging affects human health and vital body systems, which in turn is reflected in the health of the patient, causing the emergence of some dental-related diseases, so we find that the elderly are the most susceptible to dental diseases such as caries or tooth erosion, and in some cases it may worsen to damage teeth completely.

Therefore, doctors always recommend immediate follow-up with the dentist to conduct dental treatment over 60 examinations at least once a year, in order to avoid exposing the patient to any major problem and neglecting it.

Where dental treatment over 60 examinations are concerned with ensuring the safety of the teeth and gums from the most dangerous diseases that affect this age group, such as damage to the soft tissues of the gums or gum cancer.

Therefore, you can book a medical visit with Mavidenta, you can contact us to view more details about the dental treatment over 60 examinations, or to receive more instructions related to dental health.


Common Dental Issues Among Individuals Over 60 Dental Treatment Over 60

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Common Dental Issues Among Individuals Over 60

According to dental treatment over 60 there are some diseases that spread to a large extent among the older groups, and the seriousness of these diseases varies according to the patient’s health condition and whether he suffers from other diseases or not, and among these diseases are the following:

1-Improper oral hygiene: as a result of poor general health and limited movement or reason, difficulty may arise in carrying out the actions required to maintain oral hygiene.

2-Gum disease: gum disease is an infection of the tissues supporting the teeth. Gum disease can lead to bleeding from the gums, bad breath, the appearance of tooth roots, loose teeth and even tooth loss. 

In addition, gum disease has an impact on chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. So it is good to do dental treatment over 60 checks periodically.

3-Tooth decay: the risk of caries disease increases in the older generation as a result of the appearance of the roots of the teeth due to erosion of the gums, the large number of old and incorrect restorations, and dry mouth due to taking medications or after chemotherapy and radiation.

4-Fungus: oral cavity fungus can appear in people who wear partial or full artificial teeth. Moreover, continuous use of antibiotics or steroids, diabetes, suppression of the immune system, dry mouth and unregulated nutrition increase the risk of fungus in the oral cavity in the elderly.

5-Soft Tissue Injuries: people who wear partial or full dentures may suffer from injuries under the dentures. Mostly talking about a wound injury as a result of the friction of the artificial teeth, which are not fixed in the mouth. The infection can appear in two main forms: an ulcer (wound) or an extra growth of tissue.

6-Oral cavity cancer: Older adults (over the age of 60) have a greater risk of developing cancer of the oral cavity. The risk increases if the person smokes and/or consumes alcohol or is constantly exposed to sunlight. For your safety, please do the dental treatment over 60.

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Available Dental Treatment Options

Dental care for the elderly is similar to that of the younger, but older people have concerns that younger people don’t. Therefore, in the event of dental treatment over 60, the doctor must take care of the dentures and the difficulty of brushing the teeth, and investigate for gum disease and tooth root decay.

The doctor must take a precautionary measure for the elderly who suffer from heart diseases by giving them a preventive dose of antibiotics before performing dental interventions, because they are exposed, if germs enter their blood, to cardiovascular problems caused by bacteria that live in the mouth.

Regular Dental Check-ups: The Foundation of Senior Dental Care

Dental treatment over 60 helps protect your general health, and it is not limited to your oral health only. Signs and symptoms of some systemic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and diabetes, can also appear in the mouth, meaning if a dental hygienist or dentist finds signs of disease, In you should see your doctor.

Dental treatment over 60 also gives the dentist the opportunity to give advice on caring for your teeth and to detect oral health problems early on when they are most treatable.

Professional Dental Cleanings and Gum Health

The method of brushing the teeth varies according to the condition and age of the person, and the dentist in dental treatment over 60 can help explain the appropriate method, and in general it is recommended to use the toothbrush as follows:

  • Place the brush at a slight angle, so that you can pick up the sticky food residue on the edges and get rid of it.
  • Pass the brush back and forth each time, and repeat this movement at a rate of two or three times on each area.
  • Brush the back teeth (molars) by placing the brush at an angle of 45 degrees, back and forth, and in a circular motion on all internal surfaces.
  • Make sure to clean the teeth from the inside, by passing the brush slowly inwards.
  • Brushing the edges of the teeth, then brushing the tongue using its own brush, or with a toothbrush.

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Dental Implants for Replacing Missing Teeth

Loss of teeth is one of the common problems that results in many difficulties in a person’s life. Therefore, many people resort to either dental implants or one of the alternatives to dental implants.

And the implanted teeth are very similar to natural teeth, and they also enable the person to eat, speak and smile properly. Naturally corrected imbalances and problems that resulted from tooth loss in the elderly.

Dental implants it’s among dental treatment over 60 and they are done by fixing medical screws known as grafts in the jaw bones, which fuse after a short period with the jaw bones, which after implantation look the same as natural teeth.

And have the same durability and stability as natural teeth, and this surgery is considered one of the safe solutions to treat tooth loss in the elderly With a success rate of 95%, it is also a common solution and rarely results in problems or complications.

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Dentures: A Traditional Option with Modern Advancements

A denture is a replacement tooth that is made in place of the damaged tooth, and it is removable. As there are two types of dentures available – full and partial dentures. Full dentures are used when all teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. Moreover This procedure is considered among the dental treatment over 60.

Dental Bridges: Restoring Function and Aesthetics

A dental bridge it’s one of dental treatment over 60 as it’s a prosthetic piece intended to replace the missing teeth with artificial teeth to bridge the gap that arose from them, and then the installation of these teeth is a kind of prosthetic surgery. 

