All-on-6 Dental Implants

All-on-6 - dental implant in Istanbul  زراعة الأسنان الكل على 6 Зубные имплантаты "Все-на-6"

All-on-6 Dental Implants – Bring Excellence to Your Smile

Restore your youthful smile with All-on-6 Dental implants! Do you want a Hollywood smile in Turkey? Do you suffer from dental loss? Wants to prevent the damaged teeth’ jawbone from deterioration? All-on-6 dental implants will permanently bring back your youthful look and give you confidence in your smile.

What are All-on-6 Dental implants?

It is a surgery that consists of placing six titanium screws (anchors) accurately distributed over either the upper or lower jawbone.  Then a full denture arch consists of false gum and on top of it 10 to 14 teeth, then they all fixed above the six titanium screws.

All-on-6 - dental implant in turkey


Who Needs All-on-6 Dental Implants?

Patients with a full arch of missing teeth are advised by dentists to undergo the All-On-6 dental implant procedure. Additionally, it is for those who desire to replace their missing teeth with dental implants to create a whole arch.

All-on-6 – implant procedure

All-on6 implants are normally distributed over two sessions four months apart between each session. And the procedure consists of three steps.

  • implantation of six screw

The implantologist will choose six distinct anchor sites, carefully situated to provide the prosthetic arch’s greatest strength and stability. Using an x-ray to evaluate bone health and digital surgical guidance. Then he will prepare the place where he will implant the six anchors. First, he will do teeth extraction at the implantation sites. After that do a surface treatment like sandblasting and acid attack and do bone grafting if needed to make the jawbone stronger for implantation. thereafter the titanium implants will be placed after incising the gums, drilling the jawbone, and covering them with a recovery cap to aid the screws’ integration into the bone and gum environment.

  • temporary prosthesis

After 3 to 4 days after the screw implantation, the dental surgeon will give the patient a temporary dental prosthesis to wear for 3-6 months. Until the six implants merge with the jawbone and gum healing.

  • Final prosthesis implantation

After 3- 6 months, in the second session, after the integration of the screw and gum healing. The final dental prosthesis will be fixed over the six screws.

All-on-6 – After surgery

Normally, after the surgery, the dentist prescribes a painkiller and antibiotic, to prevent any infection, for 3 to 7 days depending on the type of the medicine either as a bill or injection. Also, it is preferable to use an antibacterial mouthwash for the first week after the operation. In addition, for the first 2 weeks, it is recommended to eat room-temperature liquid and pureed food. And no alcohol and cigarettes are allowed. Then the next 2 to 4 weeks soft food like soft fruits, eggs, rice, and pasta. And between 4 to 8 weeks, you can eat tender meats and well-prepared vegetables. After that, you can start eating food but keep cautious while eating hard food

All-on-6 – Dental Implant Benefits

  • Gaining a beautiful and confident smile.
  • Getting strong, functional, and natural teeth. It is stronger than other dentures and bridges.
  • Prevent jawbone deterioration.
  • Help in solving speech problems.
  • Last long time: it last at least 30 years and with the proper material and professional dentist it could last your whole lifetime.
  • Eat what you want as it is stable not like normal dentures, it will allow you to eat anything you want from hard food to sticky food and hot soup to iced drinks.
  • Easy to clean
  • One-time cost: as it is strong, stable will only pay your money once in your life unlike other alternatives

Where to do All-on-6.

Turkey especially Istanbul is now one of the top places in the world for dental treatment as it has affordable prices compared to other countries famous for dental treatment.
Here at Mavidenta Clinic, we offer you the highest-quality dental treatment as we are using the latest technology along with our high-quality materials brought from the top ten dental brands in the world. all of that with a competing price.

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