4 Reason Makes Dental Tourism in Istanbul is The Best in the World

Dental Tourism in Istanbul سياحة الأسنان في اسطنبول

Dental Tourism in Istanbul

Can you imagine traveling abroad, Getting to know other cultures, getting new teeth, and still getting a 75% cheaper price than your country? Here in Turkey especially in Istanbul, your imagination becomes reality. We welcome you here in Istanbul in Mavidenta Clinic Sisli.

Why Dental Tourism in Istanbul?

People in the United States and some European countries always think dental care is a cosmetic treatment. And do not give enough attention to their dental health. Subsequently, pain, suffering, and serious dental damage occur which will cost you more in the long run. The reason for that is the excessive cost of dental treatment in their country.

The solution for that is dental tourism in Turkey, which means getting cheaper dental treatment by traveling to a foreign country.

Several locations in the world provide secure, inexpensive, and high-quality dental tourism choices. On top of them are Turkey, Croatia, and Thailand.

Dental Tourism in Istanbul?

Turkey is at the top of the list when it comes to dental tourism due to many factors.

Dentists: not only the dental sector but also the medical sector in Turkey includes many of the best professional doctors and dentists in the world

Technology and materials: turkey has hospitals and clinics with the top medical equipment in the world. Moreover, in Turkey, Dental clinic uses top brands of dental material like MEGAGEN, etk, and Nobel BioCare.

Price: besides the high-quality dental treatment turkey has the cheapest price among other countries.

Location and culture: Istanbul is one of the top 10 most visited tourist cities in the world, there you can see the mixed culture started with the Ancient Greeks to the Ottoman empire. Because of that people and especially dentists are kind and used to welcoming other people from different cultures. So, that’s why Istanbul is the best location for dental tourism as you will be enjoying the experience of getting dental treatment in this amazing culture.


Why is dental treatment cheaper in Istanbul?

When it comes to pricing in Turkey, three elements reduce costs:

  • Currency exchange:  for anyone who has high-value foreign currency like the euro, dollar or British pound is advantageous, as they have a high exchange value for the Turkish liraز

  • The dramatically lower cost of living and medical bills.
  • The Turkish government provides incentives to medical facilities that serve patients domestically and overseas.

Why Us?

At Mavidenta dental Clinic in Istanbul, with our professional dental staff and the latest dental technology and equipment, the best dental materials from the best brands are brought especially for you, and our competitive prices. we are happy to serve our patients from all over the world.

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