Stains and Teeth Discoloration: What, How, Reasons, And Solutions

Stains and Teeth Discoloration البقع وتلون الأسنان

Stains and Teeth Discoloration: What, How, Reasons, And Solutions

Many people around the world dream of a perfect and shiny smile. However, have you ever wondered how I keep my teeth healthy, shiny, and white? Or what are the reasons that cause stains or discoloration?

What are stains?

Simply Teeth discoloration or stains is the changing of teeth’ color. Due to many reasons or purposes either because of our lifestyle habits like food and drinks or due to dental health problems.

How do Stains and Teeth Discoloration happen?

Stains and Teeth Discoloration

Our teeth consist of 3 layers; The outer layer (the enamel). It’s composed of calcium phosphate, with a crystal structure called hydroxyapatite. The inner layer of the dentin consists of a yellowish dentinal tubule that transfers the pain to the nerves inside the teeth and works as a supportive layer.

So, if the normal environment of the teeth changes for any reason like eating unhealthy food like sugar, it increases the acidic environment of the teeth causing the enamel structure to break down causing cavities and the dentin yellow color to appear. So, your teeth will look darker. In addition to many other reasons causing stains


what are the reasons for Stains and Teeth Discoloration?

Food/Drinks: Food and drinks like coffee, colas, and fried food can causes the formation of plaques and stains.

Tobacco/cigarettes: smoking is inhaling polluted air loaded with bacteria that not only causes stains but also increases the chance of bone loss and cavities.

Aging: over a long time, the enamel erosion increase, and the inner layer’s yellow color start to appear making your teeth looks darker.

Medication: some drugs like antibiotics tetracycline may affect enamel formation for under 8 years old children. Some mouthwashes containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride may also cause teeth discoloration.

Diseases: diseases like Enamel Hypoplasia can cause brown stains in young children and babies.

Genetics: your genes can affect your teeth either strong white teeth or maybe dark yellow teeth.

Dental Hygiene: Poor dental hygiene by forgetting to brush your teeth twice a day and skipping regular dental cleaning sessions causes the formation of plaques and teeth discoloration.

Environment:  the use of too much fluoride from toothpaste or any other source may cause white spots to appear on your teeth.

Eating habits: like food grinding habits, too much stress on the teeth causes the enamel structure cracks, and this helps the formation of stains.

Trauma: some trauma like falls and sports injuries may cause a decrease in the blood flow to the teeth, the nerve to die or cracks. Which may form stains on the teeth.

Stains and Teeth Discoloration Solutions?

There are lots of solutions to the stains depending on the reason, and the degree of that stains. Some stains could be symptoms of other diseases that need to be treated. Some stains could be Intrinsic like cavities that need teeth filling. and some stains may only need cosmetic dental treatment. healthy dental routine or visiting a dentist regularly for a check-up, cleaning sessions, and Teeth whitening are optimum solutions for tooth staining.

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