Although the denture also replaces the missing teeth, the bridge differs from it in its structure, as it replaces one tooth, or several teeth. 

It may be either fixed to the adjacent teeth by means of clips placed on coatings, or by means of crowns, or veneers on the adjacent teeth, or it may be removable.

Periodontal Care: Managing Gum Disease

Gum diseases are the most prevalent, especially if they are not provided with complete daily hygiene and protection. On the contrary, aging is an important factor in the spread of gum disease and damage to gum tissue.

In order to avoid catching such diseases, doctors always recommend that you conduct continuous dental check-ups, and to avoid exacerbation of diseases.

The elderly usually do the dental treatment over 60 at the hands of the specialist doctor, where the doctor examines the patient through x-rays, and if there is any possibility of any disease, the doctor immediately begins medical intervention.

Oral Cancer Screenings: Early Detection Matters

Oral cancer is diagnosed with simple procedures, the most important of which is regular and comprehensive medical examinations of the mouth, which detect precancerous conditions and cancer in the early stages.

Although oral cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer in the world, early detection of it in the first and second stages increases the chances of recovery by 70%.

Therefore, dentists always recommend that you undergo a dental treatment over 60 examination, in order to discover any diseases that may affect you at this advanced age, and to work to solve the problems that you may encounter with this disease.

Sensitive Teeth And Gum Sensitivity Solutions


Sensitive Teeth and Gum Sensitivity Solutions

The problem of tooth sensitivity is one of the most annoying problems ever, especially since the elderly are the most vulnerable group to contracting these diseases. In addition to the dental treatment over 60 examination, doctors also recommend following these tips if you are prone to tooth sensitivity:

1-There are many products that will help you deal with tooth sensitivity: You can use a gentle toothpaste on the teeth, and scrub the sensitive teeth gently and carefully, while making sure to completely clean them from leftovers, and then use a mouthwash in order to get rid of the various germs that cover the enamel layer and protect the nerves.

2-Avoid acidic foods and drinks as much as possible: acidic foods attack the enamel layer – so the less exposure your teeth have to those foods, the stronger they will become. Do not forget to brush your teeth gently after eating to avoid any damage to the enamel layer, as any damage to it cannot be reversed.

3-Doctor’s consultation: the doctor in dental treatment over 60 works to provide different treatment methods whether you suffer from cavities, gingivitis, or dental friction. Which will protect your teeth in the long run. 

Use a mouthwash – Make sure to use a good mouthwash to keep your mouth clean and free of germs. This will prevent cavities, and will protect the enamel layer to keep your teeth strong.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Seniors: Enhancing Your Smile

Beauty and having a Hollywood smile is the dream of everyone in society. As cosmetic dentistry helps people improve their appearance and smile by being able to participate in society with a high level of self-confidence. 

Cosmetic dentistry and procedures performed by orthodontists and cosmetic dentists can have an enormous impact on a person’s personal and social future.

According to the dental treatment over 60, there are some cosmetic procedures that take place at this age, such as dental implants and alternative plastic surgeries.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene at Home

According to dental treatment over 60. Dental hygiene can be maintained by following the following preventive steps:

  • Take care to eat healthy foods, which contain the mineral elements needed by the teeth, such as salts and vitamins, by maintaining a balanced diet that contains types of fruits and vegetables.
  • Continuing to clean the teeth after eating daily meals, in addition to cleaning them before and after sleeping, in addition to the need to clean them after eating sugars and sweets, by using a toothbrush and paste, or by rinsing with water well.
  • Using medical dental floss, to clean between the teeth to get rid of food stuck between them, but the medical floss must be used gently, to avoid any harm to the gums.
  • Use mouthwash after brushing and toothpaste, by rinsing it as it works as a sterilizer for the mouth, gums and teeth.

Diet and Nutrition Tips for Better Oral Health

It is worth noting that eating healthy foods affects the health of the teeth, so in addition to the dental treatment over 60, it is preferable to eat healthy foods as follows:

1-Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh vegetables and fruits that are crunchy and full of fiber can help keep teeth clean and healthy, and reduce plaque buildup. Chewing on delicious crunchy vegetables keeps your teeth and gums clean.

2-Dairy products, dairy is a rich source of calcium that the body needs on a daily basis, so your daily food should contain dairy products such as cheese or yogurt.

3-Green and black tea

Rich in polyphenols, tea helps prevent plaque-causing bacteria, reduces the chances of developing cavities, and reduces the risk of inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth.

4-Sugar free gum

Sugar-free gum is a great way to maintain healthy teeth, as it helps stimulate the jaw and remove germs from the surface of the teeth.

5-All cereal

Whole grains are one of the foods that can promote healthy gums and reduce the risk of gum disease.


At the conclusion of our article, enjoying good teeth free of any problem is something that many people seek, especially if you are an elderly person, so dentists provide dental treatment over 60, as these examinations aim to identify the problems facing the elderly and overcome them early before exacerbation, so it is good to conduct dental treatment over 60 at a rate of once every three months.

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Is getting teeth done in Turkey safe?

Turkey is one of the most famous countries in which dental surgeries of all kinds are performed. It is worth noting that if you want to undergo the dental treatment over 60 examination, you can contact Mavidenta to conduct your examinations.

How often should a 70 year old go to the dentist?

If you are an elderly person, it is good to conduct dental treatment over 60 at a rate of once every three months or a maximum of once every 6 months, and please also follow the instructions and advice of the specialist doctor.

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